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5 Things I Love About "Overwatch"

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When "Overwatch" turned three, I decided to take a look at some of my favorite things about this franchise. Here are my top 5!

When "Overwatch" turned three, I decided to take a look at some of my favorite things about this franchise. Here are my top 5!

In line with Overwatch's 3rd anniversary, I decided to give my two cents as to why this unique FPS game has become one of my new addictions in the last year or so.

Overwatch is one of those games that mix traditional FPS with a unique and colorful aesthetic that gives the game a vibrant, engaging atmosphere every time you start it up. So today I want to cover five things that I personally enjoy about the game itself.

Character from "Overwatch"

Character from "Overwatch"

1. The Characters

Overwatch has one of the most unique character lineups in video games to date, let alone for an FPS. If I had to generally describe what this looks like, we have the following:

  • elderly woman
  • cowgirl with a Big Omnic (robot) Bodyguard (named Bob)
  • immortal combat medic
  • transforming gun turret
  • tomboy
  • teen who actually got into the robot
  • arm wrestling champion
  • cyber ninja
  • yakuza samurai
  • suicide bomber
  • DJ
  • cowboy
  • ice devil
  • angel
  • mad scientist
  • robotic African deity
  • Iron Man with wings
  • ghost
  • hammer time
  • a slob
  • Master Chief
  • a hacker
  • light devil
  • Keebler Elf
  • fast devil
  • sniping devil
  • two lab experiments (a gorilla and a hamster)
  • Russian bodybuilder
  • robotic Buddhist.

Altogether that's a 30-character roster. And considering that we started at 12 three years ago, there's little doubt this roster is going to stay like this.

2. Team Roles

Going off on that, the second thing I love about Overwatch is team roles. Now, out of this odd bunch of characters, each of them has a specific skill set that designates them in one of three roles:

  1. DPS/Damage per second
  2. Tank
  3. Support

There are 16 DPS Heroes, 7 Support Heroes, and 7 Tank Heroes. Games are set up in 6v6 Matchups most of the time, so in this combination of heroes, teams need to organize themselves amongst the hero classes.

Comparing it to a game of chess, for example, DPS characters are the pawns and knights, tanks are the rooks and bishops, and supports are the queens.

The King is the objective (because he doesn't do much). DPS takes the lead and does most of the damage dealing, whereas supports heal, boost, and keep them alive.

Tanks provide defense and with their large health pools take the brunt of the damage and hit with devastating attacks if left to their own vices. In competitive game modes this is especially important because while everyone is free to pick their own roles, a hero composition can make or break the chances of winning the match. So know your role and choose wisely.

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playing "Overwatch"

playing "Overwatch"

3. Plays of the Game

Plays of the game pop up at the end of every match and highlight the player who put the most effort into the game.

Arguably the system is wonky due to the algorithm putting moments of little action over big plays, but it's something that will most likely be addressed over time (eventually).

Overall, the plays of the game are awarded for multi-kills, strategic maneuvers, and other epic plays, most of the time will get you on fire (when your character icon lights up on fire). This happens when you play your role and are good at it. Getting play of the game doesn't do anything but give you bragging rights for a minute. It's still is a fun thing to be proud of though.

"Overwatch" league

"Overwatch" league

4. Overwatch League

When I was in high school, I was obsessed with Halo 3. And a part of my overall love for the game was the MLG scene that was popular. At the time, the niche esports scene was still small and not taken seriously enough to warrant much attention from mainstream society.

Now, ten years later, esports has grown into a genre all of its own, and one of its highlights is the Overwatch League. 20 teams compete for a chance to be world champions with said teams scattered all around the world, with more coming as time goes on.

Matches are streamed on, as well as on cable channels like Disney XD, ABC, and ESPN. And as a cool feature, each team has custom skins for all 30 characters in Overwatch, which are purchasable for fans. (I have NYXL skins for Sombra, Pharah, Bridgette, Reinhardt, and Lucio personally).

In 2018, London's Spitfire bested Philidelphia's Fusion, the same team that pulled off a shocking upset, knocking out NYC's undefeated NYXL (Excelsior) out of the semi-finals.

As an NYC native, I was disappointed that they lost, but I was still proud of my team. Just saying.

I really love the "Overwatch" community.

I really love the "Overwatch" community.

5. The Community

The community is probably one of the coolest things about Overwatch and fandoms in general. From TGN's hilarious videos, Dilliongoo's surreal fight animations, and Youroverwatch's news and updates, Youtube is one of many places to get an overwatch fix outside of the game.

For those who want to get better, there are videos analyzing and breaking down characters so you can understand and learn how they work, how they differ from characters you're used to, and for new players, how they fit your personal playstyle.

Is there a hero that you like but can't seem to use them to their full potential? Youtube it. Are you wondering why Sombra can hack a human body but said human still uses their giant mechanical fist to knock you across the border? Youtube it. You wanna see Mercy dab Hanzo, D.Va, and Genji out of existence? Youtube it.

Dilliongoo's surreal "Overwatch" fight animations

Dilliongoo's surreal "Overwatch" fight animations

If you guys have anything you like about the game, feel free to share your thoughts in the comments section. Until then, see you next time!

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