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The Levers in Buried (Richtofen Easter Egg Step) - "Call of Duty, Black Ops 2, Zombies"

Outside of my day job as a project manager for a construction company, I am an avid gamer with a great passion for "Call of Duty."

Pulling the levers is the second to last step in the Richtofen side of the Buried Easter Egg, Mined Games. There are four levers located in the Maze. These levers must be pulled in a specific order. Once this is completed, you can move on to the Sharpshooter Step.

Needed To Complete This Step:

The Steps For Pulling The Levers:

  1. Find the Levers in the Maze
  2. Pull the Levers in the Correct Order
The Green Lever.

The Green Lever.

The Yellow Lever

The Yellow Lever

Find the Levers in the Maze

You will need to go through the Haunted Mansion in order to access the maze. Once inside the maze, look for the metal doors. There are four or five metal doors in total and they change positions each time all players have exited the maze.

There are a total of four levers: green, blue, red, and yellow. There is a lever in the center of four doors. The lever is going to be located on only one side of the door, so if you do not see a lever on the door, there is a good chance that it is on the other side.

It is much easier to find the levers if you have the Paralyzer. It will allow you to fly over the metal walls that contain the levers. However, you can not fly over the hedge walls of the maze, there is an invisible barrier above them.

Pull the Levers in the Correct Order

To complete this step, you will need to pull the levers in the correct order. To pull a lever, approach it and press your action button. The lever should move from the up position, to the down position.

It appears that the order of the levers are different from one game to the next. However, the order below seems to be used often.

Possible Order of the Levers:

  1. Green
  2. Blue
  3. Red
  4. Yellow

To determine the order of the levers, each player should find a lever. Pull them in the order above. The player should continue to watch the lever even after they have pulled it. After all levers are pulled the levers that were pulled in the correct order will have a small spark. If they all spark, and Richtofen starts to talk, then this was the correct order.

If none spark, then you know that none of these levers are the correct order. One or more could spark even if the others are not in the correct order. For example, lets say that we pulled the levers in the order above and only the red lever sparked. You will know that the red lever should be pulled third. So the first lever must be either green or yellow, because green did not spark and red is third.

Elimination will tell us the order of the other three. We know the possibilities for each lever. The below list shows what each could be.

Example of using Elimination

  1. Yellow or Blue
  2. Green or Yellow
  3. Red
  4. Blue or Green

This gives us two possible orders. We would have to go back into the maze and try one of the two orders. If it is incorrect, then the other order must be correct. The two possible orders are listed below.

Possible order 1 (for the example)

  1. Yellow
  2. Green
  3. Red
  4. Blue

Possible order 2 (for the example)

  1. Blue
  2. Yellow
  3. Red
  4. Green

If you make a mistake on the order you will need to pull the existing levers, and then have the entire team go back to the Town Area. This will reset the levers.

Once I determine the correct order I prefer to have just one player enter the maze and pull the levers. That player should be familiar with the order. It also helps for that player to have the Paralyzer, since they will be able to fly over the metal doors.

See the embedded video above as an example of using the Paralyzer to pull all four levers in the correct order.