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"Call of Duty: Black Ops 2 – Zombies": The Lantern in Buried (Easter Egg)

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You will need to get the Lantern when completing the Maxis or Richtofen Easter Egg in Buried, Resolutions 1295. The Lantern will appear after you have frozen or broke the Crystal Balls. You will need to get it onto the ground and pick it up so that you can use it to display the Cypher.

The Steps:

  1. Find the Lantern
  2. Knock the Lantern down
  3. Pick up the Lantern
  4. Feed Souls to the Lantern
  5. Place the Lantern

1. Find The Lantern

The purple Lantern will begin flying around the Town Area as soon as you have completed the step involving Crystal Balls. It will fly above a portion of the map for a short period of time, then it will disappear and reappear in another area.

To find the Lantern, look up at the sky above the different sections of the Town Area. It is often found in the open area by the Haunted Mansion or in the area where the Mystery Box first appears.


2. Knock The Lantern Down

In order to knock the Lantern down, you will have to explode a grenade close to it. This takes accuracy and timing. Cook your grenade in order to have it explode close to the flying Lantern.

Each player has four grenades, so they should have four chances to bring the Lantern down. However, if all players miss you will need to kill the last zombie and start a new round. Each player will start with two more grenades.

Tip: If you don't want to start the next round you can create a Max Ammo in order to replenish your grenades. A player must have Galvaknuckles and points. Punch the keys in the bank and add money as if you were going to give a player money. A dollar symbol power-up will appear. Feed the Giant Candy near the power-up in order to have him change it. You might have to do this more than once in order to get the Max Ammo Power-Up.


3. Pick Up The Lantern

If a grenade is close enough, the Lantern will fall to the ground. A player can then approach the Lantern and press their action button in order to pick up the Lantern.

  • When you are close to the Lantern, an onscreen indicator will appear letting you know that you can pick it up.
  • Once you have the Lantern, an icon will appear on your Heads Up Display.

4. Feed Souls to The Lantern

The player that has the Lantern will then have to feed souls to the Lantern. This step is different depending on which side of the Easter Egg you are completing.

Maxis Easter Egg:

  • Feed zombies to the Lantern

Richtofen Easter Egg:

When enough Souls have been added, a purple Lantern will appear on the roof of the Gunsmith.


5. Place The Lantern

Place the Lantern on the purple Lantern picture that appears on the roof of the Gunsmith. The player holding the Lantern will need to approach the Lantern and hold their action button in order to "build" the Lantern in this location.

  • An on-screen indicator will appear when you are close enough to place the Lantern.
  • When this is successfully placed the Cypher will appear on the wall.


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