The Ghosts in Buried - Call of Duty, Black Ops 2, Zombies

Updated on March 4, 2019
The Ghost in Buried.
The Ghost in Buried.

In Buried, the Lady Ghosts in the Haunted Mansion are the Zombie Boss. Unlike the bosses in many other maps, they do not appear on random rounds. Instead players trigger their appearance by going through the Haunted Mansion.

If a ghost touches you two things will happen. You will receive damage and you will lose 2000 points. However, you can get a free perk from the Ghosts throughout the game.

In This Guide:

  • How to Navigate The Haunted Mansion
  • Best Weapons To Use Against Ghosts
  • The Ghosts Leaving The Haunted Mansion (Free Perk)
  • Team Strategy For Navigating The Haunted Mansion

How To Navigate The Haunted Mansion

Move Quickly

The best way to travel through the Haunted Mansion is quickly. Some Ghosts will spawn in front of you, while others are spawning behind you. Going through the mansion too slowly will result in being attacked from both sides.

Watch The Corners

The Ghosts like to float from other rooms just as you are turning the corner. This gives the player limited time to take them out before being touched. I like to use a powerful close range weapon when going through the mansion. I will often fire as I am turning corners. This will allow me to get get them before they can touch me.

Watch Your Ammo

You don't want to have to reload as you are turning a corner. I try to use a weapon that will not need to be reloaded until I am outside. But, if I am using a weapon with a small clip, I will make sure to get Speed Cola.

Going Solo

The easiest way to travel through the Haunted Mansion is by yourself. Power in numbers is not always a good thing for several reasons.

  1. Narrow Passageways: The players in the back are shooting the player in the front instead of the Ghosts.
  2. Slowing each other down: Players pausing to reload, missing the bookcase, moving suddenly to avoid damage. This can slow down the group and allow the ghosts to catch up.
  3. The Weak Link: If one player goes down in the Mansion the team will need to stop to revive. This will allow the Ghosts to catch up and surround the team.
  4. The Paralyzer: Many players want to use the Paralyzer when going through the Haunted House. It will freeze the ghosts, but not kill them. These frozen Ghosts can block the path and result in players wasting ammo shooting them after they are dead.

A shotgun is useful in the Mansion.
A shotgun is useful in the Mansion. | Source

Best Weapons To Use Against The Ghosts

You want to take down the Ghosts quickly and efficiently. I prefer to use short range weapons that can be effectively hip fired. However, there are also some other weapons that can be effective if used properly.

Ray Gun Mark II

This is the gun I prefer to use against the Ghosts. It is very powerful and can be easily hip fired. It also has a three round burst, which is useful if you are firing as you turn corners. You should not have to reload this weapon more than once, and not at all if it is upgraded.

The Executioner

This weapon is a five round revovler, so I will want Speed Cola when in the mansion. It has a lot of power at close range, and can be easily hip fired. It is also one of the lightest weapons in the game, so you can move quickly.

Other Shotguns

I will use just about any shotgun that is not a double barrel. I have had success with almost all of them.

The DSR With Iron Sights

This is a bolt action rifle. So you will need to have good timing and precise aim. However, it is a very powerful weapon that can quickly clear a path.


Scoping in can take extra time, but this semiautomatic powerhouse can rip the Ghosts to shreds. Only use this if you can quickly aim in without missing.

The Galvaknuckles

You can punch your way through the Haunted Mansion and save some ammo, you will likely be touched. If I have less than 1000 points I will normally just punch my way through. These are also useful when doing the Bell Step in the Maxis Easter Egg.

Weapons That You Think Would Be Good

  • LSAT - It takes too many bullets to take the ghost down - wastes ammo and slows you down.
  • Ray Gun - Cause yourself damage when Ghosts appear around corners.
  • The Paralyzer - Takes too long to kill them, freezing them will only buy you some time.
  • Monkey Bombs - They don't chase the Monkey.

Ghosts will not come outside when the lights are off.
Ghosts will not come outside when the lights are off.
When the lights are on the Ghosts will leave the Mansion and the last one will drop a free Perk.
When the lights are on the Ghosts will leave the Mansion and the last one will drop a free Perk.

The Ghosts Leaving The Mansion

At times, when a player enters the Mansion the Ghosts will leave and follow players into the Maze or in Town. The Ghosts will also appear in Town and go after players that did not enter the Mansion with their team.

When this happens the last Ghost killed will drop a Max Ammo. After doing this the Ghosts won't leave the Mansion again for about five rounds. This allows players to pick up a free perk every five or six rounds.

How To Know If They Will Leave

When you are approaching the Haunted Mansion look at the Windows. If the lights are on, then the Ghosts will leave the Mansion. If the lights are off, then they will not.

Note: Let your team know before you enter the mansion with the lights on. This will allow them to deposit money and prepare for the Ghosts.

Team Strategy For Navigating The Mansion

A team can travel through the Mansion together. This normally doesn't work because everyone is running randomly and firing randomly at the same time. If you want to travel through the Mansion as a team then utilizing this strategy will allow you to do so without losing points.

  • First and most important, nobody stops moving.
  • Have two players take the lead. They should both have powerful close range weapons. They should alternate shooting and reloading, so both players are never reloading at the same time.
  • The two players in the back should follow closely. These players should have a fast firing weapon with a large clip (LSAT). When going strait, one of these players should walk backwards, firing into the crowd of zombies following. The other player should not fire their weapon until it is their turn or if the players in front say that they need help.

What You Need To Know

  • In order to complete the Richtofen side of the Mined Games Easter Egg you must kill Ghosts near the Lantern.
  • You can use a Time Bomb to get an extra perk from the Ghosts by setting the Time Bomb while there is at least one Ghost remaining. Then kill the Ghost, Activate the Time Bomb, pick up the Perk Bottle Power-UP, kill the remaining Ghost again, and then pick up your second Perk Bottle Power-Up.


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    • profile image


      6 years ago

      How do you get a pistol when you a zombie while playing "infected"

    • profile image


      6 years ago

      I agree, you should keep Mark 2 for the witches. Hell of a useful gun.

    • profile image


      6 years ago

      Yeah, the ghosts are hella scary. I hate going through the haunted house because it creeps me out!

    • EdSaterstad profile imageAUTHOR

      Edward D. Saterstad 

      7 years ago from PA

      Alex M, That does sound creepy.

    • profile image

      Alex M 

      7 years ago

      Talk about creepy. We got to the back yard and killed all but one ghost. We could not find her and we decided to teleport. We came back to the town and never saw her. We thought we broke the game. We figured we should go into the mansion again. We get to the front door. My friend tells me to turn around. The moment I do, I see the ghost. Scariest jump scare of my life, because the last one we killed was bleeding black blood from its eyes. Creepy stuff...


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