"Rainbow Six Siege"

Updated on October 2, 2019
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Nate is an avid gamer and plays for fun and competitively on Xbox, PC and mobile gaming devices.

Rainbow Six Siege
Rainbow Six Siege

What Is "Rainbow Six Siege"?

Rainbow Six Siege is a beautifully done first-person shooter by Tom Clancy. This is debatably the most strategic first-person-shooter that I have ever played. The game plays like a chess match. Every move you make must count and you must think three steps ahead if you want to truly compete. If you don’t, you will be out-matched by your opponent every time. The basis of the game revolves around ”operators” and team work. Unlike other games, matches can’t be won by one good player. There are multiple game modes all played similarly with the exception of the objective. The premise is always the same. One side, the defenders, must defend the set objective while the other side, the attackers, start outside the building and must infiltrate the building and capture/diffuse the objective. The defenders win if they kill the entire attacking team or if the attackers run out of time. The attackers win by killing the entire defending team or capturing the objective. The most popular mode, Bomb, has two bomb locations that the defenders must protect and the attackers must try to infiltrate and defuse. In each game-mode players only have one life per round, so it is important to make each one count. Each round starts in the “Drone“ or “Prep” phase. During this phase, if you are an attacker you control your drone to gather intel and find the defenders’ locations. If you are a defender you reinforce the objective with barriers, wall reinforcements (everyone gets two, with the exception of recruits), and your operator’s unique gadget in preparation of the attacking team.

Rainbow Six Siege Operators
Rainbow Six Siege Operators

What Are Operators?

Operators are characters within the game that each have their own unique gadget/ability. Collaborating with your team and deciding which operators to use on what objective is super important to the strategy of the game. Each objective is unique, as well as, each operator. So, it’s up to you and your team to find out which ones are best for your particular objective. Also, note that each side has different operators available to them. So, the attackers have a certain set of operators tailored to meeting the needs of the attacking team while the defenders have a certain set of operators tailored to their needs. Certain operators complement each other in different ways as well. For example, the most common operator pair is an operator named Thermite who can breach through reinforced walls and an operator named Thatcher who can disable the defender's entry denial devices. This allows Thermite to breach through walls that may have a defender's gadget attached to it. If you play an objective that requires breaching a certain wall, collaborating with a teammate and taking these two operators is a great idea.

Rainbow Six Siege Pro League Banner
Rainbow Six Siege Pro League Banner

"Rainbow Six Siege" Community

Rainbow Six Siege has been out for a number of years now and has established a large gaming community. The game has its own pro league hosting a world wide championship on an annual basis. Along with its own pro league, the game boasts a 50 million-plus player base as of 2019 which is extremely massive. Over the years the game has continued to remain popular among competitive gamers. This is due to the well-balanced style of the game and constant upkeep by Ubisoft to make sure the game remains so. Ubisoft has done a tremendous job updating the game, keeping it relevant and protecting it from being overrun by cheaters. The Siege Community is inherently extremely competitive which is exactly what Ubisoft was aiming for. The game feels like a sport and requires lots of practice to compete at the higher-ranked levels of the game. Playing regularly with a consistent team will help you understand each other's playing styles and allow you to predict your teammate's moves which is extremely helpful. Keeping a consistent team also allows you to develop and learn how to execute plans on attacking or defending certain objectives. If you are a competitive gamer or would like to be, I could not recommend this game highly enough. As I said before, Ubisoft has invested heavily in making this game the best it can be and it is evident when you play. So, if you are contemplating joining this massive gaming community you absolutely should check it out.

"R6" Introduction Video

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