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Updated on December 22, 2016
Panzar Soldad, the new Zombie Boss in Origins.
Panzar Soldad, the new Zombie Boss in Origins. | Source

Panzer Soldat is the new Zombie Boss in Origins. He has also been called Diesel Punk, Tanks Diesel, and just Diesel. Regardless of what you would like to call him, he has some abilities that make him a formidable enemy. However, there are also some weakness that can be exploited.

In This Guide:

  • Description of Panzer Soldat
  • Abilities of Panzer Soldat
  • Weaknesses of Panzer Soldat
  • Strategies to defeat Panzer Soldat
  • Other Useful Information

Description of Panzer Soldat

Panzer Soldat is basically a zombie inside of a robotic Suit. The suit has a large helmet with a glass plate to allow the operator to see. It comes fully equipped with a flame thrower, claw, and jet pack. This new boss makes his entrance by flying in with the Jet Pack and landing on the ground, creating a loud noise.

Panzer Soldat has a lot in common with Brutus from Mob of The Dead. They both make a lot of noise, have a light that makes them visible, and have protection for their head. But unlike Brutus, Panzer Soldat has ranged weapons and the ability to pull you towards him.

When killed for the first time, Panzer Soldat will drop a piece for the Staff of Fire. When killed additional times he will drop a random Power-Up. However, when more than one appears on a round, only one of them will drop a Power-Up.

Panzer Soldad has a flamethrower that has range and the ability to inflict damage.
Panzer Soldad has a flamethrower that has range and the ability to inflict damage. | Source
The Claw will grab a player and pull them towards Panzer Soldad.
The Claw will grab a player and pull them towards Panzer Soldad. | Source

Abilities of Panzar

Panzar Soldat has various abilities that help him both travel and attack players. His main abilities stem from his jet pack, flamethrower, and claw.

The Jet Pack

His Jet Pack allows him to enter the map suddenly. He can also use this jet pack if players get too far ahead of him. He will fly up into the air and land near one of the players in the game. This also happens if the player he is chasing picks up the Zombie Blood Power-Up.


His right arm is fitted with a powerful flamethrower. He uses this to cook players when they are withing range. This is sometimes directly followed by him shooting his claw, which can result in catching the player off guard.

The Claw

Panzer Soldat has a claw in place of a left hand. He can shoot the claw at players. If the claw strikes a player he will then pull the player towards him. If the player is unable to release the grip, they will be chewed up by the spikes on his claw. This weapon can be devastating and is often the cause for the early end of a game.

Shoot or Melee the red light to break Panzer Soldat's connection with the Claw.
Shoot or Melee the red light to break Panzer Soldat's connection with the Claw. | Source
The Staves can be very effective against Panzer Soldat.
The Staves can be very effective against Panzer Soldat. | Source
The Staff of Wind can turn his own weapon against him.
The Staff of Wind can turn his own weapon against him. | Source

Weaknesses of Panzar Soldat

Panzar Soldat has various weakness that good players can capitalize on. First, the glass that protects his head can be broken. But the player can also slip the grip of the claw, utilize the Giant Robot, and use Soldat's own flamethrower against him.

Protective Glass

The protective glass is the biggest weakness of this boss. Shooting the glass repeatedly will cause it to first crack, and then break. Once broken the zombie inside can be killed quickly with head-shots. An Insta-Kill Power-Up will work on Panzer if the glass is broke and the zombie inside is hit.

Slipping The Grip of The Claw

There is no chain attached to the Claw, instead it is drawn back to the arm using another technology. When the claw is deployed a red light can be seen where the claw once was. Shooting that light will break the connection with the claw, and release the player. It will also cause Panzar to be temporarily disabled, allowing for a concentrated attack. If you are too close to shoot the light, you can melee it. But you must accomplish this before the claw attaches back to the arm.

Using The Giant Robot

The Giant Robot will not kill Panzer Soldat, but it can buy you some time. If he is stepped on he will get stuck in the mud for a limited amount of time. He can not be attacked while stuck, but it can give the player time to reload their weapon and set up an attack.

Use His Flamethrower Against Him.

When Panzer Soldat is shooting the flamethrower a shot from the Staff of Wind will cause the flame to back onto Panzer, and catch him on fire. This will cause additional damage to Panzer, and will kill him quickly if his glass is already broken.

The Staves

The four staves are effective against Panzar Soldat, and the upgraded staves can quickly rip him apart. The Staff of Ice and Staff of Lightning seem to take him down very quickly. Using the charged attack of the upgraded Staff of Lighting can break his glass and kill him if it makes contact with his face.

Panzer Soldat pulling a player towards him.
Panzer Soldat pulling a player towards him. | Source
Shotguns are not very effective against Panzer Soldat, due to their lack of range.
Shotguns are not very effective against Panzer Soldat, due to their lack of range. | Source

Stategies for Defeating Panzer Soldat

In order to not get myself in a bad situation I try to never start a round in a room with only one exit. Panzer Soldat can appear and block the entrance, limiting your ability to maneuver him. If I do find myself in this situation I will first stand still, provoking him to shoot his claw at me. Then I shoot the red light, and use the opportunity to run out of the room.

There are many ways to defeat Panzer Soldat, but I prefer to do one of three methods. I will either Train Panzer Soldat, use the Zombie Tank, or a coordinated attack.

Train Panzer Soldat

Panzer Soldat can run quickly through the mud, but is slower than the players on dry ground. When training him I prefer to do so in the area of Generator Stations 1, 2, and 3. There is not any mud down there, and the frequent turns gives you plenty of opportunities to strike.

Run until you reach a corner, then turn around and open fire on his glass face shield. If he stops to use his claw you can quickly go around the corner and run to the next one. Repeating this will allow you to easily take him down, without allowing him to utilize his range weapons.

Use The Zombie Tank

The Zombie Tank moves faster than Panzer Soldat. You can shoot him from the tank while he chases you. When you reach the Tank Station he will be temporarily disoriented, and just stand behind the tank. This gives you the opportunity to get a clean shot on the glass and take him down quickly. If he starts moving, run through the Tank Station and using the training method described above to take him down.

A Coordinated Attack

I will only attempt this will players that I have a history of playing with. This works best when one player has an upgraded automatic rifle, and another has an upgraded staff. The player with the staff should shoot a charged attack as soon as Panzer appears. This will take care of any zombies in the area, and also inflict damage on Panzer. The player with the upgraded weapon should concentrate fire on the glass, which should break it quickly. By this time the player with the staff has it charged again. Shoot the charged staff at Panzer's face. This should bring him down, and kill all the zombies in the area.

Other Useful Information

  • Panzer Soldat is effected by Zombie Blood, but not by Monkey Bombs.
  • He normally appears for the first time around round 8.
  • As the rounds progress there will be multiple Panzer Zombies at one time.
  • Edward Richtofen created the suit that Panzer Soldat wears.
  • The operator of Panzer Soldat was testing the suit when he was infected.
  • You will need to fight off eight of these beasts when completing the 'Little Lost Girl' Easter Egg in a Multi-player game.

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