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"Call of Duty: Black Ops 2" – Zombies: The Paralyzer in Buried

Outside of my day job as a project manager for a construction company, I am an avid gamer with a great passion for "Call of Duty."


After the first week since the release of Buried, it appeared like the Paralyzer was being grossly underutilized. It is one of two very powerful new Wonder Weapons in Buried. It has two major abilities. The first is the obvious ability, it "freezes" or paralyzes its targets. The second is that it allows players to "fly."

With abilities like this, the start of each game is slowing turning into a mad rush for the Mystery Box.

This Guide Will Discuss:

  • Weapon Attributes
  • Obtaining and Upgrading the Paralyzer
  • The Paralyze Ability
  • The Flying Ability
  • Using the Paralyzer
  • What You Need to Know

Weapon Attributes

AttributeThe ParalyzerThe Petrifier

Magazine Size



Full Ammo



Fire Rate

Continuous Stream

Continuous Stream

  • Both the Paralyzer and the Petrifier shoot a continuous stream or beam.
  • There is a counter on the gun that moves as you shoot the gun.
  • When the counter hits 115, the gun will not fire.
  • The gun will start counting down if you are not firing it.
  • It will count down even after you switch weapons.

Obtaining and Upgrading the Paralyzer

Obtaining the Paralyzer:

  • The Paralyzer can be obtained randomly from the Mystery Box.
  • Only one player may have the Paralyzer at a time.
  • You can not put the Paralyzer in the Gun Storage Cabinet.

Upgrading the Paralyzer:

  • You can upgrade the Paralyzer in the Pack-A-Punch machine.
  • It becomes the Petrifier.
  • The counter stays the same, but it is more powerful.
If their eyes are still blue then they are not dead.

If their eyes are still blue then they are not dead.

The Paralyze Ability

The main purpose of the Paralyzer is to paralyze or freeze its target. This weapon is effective on zombies, Ghosts, and the Giant. I am not sure why you would want to freeze the Giant, but this gun can do it. As you fire the weapon, a beam projects with a wide spray.

Effects of the Paralyzer:

  • Zombies will instantly start to slow down.
  • If shot for a longer period of time, they will stop moving completely.
  • If you continue to shoot the zombies, they will eventually explode.
  • A player can kill the zombie while it is paralyzed. But the zombie will not fall until the effects of the Paralyzer wear off.
  • You can tell if a zombie is dead by their frozen eyes. If they are still blue, they are just frozen.

The Flying Ability

When you first use this weapon, it might feel like a rocket going off and then crashing down. It takes some practice to be able to go across the map above obstacles and then gently come to a landing without taking damage, but it can be done.

How to Fly:

  • Point the weapon at the ground.
  • Start shooting a continuous stream.
  • Press your jump button.

How to Control the Flight:

  • If you keep the gun pointed down and the trigger squeezed, you will keep going until you hit something or reach 115 on the counter.
  • Slightly change the angle of your gun as you lift off. There is a "sweet spot" that will allow you to hover and move forward without ascending.
  • Change it a little further in order to gradually descend. Changing it too far will result in falling quickly.
  • You can also change from a continuous stream to bursts in order to descend.
  • Use a combination of angles and stream bursts to master moving through the map quickly.

How Effective Can It Be?

When mastered you can quickly move through the map, directing yourself through holes and around corners.

Example: I was in the Maze and the rest of my team went back to the Town Area. They all went down in front of the Haunted Mansion. I was able to teleport back to the beginning and make my way down the tunnel and to the front of the Mansion in time to revive them.

Flying over barrels by the Candy Store.

Flying over barrels by the Candy Store.

Flying over the middle barrier in the Town Area.

Flying over the middle barrier in the Town Area.

You can't fly over the maze walls, but you can fly over the doors in the maze.

You can't fly over the maze walls, but you can fly over the doors in the maze.

Using the Paralyzer

The Paralyzer can be effective, but it's tricky to use. The list below describes different ways to utilize this weapon.

  • Paralyze a horde of zombies so you can escape.
  • Paralyzing zombies as they approach a player that is reviving another player.
  • Paralyzing zombies in order to have time to reload or switch weapons.
  • Flying over barriers.
  • Flying onto buildings and through windows.
  • Flying from the Town area into the Tunnels.
  • Flying over the doors in the maze.
  • Quickly traveling to a downed player.

What You Need to Know

  • Using this weapon to fly can result in fall damage if not done properly.
  • This weapon is available in Borough Grief, but only one team can have it.
  • Shooting this at the Ghosts makes it difficult to tell if they are dead or just frozen. Players could waste a lot of ammo trying to kill them.
  • If you shoot the Giant too long, he will freeze.