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"Call of Duty: Black Ops 2" Zombies: The Maxis Drone in Origins

Once in the air, the Maxis drone will hunt for targets. The following guide will describe and explain how to build this powerful weapon.

Once in the air, the Maxis drone will hunt for targets. The following guide will describe and explain how to build this powerful weapon.

Description of the Maxis Drone

In Origins, we can see Dr. Maxis and Dr. Richtofen fight side by side for the first time—well, at least a version of Dr. Maxis. He takes form for the first time in a zombie game as a drone crafted with his brain.

The Maxis Drone can be a valuable tool in Origins. It has various abilities that can aid the players. However, it can also have a negative effect, such as ending a round early.

Drs. Richtofen and Maxis

In the Cut Scene, Dr. Edward Richtofen was seen cutting the head open of a bearded zombie. That bearded zombie was Dr. Ludvig Maxis, but in this timeline, they are friends. Richtofen put his brain in a jar so he can 'save' him. When starting a game as Richtofen, he will talk about needing to find a vessel for Maxis. The vessel is the Maxis Drone.

Once built, the Maxis Drone has several abilities. First, it will follow the player that put it into the air and shoot the zombies in the area. As secondary abilities, it can revive a player and pick up Power-Ups. It is vital to completing the 'Little Lost Girl' Easter Egg and can pick up disks in order to give the player a free Magna Collider, an upgraded version of the new MG08.

Only one player can have this piece of equipment in their inventory. But, unlike the buildables in previous maps, it does not take the place of the Zombie Shield. Instead, it takes the position at the bottom of the D-Pad.

As soon as you press down on your D-Pad, it starts its takeoff sequence. Once in the air, it will shoot zombies or complete other tasks until it needs to refuel, which seems to be about 1 minute and 15 seconds.

Use this piece of equipment with caution. It will not hold a zombie or refrain from picking up a Power-Up. If you are planning on holding a zombie, I would advise against using it. He also does not contribute to filling the Chests for the Rituals of the Ancients, cleaning the tablets to get the G-Strike Beacon, or upgrading the staves.

How to Build the Maxis Drone

The Maxis drone can be built at any of the three Building Stations. It is made up of three parts, which are spread out throughout the map.

  • Maxis Brain looks like a yellow jar with a brain in it.
  • The Base looks like a bumper to a very small car (a bumper car).
  • The fan looks like a steering wheel from far away; a close-up look will allow you to see the blades.

The Steps:

  1. Collect the parts.
  2. Pick a Building Station.
  3. Press and hold your action button.

Location of Parts for The Maxis Drone

Maxis' Brain only has one known location, while the other two parts have three possible locations. Like the Zombie Shield, the possible locations of each individual part are in the same general area.

The Parts:

  • Maxis' Brain
  • The Base
  • The Fan

Maxis' Brain

The brain is always found in the area of Generator Station 1. It is on a desk on the lower level, which is the lab. It sticks out due to its color being distinctly different from its surroundings.

The Base

The Base is found near the Church. It has three possible locations. Two of the locations are on opposite sides of the tank tracks that connect with the Church.

Possible Base Location 1

This first part is found on the tracks between the Church and Generator Station 5. It is on the left-hand side, next to a sign that displays the skull and crossbones.

Possible Base Location 2

The Second possible location is on the tracks between the Church and Generator Station 4. It is also by a skill and crossbones sign.

Possible Base Location 3

The third possible base location is at the bottom of the Ice Tunnel. That is the tunnel that leads under the Church. I normally search this location last since I will need to open a second door to access it.

The Fan

The fan can be found at the Excavation Site. One of the three possible locations will require the Black Record that opens the area for the four staves.

Possible Fan Location 1

This first possible location is on top of the Excavation Site, against the wall. It is easy to get trapped in this area; use caution.

Possible Fan Location 2

It can also be found inside the Excavation Site. It is in the area that is the bottom before the hidden area is opened. It is against the same wall as the Gramophone.

Possible Fan Location 3

The final fan location is hidden well. Open the hidden area of the Excavation Site and look on the wooden walkway above the staff area. It is inside one of the buckets.

Other Useful Information

  • The Maxis Drone is the first buildable piece of equipment that talks.
  • The Maxis Drone will help attack Panzer Soldat.
  • During the 'Little Lost Girl' Easter Egg, the Maxis Drone must fly into the seal after the Giant Robots open it. Samantha gives the clue, 'no mortal may enter.'


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