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The Best Perks, Weapons, and Training Spots in "COD WW2: The Final Reich Zombies"

"COD WW2" Zombie perks

"COD WW2" Zombie perks

Perks of the Final Reichs

There are over a dozen weapons in Call of Duty WW2 zombies, but many of them are only good to utilize in the earlier rounds. Once you reach the higher waves, zombies are more powerful; therefore, it's necessary to acquire better weapons. Also, boss zombies will start to spawn. They are much more resilient because they have more health and will damage your character more. Perks can also be purchased using jolt points. However, if you take damage and go down, you'll lose perks unless you're revived by another player quickly. Dying in a Call of Duty WW2 Nazi game will automatically cause you to lose all perks.

This article will discuss great weapons that will help you survive in the higher rounds (also called waves). Additionally, the information below will explain what the perks do and which ones you should equip. Lastly, the best training areas to survive against the zombie horde in the higher waves will be included. Training areas are locations where players run to create "zombie trains" to avoid being surrounded. It's much easier to survive when most of the enemies are behind you, as you'll be able to accurately shoot them and avoid taking damage.

Wall Weapons and Mystery Box Weapons

Players can purchase wall weapons that are distributed throughout the Final Reich level in Call of Duty WW2 Nazi Zombies. They are always in the same location but cost jolt points. The mystery box has other weapons that you cannot locate on the Final Reich map. Random weapons will appear out of the mystery box. Sometimes you'll get lucky and acquire a powerful weapon. It costs 950 points to use the box. Eventually, after repeated uses, the box will move to another location on the map randomly. The mystery box initially spawns in the commander center after you turn on the power.

Top Perks of the Game

  • Kugelblitz (Double Tap): The Kugelblitz perk increases weapon damage because the rate of fire will increase on your weapons. It's a perk you'll want to purchase with jolt points, but not until the higher waves, as you'll just waste ammo on the weaker zombies. The location of Kugelblitz is in the pub area. Open the gate behind the spawn and you'll see the building where the perk is.
  • Laufenblitz (Stamin-Up): Laufenblitz is arguably one of the best perks on the Final Reich map because it allows you to sprint forever and increases your character's overall speed. Zombies are extremely fast on the level and having Laufenblitz makes it easier to escape from the boss zombies that attack in the higher waves. Additionally, the perk is useful for completing some of the steps for the Easter egg, as you are required to activate buttons on the level within a time limit. The perk can be found in the sewer tunnels after you activate the pilot light trap in the courtyard.
  • Lebenblitz (Quick Revive): Lebenblitz acts differently depending on whether you're playing solo or in a cooperative game. The perk will automatically revive you on solo if you go down, but it has a limited number of uses. On cooperative mode, you'll be able to revive other players significantly faster. Lebenblitz is extremely useful because you can potentially heal other players and prevent them from losing all their perks and weapons. It's located in the spawn area next to the gate to the courtyard.
  • Schnellblitz (Speed Cola): In the laboratory area of the Final Reich map, you'll find the Schnellblitz. It costs 3000 points which is more than the other perks. Your weapons will reload twice as fast when you have Schnellblitz. The perk is particularly useful when you have weapons like the MG42 that take a long time to reload.

Unfortunately, there is no Juggernog perk. Juggernog was a perk featured in the Black Ops zombie maps that increased health. You can purchase armor on the Final Reich map, though. It essentially serves the same purpose but costs 500 more points every time you buy it, which is not so fortuitous for players who die a lot.


Best Weapons in the Game

  • Jack in the Box (Similar to Monkey Bombs in Black Ops series): The Jack in the Box is a special throwable item you can acquire out of the mystery box. After throwing it, it will attract the attention of the zombies. They won't attack you for a short period of time. Eventually, the Jack in the Box will explode, damaging or killing surrounding enemies. The Jack in the Box is great for creating diversions when you need to complete an objective, revive someone, or avoid being cornered. Equipping a special mod before starting a match allows you to carry eight of them at once!
  • M1928 (Thompson): The M1928 is a submachine gun that, when upgraded, carries 50 rounds per magazine and 400 in stock. It does moderate damage and has a high rate of fire. Players will have access to the weapon in the early rounds.
  • Rocket Launcher: Usually, rocket launchers are inferior weapons against the zombies. In Black Ops, they were quite weak and useless. However, the rocket launcher in the Final Reich is powerful and shoots fast. It can easily kill the flamethrower zombie and other boss enemies. Unfortunately, the player can be damaged by the explosion effect. However, that can be rectified by using a mod that makes the player invulnerable to explosive damage.
  • MG-42: The MG-42 is a World War II light machine gun that deals high damage with a high rate of fire. You will only be able to find it in the mystery box. The downside is that it has a slow reload. It's best to use the perk that makes you reload faster when you're using the MG-42.
  • Tesla Gun/Midnight: There's a special weapon called the Tesla Gun on the Final Reich map. You cannot buy it off a wall or find it in the mystery box. It must be assembled. The upgraded version is called the "Midnight." It shoots out a spiraling mist that decimates all the zombies. The upgraded Tesla Gun is extremely effective for clearing out zombie trains or saving your life when you're trapped in a corner.

The Final Reich Training Spots

Having great perks and weapons does not mean much if you don't have a good strategy in Call of Duty WW2 Nazi Zombies. Fortunately, the Final Reich level has several training spot areas where you can successfully flee from enemies.

The Command Center is an area that players have access to after turning on the power by activating generators. It's a large area with two flights of stairs. The room is ideal for running zombie trains because you can continuously run up and down the stairs, creating distance between yourself and the enemies. Running out of ammo won't be much of a problem if you buy M1 Garand ammo off the wall, particularly upgraded ammo. The negative part of this area is that it's easy to get hit by the boss zombies like the flamethrower enemy.


In my opinion, the sewers (basement area) is one of the best areas to fight the zombies because there's a weapon upgrade station in the center that allows you to buy upgraded ammo forever. It's easy to rack up jolt points by circling around the room, allowing zombie trains to follow behind you. The primary downside to the sewers is that having too many players in the sewers all at once will make it too chaotic. More players in a claustrophobic increases the chance that zombies will attack from multiple directions, which makes it difficult to avoid taking damage.

The Courtyard

Perhaps the simplest strategy is to run outside in the courtyard area. Start at the pilot light trap and circle around the map until you return. Buy ammo for the M1928 Thompson or SVT-40 when you are low. As long as you run in one direction, most enemies will follow behind, making it easy to line up shots. A good place to stop and fire is at the pub where the perk is. Stand next to the ledge, shoot at the enemies, then jump off before they get too close. Then simply return to the center of the map and activate the trap to destroy a few enemies.

Hopefully, the tips and tricks provided in this article will help you in Call of Duty WW2 Zombies.