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"Call of Duty: Black Ops 2" Zombies: The Giant Robots in Origins

The Giant Robot has a Templar Cross on his chest and yellow eyes.

The Giant Robot has a Templar Cross on his chest and yellow eyes.

Description of the Giant Robot

There are three Giant Robots in Origins that walk a patrol across the map. They do not specifically go after the players, but will crush almost anything that gets in their path. Understanding their movements will help you use them to your advantage.

The names of these robots are Thor, Oden, and Freya. According to the names written on the inside of their heads. Each walks a specific path at random intervals.

The Giant Robots are 1000-foot-tall patrol robots that were left behind after the zombie infection. They have a single yellow eye that resembles Cyclops from the X-men, and a Templar Cross on their chest.

The operators inside are all dead, so the robots are walking their programmed patrol routes.

Oden is one of the Giant Robots in Origins.

Oden is one of the Giant Robots in Origins.

Entering the Giant Robots

You can enter the robots through a trap door in their foot. However, the trap door is not always on the same foot. In order to determine the correct foot, you will have to be at an angle where you can see the bottom of their feet while they are walking. The foot with the four lights on the bottom is the foot that has the trap door.

To enter the foot, you must first shoot the trap door. Any gun will work, but automatic long-range weapons are ideal. Shotguns will require you to wait until the robot is close, which might not give you time to escape if you are unable to shoot the foot. If this is performed properly, the trap door will open. Stand under the foot in one of its footprints. When the foot comes down, you will enter it instead of being crushed. You do not have to be standing directly under the trap door, but just under the foot.

Each Giant Robot has its name written on the inside.

Each Giant Robot has its name written on the inside.

The Giant Robots' Patterns

Each Giant Robot walks a different section of the map, but all walk from North to South. One of the three starts their patrol every two minutes. It is very rarely the same giant paroling twice in a row. They step in large mud footprints that are visible on the map. The prints are equipped with red lights, which will flash when it is about to be used by a giant. Your character will normally talk, saying something like, "It is unwise to stay in the robot's path."

Thor patrols the East side of the map. He has two playable footprints that the players can be crushed in or can use to get inside the robot. The first one is at Generator Station 3. It is the same footprint that has the Perk-a-Cola Machine, Speed Cola. The second footprint is by Generator Station 2. It is on top of the Tank Station.

Freya patrols in the West. She also has two playable footprints. They are each on one side of the church. Her left foot lands in the area between the Church and the Excavation Site, and her right foot lands between the Church and Generator Station 6.

Oden walks a patrol right down the center of the map. He has a total of eight playable footprints. His patrol starts above Generator Station 5. He steps to the right and left of this generator. He then steps to the North of the Excavation Site with both feet and then to the South of the Excavation Site. His final two footsteps land on each side of Generator Station 4.

This map shows the patrol of each Giant Robot.

This map shows the patrol of each Giant Robot.

Items Found in the Giant Robot

Each Giant has two items inside of it:

  • A radio that plays a Maxis voice clip
  • A fragment of the Staff of Wind

Other Useful Information

  • The Giant Robot will not kill Panzer Soldat; instead, it will smash him into the ground temporarily. This can often buy the player some time to organize an assault.
  • You will use the Giant Robots to break the seal for the "Lost Little Girl" Easter Egg.
  • The Giant Robot shoots at the G-Strike Beacon, causing a lot of destruction.


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