The Docks in Alcatraz, Mob of The Dead - Call of Duty: Black Ops 2, Zombies

Updated on August 3, 2016

When playing a game on Alcatraz you will need to visit the Docks in order to complete various tasks. The Docks is a large playable area directly outside of the prison. It can be accessed by taking the Gondola or traveling through the Citadel Tunnels.

This is a building located on the Docks that has three electrical panels and two generators. For the purpose of this article I will include this building as part of the Docks.

Areas to Discuss

  • Items located on the Docks
  • How to access the Docks
  • Layout of the Docks
  • What you should know

The Tommy Gun (M1927)
The Tommy Gun (M1927) | Source
The Beast is on the wall of the building that is part of the Docks.
The Beast is on the wall of the building that is part of the Docks. | Source

Items Located on The Docks

How to Access The Docks

There are two ways to access the Docks. The first method is to take the Gondola from the top level of the Cell Blocks. The second way to reach the Docks would require traveling through the Citadel Tunnels. The Citadel Tunnels can be accessed from the Cell Blocks.

The best path depends on multiple variables. It will cost 750 points to ride the Gondola. But this can be cheaper than opening the many doors that are needed to pass through the tunnels. In the beginning of the game I will often take the Gondola. But once the tunnels are fully open I will rely on them since there would be no further cost added to the trip.

The Top Level
The Top Level | Source
The Bottom Level
The Bottom Level | Source
The Electrical Room
The Electrical Room | Source
The Passageway
The Passageway | Source

Layout of the Docks

For simplicity I will break down the Docks into four areas:

  • The Top Level - The area between the Gondola, Jugger-Nog, and the Stairs.
  • The Bottom Level - The outside area that has the Wolf Head, The Tower Trap, and The Tommy Gun.
  • The Electrical Room - The room that has the electrical panels and the generators.
  • The Passageway - The Passage that is between the electrical room, Jugger-Nog, and the Citadel Tunnels. This area could be argued to be part of the Citadel Tunnels.

The Top Level

This area is mostly used to travel to other areas. The walkways are narrow and could easily become bottlenecks.

The Bottom Level

The bottom level can cause its own bottlenecks, but is not as hard to navigate as the top level. The area directly in front of the Tower Trap is often held down by players. Zombies will not spawn behind them and they can trigger the Tower Trap if they get into trouble.

The Electrical Room

This room is relatively large, but has various obstacles in the center. A player can use this area to run a train during early and mid rounds. In higher rounds there is a high risk of being trapped.

The Passage Way

This passage is wide enough to run a train. Keeping the door that leads to Jugger-Nog closed will block one of the entry points when training zombies. A player will need to hug the walls at the proper places in order to be successful in high rounds.

What You Need to Know

  • The Security Guard can trap you in a lot of the tight areas. Try to avoid running towards dead ends in order to prevent being pinned down.
  • Flopper and Mule Kick can be seen from the Docks. But you can not access or use them.
  • If you are planning on using this area for the majority of the game you should consider building the Zombie Shield in the Building Station. This will allow you to quickly grab a new one if yours breaks.
  • When holding down this area you can upgrade the Tower Trap when it gets overly congested.

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