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"Call of Duty: Black Ops 2" Zombies: Staff of Lightning in Origins

The upgraded Staff of Lightning is a devastating weapon that can take down hordes of zombies in later rounds.

The upgraded Staff of Lightning is a devastating weapon that can take down hordes of zombies in later rounds.

Staff of Lighting Description

During low rounds, the Staff of Lightning doesn't seem as effective as the other staves; it seems to concentrate its power on a smaller area. However, the upgraded Staff of Lightning is a devastating weapon that can take down hoards of zombies in later rounds.

This weapon has a purple crystal at the end and two crescent metal horns protecting it. It shoots concentrated electricity at zombies, causing them to electrify and die.

The electricity can affect multiple zombies but does not seem to affect as many as some of the other staves. However, it has 12 rounds in a magazine and 120 in the reserve. This gives it more ammo than any other staff.

The Staff of Lighting does not affect as many zombies as the Staff of Ice, but it drops them in one shot at higher rounds. It does not have the power of the Staff of Wind but has four times the magazine size and three times the reserve ammo. It does not cover as wide an area as the Staff of Fire, but it has higher accuracy.

The Upgraded Staff of Lightning gets double the reserve ammo and magazine size. It becomes twice as powerful and gains the ability to be charged. The charged rounds create an electric ball that zaps zombies in the area for ten seconds.

How to Build the Staff of Lighting

In order to build the Staff of Lightning, you will need to collect three staff fragments and the Lightning Crystal. In order to get the Lightning Crystal, you will need the Purple Record and the Gramophone.

  1. Collect the Staff Fragments
  2. Get the Purple Record
  3. Pick up the Gramophone
  4. Acquire the Lightning Crystal
  5. Build The Staff of Lightning*

*The fifth step is the same for all four staves. So that step is explained in detail in the article, How to Build the Staves in Origins.

The Purple Records

The three possible locations for the Purple Records are all close to Generator Station 4. One of them is in the Wind Mine, which is in the area of Station 4. The record looks like a vinyl record with a purple label.

Record Location 1

The first location is on a desk near the Wunderfizz Machine in Generator Station 4. It is leaning against the fence on the edge of the table.

Record Location 2

The second possible location is inside the Wind Mine, leaning against some speakers across from the sign that reads 'The Crazy Place.'

Record Location 3

The third possible location for the record is on a cart across from Generator Station 5. You need to cross the mud tracks that the Zombie Tank travels through.

The Staff Fragments

There are three Staff Fragments that can only be obtained by jumping from the Zombie Tank. One of the fragments is found before the Zombie Tank needs to cool down. The other two are found on the trip back to the Church.

  • The Fragments look like Power-Ups, except they have a purple glow.
  • You can jump from the back of the tank where there is no railing. This is much easier than trying to jump on the railing, then across to the platforms.
  • The embedded videos show exactly how to reach each fragment.

Fragment 1

This fragment can be accessed on the trip from the Church to the Tank Station. There is a platform on the right-hand side, right before the first large gap in the tracks. Once on the platform, you will walk across to the area where the Staff Fragment is floating.

Fragment 2

The second fragment is found after you leave the Tank Station. There is a broken walkway on the left-hand side. Jump across to the walkway and follow it to the floating fragment. This fragment can also be seen from inside the hidden area of the Excavation Site.

Fragment 3

This fragment is inside the church, but access from the inside is blocked. You can jump off the right side of the Zombie Tank before you enter the Church. Once on the platform, walk into the window and pick up the floating fragment.

The Gramophone

The Gramophone

The Gramophone

The Gramophone is sitting in rubble at the bottom of the steps in the Excavation Site. You need to go to the top and then down the stairs behind the Pack-a-Punch Machine. It has been in this same spot every time I play.

The Lightning Crystal

In order to get the Lighting Crystal, you will need to create a portal at the bottom of the Lighting Mine. The Lighting Mine can be found near Generator Station 5.

Go to the bottom of the mine and place your Gramophone on the table. A portal will slowly appear on the wall. Take the portal to the room that has all of the crystals, and pick up the purple Lightning Crystal. You can return by activating the white platform that you appeared on when entering the room.


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The Reminder,

It is definitely a different experience since Black Ops 1. Every map in BO2 has to be played a little differently. I keeps it interesting.

The Reminder from Canada on September 01, 2013:

Zombies have upgraded a lot since I last played it. Maybe I should get the expansion maps.