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Top "Black Ops 2: Zombies" Myths Debunked

Shinzuu is an ex-pilot and hardcore gamer. Video games have been the most influential cause of their current skill set and abilities.

About the Myths

First off, how are these myths started? That's the easy part. There are three main sources of these myths that screw up players:

  1. