Tips and Tricks for Buried - Call of Duty: Black Ops 2, Zombies

Updated on March 3, 2020
The Giant eating Candy in Buried.
The Giant eating Candy in Buried. | Source

There are many ways to use the Giant and Time Bomb in order to make it to high rounds. Some of this tips and tricks might seem obvious to you, but hopefully you find one or two that you did not know about. This Guide will not only cover the tricks you can do with the Giant and Time Bomb, but also some other ways to improve your game play on this map.

In This Guide:

  • Double Your Points
  • Make a Power-Up Stay
  • Get Two Free Perks
  • Tip the Piano Player
  • Travel to The Bank For Free
  • Buy a Max Ammo
  • Use Vulture-Aid to its Full Potential
  • Travel with The Trample Steam
  • Boost Your Kills Using the Time Bomb
  • Get Max Points for Breaking Barriers

How To Double Your Points

In Buried you can double* your points by using the Time Bomb. In order to do this you first have to either accumulate some points, or withdraw them from the Bank. You will also need to purchase Galvaknuckles and a Time Bomb. If you are out of Time Bombs, see the section below on how to buy a Max Ammo Power-Up.

The Steps For Doubling Your Points:

  1. Set a Time Bomb.
  2. Punch the keys on the back side of the tellers with your Galvaknuckles.
  3. Press your action button in order to place points into the 'Bonus Points' Power-Up. Continue to do so until all of your points are in the Power-Up.
  4. Activate your Time Bomb.
  5. Your will revert back to the points you had when you set the Time Bomb, but the Power-Up will still be there. Pick up the Power-Up.

* Technically you are not doubling your points. You pay an extra 100 for each 1000 you place in the Power-Up. You will almost double your points.

How to Make a Power-Up Stay

We often get Power-Ups early in the game that we don't really need. Filling up your M1911 with ammo on round 3 is not nearly as important as filling your three upgraded weapons on round 30. Buy using the Giant and Candy you can make Power-Ups stay on the board until you need them.

This works well with the Ghosts in the Haunted Mansion. You can get a free perk every five rounds. After you have all six perks you can enter the Haunted Mansion and ensure you kill the last Ghost exactly where you want the Power-Up. You can have the Giant change it to the perk you want, and then make it stay there until you need it.

The Steps for Making a Power-Up Stay:

  1. Pick up Candy
  2. Bring the Giant to the Power-Up
  3. Feed him the Candy so that he begins to change the Power-Up
  4. Shoot him while he is in the process
  5. The Giant will run back to his cell, and the Power-Up will not fade away

How To Get Two Free Perks

This method seems to be widely known, but I thought it was too important not to add to this guide. You can use your Time Bomb in order to get a second free perk from the Ghost. You will need to have at least one Time Bomb and it needs to be on a round where the Ghosts will follow you out of the Haunted Mansion.

The Steps for Getting Two Free Perks:

  1. Go into the Haunted Mansion when the lights are on.
  2. Leave the Haunted Mansion and kill all but one Ghost
  3. Set a Time Bomb
  4. Kill the last Ghost, but do not pick up the Power-Up
  5. Activate your Time Bomb
  6. The first free perk will still be floating. Pick it up and kill the last Ghost again.
  7. Pick up the second free perk.

You need to be make sure that you do not kill the last Ghost in the place where you were standing when you set the Time Bomb. This will cause you to pick it up as soon as you activate your Time Bomb. The other players in the game might not get both free perks.

How To Tip The Piano Player

Tipping the Piano Player is another method for getting a free perk in Buried. By doing this and doubling your first free perk as described above, you can have all seven perks by the end of the first round.

In order to tip the Piano Player you will need Ballistic Knives, at least 10 points, and a weapon that will allow you to kill Ghosts quickly. Only the player that tips will receive this free perk, the other players in the game will not.

Steps for Tipping The Piano Player:

  1. Go into the Saloon and shoot the Bulls eye of the target while standing behind the white line on the floor. The target is between the Bar and the Building Station. When you have done this correctly, the piano in the Saloon will begin to play.
  2. Run through the Haunted Mansion and out the back door.
  3. Go back through the Haunted Mansion from the back side. Proceed until you see a Ghost sitting at a Piano.
  4. When you approach the Ghost an onscreen indicator should appear asking you to press your action button to 'Hold x To Tip [cost 10]'. This can be touchy, you might have to move around a bit until it appears.
  5. Press your action button. 10 points will leave your bank and you will receive an free perk.

How to Travel to The Bank for Free

Normally the person that draws the first weapon will also open the Bank. However, you can access the Bank for free instead. This method takes a little longer, but saves you the 750 point cost. If you do this as soon as you drop down from the Quick Revive portion of the Tunnels, you can save some time.

Steps for Traveling to the Bank for Free:

  1. Go up the stairs that are close the the original Mystery Box location.
  2. Jump across to the second floor of the Sheriffs' Office.
  3. Go across the walkway and into the Barn.
  4. Jump down to the bottom level of the Barn and through the Tunnel.
  5. Continue through the tunnel and make the jump across the large gap.
  6. Enter the the top floor of the Saloon.
  7. Go out to the balcony and jump to the roof of the Gunsmith.
  8. Move towards the window of the Gunsmith and jump across to the roof of the Bank.
  9. Drop down into the Bank.

