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Updated on April 13, 2016

Sharpshooter is the final step in both the Maxis and Richtofen version of the Mined Games Easter Egg in Buried, Resolution 1295. In order to start this step you will need to have completed the Bells in the Maxis Easter Egg or the Levers in the Richtofen Easter Egg.

In the Sharpshooter Step you must hit targets in four different areas. This means that each of the four players will need to be in an area by themselves. In order to complete this step all four players must hit every one of their targets.

  • You do not need 100% accuracy, but every target must be shot in that round in order to complete this step.

In This Guide:

  • How To Start The Targets
  • Targets Appearing
  • The Four Areas
  • Strategy For Completing


How To Start The Targets

The targets do not just start on their own. You need to go to the fountain by the Haunted Mansion and Church. This is the same fountain that you will have the Giant smash as the first step of activating the Teleporter.

The Steps:

  1. Approach the Fountain: an onscreen indicator will appear
  2. Press your action button to 'make a wish'


Targets Appearing

The targets will start to appear shortly after making your wish in the fountain. Targets will appear in clusters of 1-4 targets. When they appear you have a limited amount of time to shoot them before they go away and new targets appear.

There is a flash of light when the targets appear. This flash of light will help indicate the placement of the targets. However, you will also see flashes of light from other areas on the map. This light will not be as bright, but it can throw you off if you are only scanning for light.


The Four Areas

Targets will appear in four areas: The Haunted Mansion, the Saloon, outside the Candy Store, and the area where the Mystery Box first appears.

The Haunted Mansion:

Targets: 23

Targets will appear in the windows of the Haunted Mansion. The best place to stand is the the entrance of the gate. It allows you to see all of the house and have a clear view of the bottom row of windows. You will need to have the Giant break the barricade in order to stand in this position.

This has more targets than the other three areas. However, all of the targets appear in windows, so it is not as difficult to find the targets.

The Saloon:

Targets: 19

The Saloon has targets appear inside the building. The targets will appear at the bar, at tables, on the second floor, and on the chandlers. The best place to stand is on the second floor to the left of the broken walkway.

The Saloon has the least amount of targets, but some of them are moving. This can be difficult when trying to get your timing down.

Outside The Candy Store:

Targets - 20

This area has targets appear on the balcony of the General Store, on the middle barricade, and inside the Candy Store windows. The best place to stand is between the Candy Store and Courthouse, with the large rock on your right.

This area has less targets than two of the Areas. It can be difficult because there is not a good place to stand and see all the targets at once, without getting far away.

The Mystery Box Area:

Targets - 22

Targets appear on building on the Sheriff side of the street. The best place to stand is on top of the balcony over the Bank.

This area has more targets than most of the other areas. The targets are relatively easy to hit, but you will have four targets appear at the end and a limited time to hit them.


Strategy For Completing This Step

This step can be frustrating since it only takes one player to miss one target. Ammo can become an issue if this has to be redone too many times. In order to complete this quickly follow this easy strategy.

  • Have the Giant hold a crawler
  • Pick a gun that has good accuracy and a large clip. You don't want to have to reload too often. Picking a wall gun will allow you to continue to buy ammo. I prefer the AN-94 for Sharpshooter.
  • Each player picks an area, and knows the number of targets that will appear in that area.
  • Make the wish, but don't shoot. Just watch and count the targets. Make sure your count matches the total target count. Repeat this step until all players have counted the right number of targets.
  • Start an actual round. Count your targets as you hit them to ensure you haven't lost track of a target.
  • Announce when you have missed a target. This will allow players to stop shooting and conserve ammo.
  • Find a good spot to reload. You don't have to wait until you are out of bullets.
  • Don't switch areas. If a player is having trouble in one area, they will likely have trouble in all of the areas. It will take more time for them to learn a new area.
  • Don't allow your team to get frustrated. If tension is building call for a break. Get up and go for a quick walk, the Giant will keep your crawler.

Questions & Answers


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      • profile image

        XGN Basscannon 2 years ago

        Am I able to so sharpshooter on solo

      • profile image

        Scott 3 years ago

        It is NOT worth it..don't even try it people.

      • profile image

        RottwyllerVL 3 years ago

        It can be done in custom games also. Just remember you need all 4 players to hit all their targets

      • profile image

        James 3 years ago

        So you can use the bank and weapon locker, right? Does it matter how many times you try it in a round? I've done this 3 times... and never got it.. Me and my friends swearing that we hitting all the targets but I think someone is missing one... I got the Saloon and Candy shop targets memorized now cause i've done it so many times... Can anyone help and tell me why we didn't get it? Most likely cause we missed a target? Or? Maybe it glitched? I know that there is 23 at the Mansion, 22 at mystery box, 20 at candy shop, and 19 at saloon. Also, can this be done is custom games? OR does it have to be in public match?

      • profile image

        XyEarthquak3yX 4 years ago


        You forgot to mention that there is also a target that appears twice on the large rock to the right of the player that is playing sharpshooter outside of the candy shop. And also, there are five targets that show up at the end of the sharp shooter game when being the player by where the mystery box first appears.

      • profile image

        ShawnP1220 4 years ago

        Yea someone is missing a target. It doesn't matter if u use the bank/gun locker. Ive completed both sides of the mind games egg & both sides of the end game. Theres 23 targets at haunted house, 22 near jug, 19 in saloon, and 20 near candy shop. Your team has to be 100% accurate and everyone MUST use the pdw.

      • EdSaterstad profile image

        Edward D. Saterstad 4 years ago from PA


        Someone must have been missing one of their targets and not being honest about it. I was in a game like that before. The second time I completed the Easter Egg everyone on my team used the Bank and I used the Gun Locker, the only time I am aware of a reason not to use these items is when upgrading a weapon on round one for the Gazebo achievement.

        Is your game scratched up, or your Xbox getting old? Normally seeing stripes and polkadots happens before you Xbox or game has a malfunction. But it could just be dust on your game. Try running a CD cleaner through your Xbox and seeing if it solves the issue.

      • profile image

        Jamesv 4 years ago

        So me and my team were doing this tonight. Spent over two hours on the sharpshooter portion. We counted our targets and we hit them all a few times but didn't get the easter egg. 2 questions...1: is it true that using the bank and/or gun locker will cause you to not get the easter egg? 2: I was in the bank area and after awhile no matter what targets I looked at they were all full of stripes and polkadots...why?

      • EdSaterstad profile image

        Edward D. Saterstad 4 years ago from PA

        Yianni, no everyone does not have to have all the Easter Eggs completed in order to do the Mined Games Easter Egg. However, all players will need to have all have the Easter Eggs completed for either the Richtofen or Maxis side in order to do the finally Easter Egg.

      • profile image

        Yianni 4 years ago

        Dose everybody need to have all the Easter eggs done?

      • EdSaterstad profile image

        Edward D. Saterstad 4 years ago from PA

        It can be frustrating because it only takes one player to mess it up.

      • profile image

        this was the hardest step 4 years ago

        took 2 hours trying to do this.. we kept missing one aparently even though we counted right (i think) Goodluck with everyone going for this!