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"PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds" Airdrop Guide

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PUBG Air Drop Guide

PUBG Air Drop Guide

What Are Airdrops?

Airdrops sometimes referred to as care packages, are loot boxes of highly valuable equipment airdropped from planes.

Once per circle, a plane will fly by overhead and release an airdrop. The plane is very loud and easy to hear, so you'll certainly know if it's anywhere near you. In the first circle, the drop is guaranteed to be within the white circle. For every circle after that, they will not drop in blue; however, they could drop in the current circle but outside of the next circle, making it riskier to go after.

After dropping, the airdrop will slowly parachute straight down to the ground. It can be dropped anywhere within its corresponding limits, including water or mountain tops. After landing, the airdrop will emit red smoke for a short while. (Side note: The airdrop is indestructible and immovable so don't ram it with your vehicle. However, you can get it to land on top of your vehicle and drive away with it, but that's very difficult to pull off.)

You can loot the airdrop when you get close enough, and it will normally contain several incredibly valuable or exclusive items.

However, given how loud the plane is, the red smoke, and the fact it's incredibly valuable, there is almost always a lot of competition to get the loot.

What Can Be Found Inside an Airdrop

PUBG Air Drops may contain several incredibly high-value items, including weapons and gear that are exclusive only to airdrops.

Weapons; All exclusive (will include ammunition):

  • AWM Sniper Rifle
  • Mk14 EBR DMR
  • M249 LMG
  • Groza AR
  • AUG AR


  • Ghillie Suit


  • Helmet Level 3 - Exclusive to Air Drops in Erangel
  • Vest Level 3
  • Backpack Level 3


  • 4x Scope
  • 8x Scope
  • 15x Scope - Exclusive
  • AR/DMR Suppressor
  • SR Suppressor

Medical Supplies:

  • Adrenaline Syringe
  • Med Kit

Airdrop Strategies

Given you will most certainly face competition to get the Airdrop, there are several strategies you can employ if you want to take your chances at getting the loot.

  1. Go straight for it:
    I would only recommend gunning straight for the drop if you have a vehicle, are really close and can be there right as it lands, and preferably in a position that may have fewer people such as far from the flight path or popular spots. If you do plan to do this, decide in advance who is going to get the drop if you're in a group. Ideally, that person should not be the driver. That person (or you if it's just a solo) should clear their inventory space and be ready to swap weapons. You have no time to swap attachments or fiddle with picking up meds/ammo you can't fit. Get in and out as quickly as possible and don't fight from the drop.
  2. Shoot onto it:
    If you're not quite close enough or brave enough to gun for it yourself, it can be a good strategy to attack someone who will. You're less likely to get the drop itself, and will likely end up fighting multiple people, but it is overall more safe than being the person going for the drop. If you plan on doing this, it's preferable to have a good position to play from with lots of safety and cover such as a nearby building. If you do win the fight, be very patient with going to loot. You may have to defend the loot boxes from multiple other players or groups before going to loot it yourself.
  3. Go near it to snag distracted kills:
    If you're the bloodthirsty type but not so greedy that you want the drop, airdrop hunting can be quite valuable. It will most certainly engage many people and distract them. Staying safely back, listening to gunshots, and creeping upon them is a good way to snag some quick kills and loot. The goal is to kill and loot the people following #2 above, not get the airdrop itself. If this is your plan, it's likely best to quickly assassinate one player or group, and get out before someone else can interrupt.

Tips for the Exclusive Airdrop Weapons

If you're lucky enough to get the exclusive Air Drop weapons, you ought to know how they work and what to do with them. Here are a few tips:

  • AWM Sniper Rifle
    The strongest sniper in the game, this thing can one shot kill any helmet, including a level 3. However, it comes with exclusive ammo and only 20 shots. This gun is not for firing at targets running away.
  • Mk14 EBR DMR
    This gun is the SKS' more powerful older brother. It hits harder than any other DMR, and while the clip size is only 20 with an extended magazine, it can go into full auto for any close range combat. It does have a mean kick though.
  • M249 LMG
    The M249 is stronger than all 5.56 assault rifles and has a clip size of 100 and no recoil if you're prone. The dream is to see a vehicle because this thing turns it into Swiss cheese quick. It's also great for one-on-one combat when single firing or in full auto given its damage and fire rate, but can be a bit unwieldy.
  • Groza AR
    With damage and an incredibly high fire rate, this gun is great for close to mid-range full auto fights. It doesn't have the clip size of an M249 but does have more damage per second. However, it cannot take a grip, and only a silencer in the front, so managing the recoil to take advantage of the DPS can be quite hard. It also is incredibly slow to reload.
  • AUG AR
    The Aug is an all-around great assault rifle. It has a full auto mode as well as bullet speed above most snipers. When fully attached it is slightly more stable to use than an M4, but still dishes out the same damage per second. It's the best of the M16 plus the best of the M4 and then some.

Final Thoughts

Airdrops are most certainly death traps, but who doesn't like a little action? The payout can be amazing if you land a rare and incredibly powerful weapon and even if you don't you will most certainly get some good firefights.

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