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"Call of Duty: Black Ops 2" Zombies: Thunder Fist in Origins

A Thunder Fist head-shot does more damage than a body shot. Most melee weapons have no difference.

A Thunder Fist head-shot does more damage than a body shot. Most melee weapons have no difference.

How to Earn Thunder Fists

In Origins, you can upgrade your melee attack so that it gains power and can strike multiple zombies at one time. It has a similar effect to the Thunder Gun, hence the name Thunder Fists. Once upgraded, you will no longer use your combat knife or upgraded staff as a melee weapon.

Thunder Fists is one of the rewards earned from the Rituals of the Ancients Chest. Once it is achieved, you have it for the remainder of the game. Any player in the game can go to the chest at any time to equip it, after bleeding out or if joining a custom game after it was achieved.

This weapon is the one reward that the team accomplishes together. The other three rewards from the Rituals of the Ancients are based on the individual player's accomplishments. In order to receive this reward, four chests must be filled with the "spirits" of zombies.

Fill Chests or Boxes With Spirits

These four chests look like the "Rituals of The Ancients" Chest, minus the stone tablet explaining the rituals. Zombies must be killed within the Giant Robots footprint in which the chest sits. If this is done correctly, the yellow "spirit" of the zombie should be seen entering the chest. A lot of zombies need to be killed by each chest in order to complete this.

If a Giant Robot steps on the chest, it will close. Once it closes, the zombie count is set back to zero. In other words, in regard to that chest. you will have to start all over. Three of these boxes sit in a footprint from Oden, while the fourth is in a footprint from Freya.

The chest will float up into the air when enough zombie "sports" have entered it. At this point, it can no longer be affected by the Giant Robots.

Locations of the Chests

The four chests are located in separate footprints on the map. Three of these chests are in footprints in Oden's patrol, and one is in a footprint in Freya's patrol. I will number the chests for identification purposes only; they do not need to be filled in any type of order.

Chest 1: Generator Station 4

This chest is in the footprint next to Generator Station 4. The footprint is on the other side of the wall that Jugger-Nog sits against. It can be found almost directly across from the MP40.

Chest 2: The Excavation Site

The second chest is next to the Excavation Site in a footprint that is between Generator Station 4, Generator Station 5, the Excavation Site, and the trench leading down to the Workshop. The chest itself is against the bank of the Excavation Site.

Chest 3: Generator Station 5

This chest is next to Generator Station 5 and the Zombie Tank Tracks leading to the Church. It is against the bank of the tank tracks.

Chest 4: The Church

This is the only chest that sits in Freya's footprint instead of Oden's. It is on the other side of the cemetery and leads down to the bottom floor of the Church. The chest is against the bank close to the trail that leads to the Church.

The chest will remain open as soon as you kill one zombie near it. However, it will shut and reset if a Giant Robot steps on it.

The chest will remain open as soon as you kill one zombie near it. However, it will shut and reset if a Giant Robot steps on it.

Tips for Completing This Task

This task can become difficult since it requires a lot of zombies to be killed in four specific areas. Staying in these areas limits the player's ability to complete other tasks, such as collecting staff fragments. Understanding the movements of the Giant Robots can make this slightly easier.

One of the three Giant Robots starts a patrol every two minutes. The same robot rarely patrols twice in a row. However, all three patrol as a group every 30 minutes. This is a bad time to fill a chest since two robots will walk their patrol twice in a row. For example—Oden walks his patrol, then all three, and then Freya. Both Oden and Freya have walked theirs twice in a row.


  • All the players in the game should concentrate on filling one chest. Players killing zombies in other areas will decrease your chance of filling it before the next robot comes.
  • When you can, hold the last zombie until the robot passes the footprint you are filling. Then kill that zombie and start filling the box. This should give you at least four minutes before the next one comes.
  • If playing solo and during a high round. Run a train close to the footprint, then bring them in there and kill them.
  • Zombies do not fill the box when you have the Zombie Blood Power-Up. Refrain from picking it up when you are filling the chest.
  • Be careful if using the staves to fill the box; they tend to kill zombies outside of the footprint as well.
  • Don't start the round inside the footprint; make sure you have the ability to move quickly if Panzer Soldat shows up.

Other Useful Information

  • Thunder Fists is needed for several steps in the "Little Lost Girl" Easter Egg.
  • Thunder Fists can be upgraded during the Easter Egg.
  • Head-shots inflict more damage with Thunder Fists.
  • Thunder Fists stops being a one-hit headshot at round 20.


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