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The Staff of Ice in Origins: "Call of Duty: Black Ops II" Zombies

The Staff of Ice is very effective against Templar Zombies.

The Staff of Ice is very effective against Templar Zombies.

How to Get the Staff of Ice in Origins

The Staff of Ice is an extremely powerful weapon that can be built in Origins. It freezes and kills hoards of zombies with a single shot. Its parts take the least amount of work to acquire, but it could take more rounds since you are limited on the number of graves you can dig.

The upgraded Staff of Ice allows the player to shoot a block of ice that creates a blizzard, freezing zombies in the area.

What's Covered in This Guide

  • Staff of Ice Description
  • How to Build the Staff of Ice
  • The Blue Records
  • The Staff Fragments
  • The Gramophone
  • The Ice Crystal
  • Other Interesting Information

Staff of Ice Description

The Staff of Ice has three metal claws surrounding the Ice Crystal. It shoots a mist of ice that initially freezes zombies in its wide range. In early rounds the zombies will die shortly after being frozen, but in later rounds a second shot is required to kill them. The staff has six rounds in the magazine and a reserve of 60 rounds.

The Staff of Ice is not as powerful as the Staff of Fire, but it can effect a larger range of zombies. It does not move zombies out of the way as quickly as the Staff of Wind, but it has twice the magazine size and a larger reserve. The Staff of Lightning also has more power, but it can't affect as many zombies at one time.

The upgraded Staff of Ice has double the ammo reserve and clip size. It increases in power and gains the ability to be charged. The charged attack creates a blizzard that lasts for 10 seconds, freezing zombies in the area.

How to Build the Staff of Ice

In order to build the staff, you will first need to locate the essential parts. You will need four staff fragments and the Ice Crystal. In order to get the Ice Crystal, you will need to use the Gramophone and the Blue Record.

The Steps

  1. Find the Record.
  2. Collect the Fragments.
  3. Find the Gramophone.
  4. Get the Ice Crystal.
  5. Build the Staff.*

*Step 5 is covered in my article on how to build the staves. Since the process is similar for all four staves, it was made into one article.

Record Location 1

Record Location 1

Record Location 2

Record Location 2

The Blue Records

All three possible locations for the Blue Record are in the Tank Station. The record looks like a regular black vinyl record with a blue label.

  • Record Location 1: The first possible location for the record is on the shelf by the back door. The door leads to the muddy area that the Zombie Tank uses to cool down. It is leaning against the wall on the second shelf.
  • Record Location 2: The second location is on the shelf next to the possible Mystery Box location. It is on the first shelve, leaning against the wall.
  • Record Location 3: The final location is on the table directly across from the front door. You should see it as you enter this station.

The Staff Fragments

All three staff fragments can be dug up from the graves that appear on the map. You will only dig up fragments when it is snowing. In order to get the fragments quicker, wait until it is snowing to dig the graves.

The Gramophone

The Gramophone

The Gramophone

The Gramophone can be found in the Excavation Site. Take the steps behind the Pack-a-Punch Machine. It is at the bottom laying in rubble. The Gramophone is also needed for opening the hidden area below this spot.

The Ice Crystal

The embedded video is a different Crystal. However, the methods for retrieving the Crystal are the same. The only difference is the record you are using and the mine you are in.

The Ice Crystal can be found by taking a portal at the bottom of the Ice Mine. The Ice Mine is below the Church. It can be access from an open under the Church on the side that faces Generator Station 6.

Go to the bottom of the tunnel and place your Gramophone on the the table. A blue portal will appear against the wall. When you go through the portal you will appear in a room that has all of the crystals. However, you can only pick up the Blue Crystal because that is the song that is playing. Activate the white pad that you appeared on in order to make the portal back appear.

Other Interesting Information

  • Collecting all four staves will give you the achievement Playing with Power.
  • You can build all four staves, but you can only equip one at a time (each player can equip one).
  • You will need to build and upgrade the staff in order to complete the Little Lost Girl Easter Egg.


Roelnz on June 17, 2017:

Can you upgrade staff wen playing on Easy?

gamemonster on June 09, 2014:

there is one piece of each ice staff only each of the three general locations. one in the beginning, (gen 1-3) one around the excavation site, and one near the church. these are most noticeably differentiated by the paths each robot walks. also is the same of the wind staff, each part is found in one robot. they walk the same path each time. ive found that I can build all four staffs by myself, before round ten, then upgrade them soon after. the ice staff is most useful because of its charged shot and its large supply of ammo. if you could upgrade that first. once you have the other three staffs on he pedestals, in the crazy place, then just gather a large group and use its charged ability and the other staffs will be upgraded in no time.

CelphMayd on September 10, 2013:

Also, your match game icons are incomplete, ive gotten a few different ones that don't appear in the screenshot, and each time you get it wrong the order is randomized, so ive been denied my favourite staff multiple times :P

Edward D. Saterstad (author) from PA on September 06, 2013:


Nice catch. I did not notice that until you said something. I have tried it for the past 2 days, I only get parts when it is snowing. I am going to add that into the article.

CelphMayd on September 03, 2013:

just would like to say that the ice staff parts are found when digging a grave when the snow starts falling, in my experience anyway.