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The Staff of Wind in Origins in "Call of Duty: Black Ops 2" Zombies

'I really hope this works'.

'I really hope this works'.

Staff of Wind Profile

In Origins, the Staff of Wind can easily clear a path. Its lower clip size makes it difficult to use without Speed Cola, but its power can not be matched. The staff can be tricky to acquire at first but can be the easiest with a little bit of practice.

The Upgraded Staff of Wind is one of the most powerful weapons ever introduced to Call of Duty Zombies.

The Staff of Wind has three rounds in the magazine and 40 in the reserve. This seems low when compared to the other three staves. However, the Staff of Wind is capable of clearing an area quickly, which can be the difference between the game ending early and a close call.

It operates similarly to the Thundergun but is not as powerful. It shoots out a gust of wind, which can kill or knock over hoards of zombies. During the lower rounds and at close range, it turns zombies into a mist. If they don't get vaporized instantly, they instead get slammed into the walls or other obstacles that are close by.

It takes two hits to kill a zombie by round 20. It still pushed them out of the way with one hit but takes a second to kill them.

However, the upgraded Staff of Wind doubles in ammo and magazine size. It also becomes much more powerful and gains the ability to charge. when charged, it creates a windstorm that sucks and kills zombies for 10 seconds. When upgraded, it makes the Tundergun look like a sneeze.

This staff works best when the player has Speed Cola and Electric Cherry. It needs to reload often, but with these essential perks, you can do so quickly and with the protection of electricity.

The Staff of Wind throws zombies against the wall.

The Staff of Wind throws zombies against the wall.

How to Build the Staff of Wind

The Staff of Wind consists of four parts. Three of these parts are Staff fragments, while the last is a crystal. In order to get the Crystal, you will first need to have the Gramophone and Yellow Record.

When all the pieces are gathered, the Staff can be built in the hidden chamber at the bottom of the Excavation Site. In order to access the area, you will need the Gramophone and the Black Record. After being opened, this area will remain open.

Items Needed

  • Three Yellow Staff Fragments
  • The Yellow Record
  • The Gramophone
  • The Yellow Crystal

The Steps

  1. Pick up the Yellow Record.
  2. Acquire the Three staff fragments.
  3. Equip the Gramophone.
  4. Get the Yellow Crystal.
  5. Build the Staff*.

* This step is explained in the Guide, how to build the staves in Origins.

Yellow Record Locations

The Yellow Record looks like a black vinyl record with a yellow label. The yellow helps to make it stand out, but it can be challenging to find if you don't know where to look.

There are three possible locations for the Yellow Record. All three potential locations are near Generator Station 5.

Record Location 1

The first record location is close to the Generator at Station 5. It is on a half-wall beside the Quick Revive Perk-a-Cola Machine.

Record Location 2

The second possible location is inside the Lightning Tunnel, in the Generator Station 5 area. It is at the bottom of the first set of stairs, setting on a table.

Record Location 3

The third and final location is near the generator, on the side that does not have the Chest that is used in Rituals of The Ancients. It can be found on top of a crate.

The lights indicate the correct foot to enter the Giant Robot.

The lights indicate the correct foot to enter the Giant Robot.

Getting the Yellow Staff Fragments

The fragments for the Staff of Winds are easy to locate but not as easy to retrieve. They are in the three Giant Robots. You can access the Giant Robots by shooting a hatch on their foot and then letting them step on you.

The hatch is only one of the two feet, and that foot alternates. You will be crushed if you choose the wrong foot, so make sure it is correct before you are past the point of no return.

Glowing lights on the bottom of the foot indicate the correct foot. Shoot the circle between these lights, and a hatch will open. You will enter the robot as long as the hatch is open. You do not have to be directly under the hatch, just under the correct foot. Any gun will open the hatch, but I recommend using one that has a decent range and rate of fire.

Your time inside the Giant Robot is limited. Find the yellow glowing staff fragment and pick it up. Once you have the part, you can press your action button by the vacuum tubes or wait for the countdown.

There are a total of three Giant Robots: Thor, Oden, and Freya. They each have one of the three fragments for the Staff of Wind. The robots each have their own patrol area but don't always walk it at the same time—all three patrol from North to South. Oden patrols down the middle, starting above Generator Station 5 and walking past Generator Station 4. Thor patrols the East, starting above Generator Station 2 and walking past Generator Station 1. Freya patrols the West, starting North of the church and traveling past the Church.

Location of the Gramophone

The Gramophone is used to get the Crystal and open the secret chamber in the Excavation Site.

It can be found at the Excavation Site. It is at the bottom of the stairs that can be found behind the Pack-a-Punch Machine. It can blend in with the rubble around it but is always in the same spot.

The Gramophone

The Gramophone

Getting The Wind Crystal

All four Crystals are acquired in the same manner. The only difference is the record you use and the Mine Shaft you enter from. The Video on the Right is a different Crystal, but the process is the same.

In order to access the Wind Crystal, you will need to first make a portal in the Wind Mine Shaft, which can be found by Generator Station 4. The portal is created by placing the Gramophone on a table at the bottom of the Wind Mine Shaft. The Gramophone will play the Yellow Record, which will result in rocks forming a border on the wall, and a portal appearing inside that border.

Jump through the portal. You will be in a room that has stations for all four crystals. Find the Yellow station and grab the Wind Crystal. Go back to the white circular light and press your action button; a portal will appear on the wall, and jumping through it will bring you back to the bottom of the Wind Shaft.

Don't forget to pick up your Gramophone before you leave the Wind Shaft.

Opening the Secret Chamber and Building the Staff

These two steps are the same for all four staves. Instead of repeating this section four times, I have these two steps in a separate article. Go to the Guide for building the staves in Origins in order to see the last two steps.

Other Useful Information

  • There are three other staves; they include Staff of Fire, Staff of Ice, and Staff of Lightning.
  • Getting all four staves will grant you an achievement—'playing with power.'
  • As you collect staff pieces, Samantha will talk.
  • The Staff of Wind has less ammo than The Staff of Fire, The Staff of Lightning, and The Staff of Ice.


Merritt Duncan on February 07, 2014:

The wind staff disc is located next to the stamin-up machine on a half wall near generator 5 not the quick revive perk-a-cola

gene on September 16, 2013:

There's another record at the top of the excavation site that I always need to grab before the gramophone will open the secret chamber!

Rammrod on September 14, 2013:

There is no 5th pedestal after upgrading the each staff

Edward D. Saterstad (author) from PA on August 31, 2013:

I made some edits, including information on the upgraded version of this weapon. It becomes much more powerful than the Thundergun.

Edward D. Saterstad (author) from PA on August 30, 2013:


You are right, it seemed more powerful when I first used it. But when I had it last night I noticed how quickly it lost its effectiveness. The same with the other Staves. I was shooting zombies four times on round 23 to kill them with the Staff of Ice.

Me on August 30, 2013:

Brilliant guide though!

Me on August 30, 2013:

The wind staff isn't more powerful than the Thundegun! One hit only stuns them after about wave 20 so it take 2 shots to clear the way.