How to Buy a Max Ammo Power-UP

That's right, you can buy a Max Ammo Power-Up in Buried. No, there is not a Max Ammo machine. Instead you can do this by having the Giant change a Power-Up by feeding him Candy. First you will need a Power-Up, and that is where the buying takes place. You can make a 'Bonus Points' Power-Up in the bank by placing money into it.

You will need to have Galvaknuckles, , and at least 1100 points. Please note, it does not always change to a Max Ammo on the first try. You could end up buying a lot of Candy. If there is a second player in the game they should be waiting at the register to buy the next Candy. This will prevent you from having to spend more points making another 'Bonus Points' Power-Up.

The Steps for Buying a Max Ammo:

  1. Punch the keys on the back side of the Tellers in the Bank with the Galvaknuckles.
  2. Press your action button to add 1000 points to the power up, an additional 100 will also be deducted from your points.
  3. Feed the Giant Candy near the Power-Up.
  4. If it changes to something other than a Max Ammo, repeat the process.

How to Use Vulture-Aid to its Full Potential

Vulture-Aid can be an very useful perk. Seeing where everything is and picking up small drops is nice, but the real benefit comes from the green smoke. Standing in the green smoke will make you virtually invisible to zombies.

You can use this green smoke to accomplish tasks that are normally tricky in high rounds. The most basic example is using the smoke to have time to reload my weapons. However, I will complete other tasks by finding a zombie that has the green stink coming off of it, bringing that zombie to a specific location, and killing it in the proper spot.

Below are some examples of places I will kill a stink zombie in order to complete tasks.

  • Near the deposit teller to deposit money
  • By the Pack-A-Punch Machine in order to upgrade a weapon.
  • In front of a Building Station to attach a part.
  • Next to a downed player in order to revive them.
  • Near my wall weapon to pick up more ammo.
  • By a perk that I need to purchase.
  • When my train gets out of control.

The video below shows me using it to upgrade a weapon.

How to Travel With The Trample Steam

In Buried the Trample Steam is used more for defense then traveling. However, you can make accessing difficult areas much easier by using the Trample Steam. Below is a list a places you can access by using the Trample Steam.

  • The Courthouse - from the building next to the Sheriffs' Office
  • The Banks front balcony - from the Sheriffs' Office balcony
  • The Candy Store - from the Saloon steps
  • The Gunsmith building - from the Saloon steps
  • The Haunted Mansion - over the rock, through the Haunted Mansion's gate
  • The Saloon balcony - from the Gunsmith roof
  • The Bank roof - from the Barn

The video below shows where to put your Trample Steam in order to access these areas.

How To Boost Your Kills Using The Time Bomb

Many players concentrate on their kills to downs. It is thought to be the most important stat when trying to move up in rank. You can use the Time Bomb in Buried to get a lot of kills, with very little risk of going down.

You will need a Time Bomb, some strong weapons, and some time to play. In order to succeed you will need to determine the maximum round you feel comfortable being in the Jugger-Nog passageway.

The Steps for Boosting your Kills in Buried:

For the purpose of these steps we will assume that you will no longer feel comfortable in the Jugger-Nog passageway past round 30.

  1. Get yourself set up with good perks, weapons, and a time bomb.
  2. Stand in the Jugger-Nog passageway and kill zombies.
  3. Set your Time Bomb on round 20.
  4. When you reach round 28 start looking for a Max Ammo. If one drops, do not pick it up.
  5. Activate your Time Bomb. You will return to round 20, and the Max Ammo will still be on the Map.
  6. Pick up the Max Ammo and set another Time Bomb.
  7. Repeat this until you have the kills you want, and then end the game.


  • Time Bomb do not take away kills or downs.
  • Standing in the Jugger-Nog passageway makes the rounds go quickly. However, you can do the same thing running a train or holding down another area.
  • There are more kills in higher rounds. Pushing it to your limit will let you build kills quicker. I place my Time Bomb on Round 25 and go back in time on Round 35. This allowed me to get 6000 kills with 0 downs in about two hours.
  • I do not consider this method to be cheating. You are risking going down the same that you would in any solo game. However, you are skipping the setup rounds that tend to take entirely too long.

How to Get Max Points for Breaking Barriers

You receive points when the Giant breaks a barrier for you. The further he travels, the more points you will receive. By feeding him Booze at the right spots you can accumulate points quickly. This can allow you to break all the barriers in the first round and gain points, instead of losing them from buying Booze numerous times.

This was part of my strategy for completing the achievement for upgrading a weapon on round 1.

The video below shows me breaking various barriers from a long distance. Some of these distances could have been increased slightly, in order to get even more points.


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    • profile image


      6 years ago

      Mcsportshawk do you have a call of duty acount if you do can you friend me

    • EdSaterstad profile imageAUTHOR

      Edward D. Saterstad 

      6 years ago from PA


      Thanks for your feedback.

      My son & I have a blast on this map. We normally stick around the Jugger-Nog passageway because he has difficulty at higher rounds. I will upgrade the M1911 to the Mustang and Sally and then give myself the Flopper Upgrade by taking fall damage repeatedly. This will allow me to clear out the hallway if we get overrun.

    • Alphadogg16 profile image

      Kevin W 

      6 years ago from Texas

      Very nice and informative hub. My son & I kept getting stuck on the higher levels on this map. Will have to try your tips. Thumbs up


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