Round Infinity in Buried (Richtofen Easter Egg Step) - Call of Duty, Black Ops 2, Zombies

Updated on December 23, 2016
Going To Round Infinity
Going To Round Infinity | Source

Finding the switch can be one of the more difficult steps in the Richtofen side of the Buried Easter Egg, Mined Games. The switch is on a body of one of the four players in the future. To find it you must travel to round infinity.

Needed To Complete This Step:

Steps For Attaching The Switch:

  1. Go To Round Infinity
  2. Find The Switch On a Body
  3. Add The Switch to the Guillotine

Going To Round Infinity

Create A Max Ammo

Go To Round Infinity

Before you can attempt this step you must first have charged the Wisp. If the Wisp was properly charged there should be five small white orbs floating around the crystal on the back of the Guillotine.

You will need to use the Time Bomb in order to travel to round infinity. All four players will need to be around the Guillotine in order to travel through time. See the embedded video for an example.

Finding the bodies can take more than one attempt. If you need to get a max ammo you can create one by giving the Giant Candy by the dollar sign Power-Up in the Bank. See the embedded video for an example.

Steps For Going To Round Infinity

  1. Place the Time Bomb on the Guillotine.
  2. All four players will need to arrange themselves around the Guillotine.
  3. Activate The Time Bomb

Against the Barn.
Against the Barn. | Source
Outside of the Candy Store.
Outside of the Candy Store. | Source
Against The Bank.
Against The Bank. | Source
Between the General Store and the Mystery Box.
Between the General Store and the Mystery Box. | Source
Searching a body.
Searching a body. | Source

Find The Switch On A Body

When you have entered round infinity the screen will turn black and white. You will also see the infinity symbol in the bottom left hand corner of your heads-up display. You will want to hurry, because you only have a short amount of time before you return.

You can not kill zombies on round infinity, so don't waste your time trying to shoot them. Instead just run from them. Don't bother reviving downed players. You will be brought back to the current round before they bleed out. They will not lose any perks, but this will count as a down.

You must find your own downed bodies and search them for the lever. The downed bodies can be in various positions on the map. I have a list below of the possible places you can find your body. This is not the compete list, but just the locations I have found, or have been told about. I split the possible locations into to lists: Confirmed - I have seen them myself and Unconfirmed - I have been told about the locations.

I will continue to update the list as I discover new locations. I will also add pictures of all locations that I find myself.

Possible Locations of Your Bodies


  • Against The Barn, in the same area as the Navcard Table Parts.
  • Outside of the Candy Store by the back door.
  • Against the Bank, between the Bank and Barn.
  • Between the General Store and original Mystery Box location.

Not Confirmed

  • By the Church Crystal Orb
  • By the Church Building Station
  • Walkway between the Candy Store and General Store
  • By the large rock between the Candy Store and Haunted Mansion.
  • In front of the Gunsmith, to the left of the door.
  • By The Guillotine
  • In Front of the Jail Cell, by the first door broken by The Giant

Picking Up The Switch

When you find a body approach it and press your action button. A progress bar will appear, it will indicate that you are searching. It will then say either nothing was found, or found a switch.

Attach The Switch

The last step is to attach the switch. The switch will go onto the Guillotine. You can not add the switch while you are in round infinity.

The Steps for Attaching the Switch:

  1. Approach The Guillotine
  2. Press and hold your action button. A progress bar will appear.


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      2 years ago

      Thanks this really helped!

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      6 years ago

      we are 3 players but we couldn't travel to round inf.

      please help


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