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Staff of Fire in Origins in "Call of Duty: Black Ops 2" Zombies

He didn't make it.

He didn't make it.

Staff of Fire Profile

The Staff of Fire decimates zombies by shooting three fireballs that expand when they hit. The parts for this staff are easy to collect, but you will need to wait for specific events to occur.

The upgraded Staff of Fire gives this weapon the ability to create pools of lava that burn zombies in the area for 10 seconds.

It is a very powerful staff that looks like a claw with a crystal in the center. It shoots three fireballs that expand on impact. It has nine rounds in a 'magazine' and 90 rounds in the reserve.

The Staff of Fire has more rounds than the Staff of Wind but does not clear an area as fast. The zombies will stand there momentarily and then fall to the ground. It takes zombies down faster than the Staff of Ice but does not affect as large of an area. It has more ammo than most of the Staffs but has less ammo and a smaller magazine than the Staff of Lightning offers.

The upgraded Staff of Fire gets twice as much ammo and doubles the magazine size. It also becomes more powerful and gains the ability to be charged. When charged, it creates a pool of lava that burns for 10 seconds, setting zombies in the area on fire.

How to Build the Staff of Fire

In order to build the Staff of Fire, you will need to first collect three staff fragments and the red crystal. In order to collect the red crystal, you will need to have the Gramophone and the red record.

The Steps:

  1. Find the Red Record.
  2. Collect the Staff Fragments.
  3. Equip the Gramophone.
  4. Acquire the Fire Crystal.
  5. Build the Staff.*

*After the parts are acquired, all of the Staffs are built the same way. The Guide on how to build the Staffs will explain how to complete step 5.

Locations for the Red Record

The records look like regular black vinyl records with a red label.

There are three possible locations for the Red Record. Two of these locations are in the church, while the other is by Generator Station 6.

Record Location 1

The first possible location is on the top floor of the church, sitting on a bench. Look toward the right if you are entering the Church from Generator Station 6.

Record Location 2

The second possible location is leaning against a cement structure inside Building Station 6.

Record Location 3

The last location can be a little tricky. It is on the bottom level of the church, between the Zombie Tank and a wall. I could barely see it with the tank there and ended up moving the tank in order to pick it up.

Getting the Staff Fragments

For the Staff of Fire, it is not only a question of where the fragments are; it is also a question of how to get them. Two of the fragments are given as a reward, and the third is shot down from the sky.

Staff Fragment 1

The first fragment is given to you when you activate the power on Generator Station 6. It appears above the box used for the Rituals of The Ancients.

Staff Fragment 2

The second staff fragment is dropped by the Zombie Boss 'Panzar Soldat.' It normally appears the first time that you kill him, but it could be dropped by the second one instead. It will look like a Power-Up, but it will stay there until it is picked up.

Staff Fragment 3

The third staff fragment is inside an airplane and needs to be shot down. The airplane has a red glow around it, which makes it appear to be damaged. It can be easily shot down with a single round. Once shot, it will explode, then crash. The staff fragment will land on the map and must be found and picked up.

The plane is not always in the sky; I have seen it as early as round nine and as late as round 12.

The Gramophone

The Gramophone

The Gramophone

The Gramophone can be found in the Excavation Site. Follow the stairs behind the Pack-a-Punch machine. It is lying in rubble, so it can be hard to spot initially. I have only seen it in this spot, so I don't think that it moves.

The Fire Crystal

The embedded video is a different crystal. But the method for getting the crystal is the same. The only difference is the record used and the tunnel that you are in.

The Fire Crystal can be accessed by forming a portal at the bottom of the Fire Mine. The Fire Mine is located outside of Generator Station 1. You will need the Red Record and the Gramophone in order to create the portal. Place the Gramophone on the table, and rocks will form on the wall, and eventually, a red portal will appear. Go through the portal.

The portal brings you into a room that has all four crystals, but you can only grab the Red Crystal since the song playing opens that specific crystal. After grabbing the crystal, you can leave by activating the white pad that you appeared on. It will build a portal on the wall.

Other Interesting Information

  • The fire staff has roughly the same shape as a pitchfork, and it shoots fire.
  • Building all four Staffs will give you the achievement 'Playing with Power.'
  • The Staffs are the first step in completing the Main Easter Egg.


Dr Edward ritchoften on November 24, 2017:

I thaught it was impossible buttt when i have the ray gun mark 2 it is easy

Ibrahim Ghazzaoui on July 18, 2015:

I shot the plane Down at round 7

vR4w on September 29, 2013:

Hey there, I´m writing a guide for this map in german.

May i use some of your photos if i "thank you" in first post ?!!

its just a zombies forum, where im using it

Jordan Miguel from João Pessoa, Brazil on September 02, 2013:

Very good!!

Edward D. Saterstad (author) from PA on September 01, 2013:

Thanks Chris,

It is Generator 6, I am not sure why I had Generator 1 listed. I edited the guide to have the correct generator listed.

chris on September 01, 2013:

in your guide its off you say you get the first fragment from turning on generator 1 but its 6 I believe