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"Rust": Healing, Wounding, & Recovery Guide

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Healing in Rust

In Rust, you spawn with between 50-60 health and just a small amount of hunger and hydration, so healing up to the max of 100 is a relevant consideration every single time you spawn. Furthermore, healing throughout combat is obviously key to survival. Knowing how to efficiently heal is critical to managing your resources and your chance of winning a fight. Your options for healing are:

  • Bandages restores 5 health and negates up to 50 bleeding. Slow to heal but only 4 cloth to craft and doesn't require a blueprint.
  • Syringes restores 15 health and adds up to 20 more health over time, though taking damage will reduce that. They are fast taking about 2.5 seconds to use, but they don't impact bleeding (which isn't great for your healing over time) and requires 15 cloth, 10 metal fragments, and 10 low grade fuel.
  • Large medkit restores 10 health, up to 100 more health over time, and negates up to 100 bleeding. It's used instantly, but it requires 2 syringes and 10 additional low grade fuel to craft. It's very powerful during intense fights as you can hide behind cover, instantly start healing and remove bleed, and then syringe yourself. However, it is prohibitively expensive.
  • Food of various sorts, offering both instant health and heal over time depending on the source. You'll also gain passive health regeneration up to 50 health with high food and hydration. Most notably mushrooms are a good early game healing option as you can eat 1 per second for 3 instant health making it roughly half the speed of using syringes.
  • Comfort, which slowly heals if all the conditions are met.

To efficiently heal from base, the ideal way is to use food, comfort, and potentially some bandages to speed things up. However, during intense fights, syringes are the quickest way to heal. Though it's important to note that bandaging before using a syringe to get rid of the bleed will minimize extra damage and preserve more heal over time should the fight allow for it.

Locker Kit

Consider food, comfort, and bandages for healing instead of syringes.

Consider food, comfort, and bandages for healing instead of syringes.

Wounded States

If your health is reduced to 0, you will enter a wounded state. Some exceptions to this that lead to instant death are headshots dealing the final blow, rockets, or taking damage while above the ground such as in a helicopter or on a horse. As of July 2021, there are now 2 wounded states.

  • Crawling state when downed regularly, giving you 30-50 health, and you are able to move around slowly and use doors.
  • Fully incapacitated where you are laying on the ground unable to move or do anything. This is caused by getting wounded from fall damage, crawling into water, or getting looted while in a crawling state.

The crawling state certainly makes it easier for players to get critical doors shut when getting camped or defending a raid, but also makes it possible to crawl away and hide from an attacker, potentially for a revive from an ally.

Wounded state.

Wounded state.

Recovering From Wounded

You are wounded for 45 seconds, and if you are not revived in this time, you will roll for recovery. If you fail to recover, you will die. However, when wounded, there are multiple ways to recover and stand back up, though you will only have just a little health.

  • Revived by an ally, taking roughly 7 seconds
  • Revived by an ally using a syringe, taking roughly 5 seconds and granting the syringe heal
  • 20% chance to recover from a crawling state
  • 10% chance to recover from an incapacitated state
  • Up to 25% bonus chance to recover from food and hydration, reaching 25% extra at maximum food and hydration for a maximum chance of recovery of 45%!
  • 100% chance to recover if a medkit is in your hot bar. This will consume the medkit and grant no healing. However, if you would revive from one of the other mechanics the medkit will not be consumed. This does not work if you are wounded by fall damage.

However, it's important to note that all recoveries, even from the medkit, do not occur until 45 seconds has passed.

Final Thoughts

As with all things in Rust, it's about managing your time and resources. Healing efficiently with food and comfort is a great way to conserve resources when not in a time pinch. It's even more critical to have food around knowing you can have up to a 45% chance to recover from wounding. However, given the cost of a medkit, I still consider it to be unessential and don't use it often. While the 100% revive chance is great, it's not often I have 45 seconds to be downed without an enemy coming to finish me off. That being said, it can still be useful in circumstances where resources aren't a huge concern such as a raid.