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"Call of Duty: Black Ops 2 – Zombies": The Spire in Buried (Maxis Easter Egg Step)

Outside of my day job as a project manager for a construction company, I am an avid gamer with a great passion for "Call of Duty."


When completing the Maxis Easter Egg in Buried, you will need to decode the Cypher in order to determine which signs will activate the Spire. Once the Spire is activated, you will use it to power The Hangman's Noose. You will need to have the spire enter The Hangman's Noose twice in order to complete this step.

What You Need:

  • The Hangman's Noose
  • Galvaknuckles
  • Time Bomb
  • Zombies

The Steps:

  1. Punch the signs
  2. Place the Time Bomb right after the Spire appears
  3. Follow the Spire to Hangman's Noose
  4. Activate the Time Bomb
  5. Follow the Spire to Hangman's Noose

Punch the Signs

With the Galvaknuckles, punch the signs that were indicated by the Cypher from the previous step. As you punch the signs, a red fog will appear. This will happen even if you punch the incorrect sign. If you do punch the wrong sign, you can punch it again to deactivate it.

There are five possible sign locations, but you will only need to punch three of the signs. When you punch the third sign a spire will appear. If a spire does not appear, then the wrong signs were punched.


Place Your Time Bomb

As the new spire appears, you will want to place your Time Bomb. The player placing the Time Bomb does not have to be the same player that is punching the signs.

It does not matter where the Time Bomb is placed. Just make sure everyone is in place.

The Spire fading away

The Spire fading away


Follow the Spire

The player that punched the final sign should then follow the spire. It will take an indirect route to the Hangman's Noose. The Spire has limited energy and will need more energy in order to make it all the way to the noose.

Follow The Spire

The player following the Spire should stay close. If you are too far away the Spire will disappear.

Feed The Spire

In order to give the Spire energy, you will need to feed it zombies. As the Spire makes contact with zombies they will be activated. Killing activated zombies near the Spire will feed it energy. If the Spire goes too long without adding energy it will fade away and disappear.

Any player can kill the zombies near the Spire, not just the player following it.

Entering Hangman's Noose

The Spire will end its journey at Hangman's Noose. It will enter the noose and one of the two bulbs will light up. This indicates that the noose has half the power that it needs. In order to give it more power, we will need to feed it another Spire. But there is only one Spire.


Activate the Time Bomb

Since there is only one Spire we will have to use the same one for a second time. We can do this by activating the Time Bomb that we set when the Spire appeared.

The Time Bomb will put all the players back where they were when it was placed. Everything will be exactly the same, with the exception of Hangman's Noose. The bulb we lit will still be lit.


Follow the Spire to Hangman's Noose . . . Again

Follow the Spire to Hangman's Noose as you did in the previous step. You will still need to feed it zombies for energy and stay near it.

You have done this successfully once, so the second time should be easy. You will know how many zombies you need to have and where they Spire will go.

Two Methods for Completing This Step

There are two methods for completing this step. The first involves training zombies, and the second involves a bit more chaos.

Training Zombies Method

The training zombies method is good for a very organized team. You will need to train by the original location of the Mystery Box, Inside the Barn, and outside of the Saloon. Each train should have between 5–8 zombies.

This method works, but requires good timing and players that can run an organized train. It is also best suited for low rounds since it will be difficult to run a train in the Barn during a high round.

Chaos Method

I prefer the Chaos Method. Start a new round and wait about thirty seconds, then punch the last sign. Since zombies will be spawning in, they will cover a wider area. Players should still stay in the same areas as those listed for running trains, but they can kill zombies as needed.

This method requires less teamwork and works well in mid to high rounds.