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"PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds" Vikendi Survivor Pass Guide

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Comprehensive Vikendi Survivor Pass Guide for PUBG


Season 2: Vikendi & The Survivor Pass

With the introduction of the new snow map, Vikendi, Bluehole has also introduced a new season with new levels, and an event pass called the "Survivor Pass" to earn some awesome rewards. Vikendi has been long awaited, and rumors of it being worked on have been flying around for months and months. However, many people were concerned with how it would find a meaningful role in the ever-increasing map pool of PUBG.

To the pleasure of many, Vikendi appears to be somewhere between Erangel and Sanhok. In-between the two in terms of size. A little more loot dense than Erangel but less than Sanhok. There are opportunities for fights of all ranges similar to Erangel rather than just being a sniper only map or smg/rifle in short/mid-range. Overall, the feedback has been positive, and it feels like a great refresh of the PUBG experience we're all looking for.

The update also featured many more things such as UI overhauls and parachuting re-works, but this article will focus on the Survivor Pass, how it works, and whether or not the premium version is a good deal.

Season Levels

The primary way to earn rewards is by leveling up along a season exclusive leveling track up to level 100. You get a random coupon (to be covered later) every time you level, as well as earning various rewards along a prize track.

To level up, you need to earn experience. Experience is granted by a few sources:

  • Missions (There are over 300 to complete)
  • Playing the game at 10 experience per minute (this is quite slow)
  • The Vikendi Premium Pass reward track has several experience rewards in it

You can also buy levels directly for the PUBG store:

  • $5 for 5 Levels
  • $18 for 20 Levels
  • $35 for 50 Levels

PUBG Vikendi Leveling Reward Track



Missions will be your primary source of experience and the main way you level up to gain access to rewards. While you can gain experience from playing the game, it does seem to weigh heavily towards mission experience. Some missions grants reward themselves directly.

Different than Season 1, PUBG now has five categories of missions including:

  • Daily (Resetting daily at 5 pm PDT)
  • Weekly (Resetting at Tuesday 5 pm PDT)
  • Beginner
  • Challenge
  • Premium

Unsurprisingly, Daily/Weekly missions will rotate, and uncompleted missions will expire when the time runs out. Given mission experience is the best way to level up, it's critical to complete as many daily and weekly missions as possible.

Beginner missions were put in purely to help new players get accustomed to things, and most regular players will quickly check them all off. Regardless, it's worth checking in to make sure you complete them at some point.

Premium missions are the missions unlocked by purchasing the Premium Survivor Pass for $10. These missions entirely focused on playing on the Vikendi map and contain some awesome rewards.

Challenge missions are premium only, becoming unlock-able when the Premium Survivor Pass is purchased. These missions then only unlock for premium pass holders when they complete all the weekly missions for a given week.

Mission Screenshot


Mission Rewards

Most rewards are distributed via the leveling system, but some of the premium missions and all of the challenge missions have rewards themselves that aren't just experience. You can unlock:

  • 1 Head skin
  • 1 Torso skin
  • 1 Legs skin
  • 1 Gear skin
  • 1 Weapon skin
  • 10 Blue coupons

Coupon Shop

While you can earn Blue Coupons from Challenge Missions, you primarily earn Coupons from leveling up. Every time you level up you gain 1 random coupon that you must redeem via the "Drop in Supply" button on the leveling page. There are 3 types of coupons, blue, white, and yellow. White coupons appear to be the most common in level drops while yellow coupons are the rarest. Blues also seem to drop fairly rarely, but they drop in a lot of missions, so they overall aren't all that difficult to come by. Coupons can be used to make purchases in the temporary Coupon Shop.

The shop contains:

  • 4 Weapon Skins
  • 5 Costume Skins
  • 1 Parachute Skin

Items range from 5 to 12 coupons each.

Coupon Shop Screenshot



The Premium Survivor Pass is packed full of rewards, the regular one however, doesn't have nearly as many but it's still much better than the way rewards have been before in previous seasons.

  • 1 Weapon Skin
  • 1 Face skin
  • 2 Gear Skins for Helmets
  • 1 Head Skin
  • 1 Mask Skin
  • 2 Emotes
  • 10 Blue Coupons
  • 2,500 BP

All in all not too bad, and no more terrible timed items that no one wants.

Premium Rewards

The premium reward track is loaded, with rewards every level for 100 levels. In sum total you can get over 60 skins and all sorts of other cool rewards:

  • 29 Weapon Skins
  • 2 Face Skins
  • 16 Emotes
  • 6 Gear Skins for Helmets
  • 1 Parachute Skin
  • 4 Head Skins
  • 4 Mask Skins
  • 2 Hands Skins
  • 8 Outer (Jacket) Skins
  • 2 Torso Skins
  • 7 Legs Skins
  • 2 Feet Skins
  • 12,400 BP
  • 63,000 XP
  • 10 Blue Coupons

A complete list of all the icons of the rewards were leaked prior to launch exists. To view the comprehensive list check it out here.

A Few Tips

The missions this season are actually very hard and time-consuming, so I'll share a few tips to help you out:

  • Weekly missions are just unlocked every week, you can still complete missions from previous weeks after that week is over
  • In many cases for more unique mission criteria, missions can only make progress once per game. For example, "come to a complete stop in red zone" can only work once per game.
  • For the mission dive 10m into freezing water on Vikendi, you need to dive to about half of your remaining air. You may take a tick or two of damage. You can only do it once per game and many zones do not have water deep enough. Outside of the island or around Castle are good locations to do this.
  • In most cases, manipulated criteria will not count. For example, if you need to revive teammates, it will not count if you knock them down yourself and revive them.

Final Thoughts: Season 2 Looks Awesome

Overall the Vikendi Survivor Pass is awesome, and this is an incredible update to PUBG. Better yet, the Premium Survivor Pass is completely worth it and it's safe to say Bluehole has finally taken a meaningful step towards more compelling monetization that isn't loaded with timed items and overall just far too little content. They doubled down and produced a lot of cool new stuff, and PUBG is far better off with this update.

Season 2


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Rich on March 22, 2019:

I am doing my best on the premium linked missions however it is not very clear which missions are linked with each other? anyone able to help me with this please.