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"Call of Duty: Black Ops 2" Zombies: The General Store

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The General Store in Buried.

The General Store in Buried.

The General Store holds more parts for Buildables than any other area in Buried. It is one of the smaller buildings, but it not only functions as parts storage. When both doors are opened, it gives an alternative route to get from the Mystery Box area to the road by the Saloon.

In This Guide:

  • Description of The General Store
  • Items in The General Store
  • Access the General Store
  • What You Need To Know

Description of the General Store

The General Store is a small building located in the center of the Town Area. It is connected to the Bank and in front of the Gunsmith. Other than the "General Store" sign, the exterior does not stand out from the other buildings. However, the interior makes it obvious that it is a store.

There is a bottom and top floor to the General Store. The bottom floor consists of three areas. There is a large area that has shelves, a small room that resembles an office, and a hallway that leads to the back door. The stairs start in the main room and lead to a small hallway on the second floor. This hall leads to a small room and a door that leads to the roof.

The Head Chopper should be set up at neck height.

The Head Chopper should be set up at neck height.

Items in the General Store

The General Store holds more parts than any other building in Buried. These parts are spread out on the first and second floor of this building.

The parts for the following Buildables can be found in the General Store.

The Weapons Storage Locker can also be found in the General Store.

Access the General Store

There are four entry points into the General Store. There is a door that must be bought on three of these entry points. The forth is an open door that can be accessed from the Balcony from jumping over from the Candy Store or using the Paralyzer. In order to jump from the Candy Store, you will need to buy a couch that is blocking the door.

The Giant Eating Candy.

The Giant Eating Candy.

What You Need to Know

  • You can have the Giant complete the Buildables by feeding him Candy near the Building Stations. You will not need to open any doors, he will climb up through the balcony.
  • The General Store is accessible in Borough Grief, but does not have any of the parts because the Buildables are already built. The Gun Cabinet does not function in this game mode either.