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"Call of Duty: Black Ops 2 – Zombies": The Wardens Office in Alcatraz, Mob of the Dead

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The Warden's Office is a small group of rooms attached to the Cell Blocks. There is a lot of important items in this small section of the map. It can be one of the most dangerous areas in Alcatraz. The small rooms and congested layout makes this a deadly area during high rounds.

This Article Will Discuss

  • Items Located in the Warden's Office
  • How to Access the Warden's Office
  • The Layout of the Warden's Office
  • What You Need to Know

Items Located in The Warden's Office

Enter Afterlife

Enter Afterlife

First Portal

First Portal

Second Portal

Second Portal

Volt Meter

Volt Meter

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How to Access the Warden's Office

The only door leading into the Warden's Office is connected to the Cell Blocks. It is near one of the Warden's Key locations. This makes the Warden's Office a dangerous area since there is only one way in and one way out. To make it interesting, that sole entrance is equipped with a Fan Trap.

You will enter from the lowest level of the Cell Blocks near the poster that is needed for the Golden Spork. However, in order to enter this area, you will first need to go into Afterlife and activate the door by adding power to the Volt Meter.

Steps for Opening The Warden's Office

  1. Go into Afterlife using the electrical box directly across from the Warden's door.
  2. Go into the portal on the second floor above and to the left of the Warden's door. This is the portal you would enter to lower the Warden's Key.
  3. Go through the second portal that is down the passageway to the right.
  4. Go down the steps and find the Volt Meter against the wall.
  5. Shoot the Volt Meter with electricity.
  6. Go back and revive yourself.

Layout of the Warden's Office

The Warden's Office is made up of four small rooms. The largest room is the first room you would encounter when entering the office. This room is large enough to run a train. But, there are many zombie entry points which makes it very difficult.

There is a room to your right that holds a plane part. The door is electrified until the power is turned off in the electrical room on the Docks.

There is a small room to your left. This room is more of a wide passageway than an actual room. It has a possible box location on your left as you move towards the final room.

The final room is almost as large as the first room. This room has Speed Cola and the table that bursts into flames after collecting the Crystal Skulls. You can manage a small train in this room. However, it is easy to get trapped if too many zombies enter through the door at once.

What You Need to Know

  • The Prison Guard can easily trap you in this area. When he appears it is often wise to relocate.
  • Players have a tendency to trap each other in this area. There should be a strict one at a time rule on any round past 15.
  • If you are planning on running a train in the backroom then equip properly. You should have a Zombie Shield and at least one gun that can kill zombies quickly. This will protect your back while you clear out the entry during a large influx of zombies.

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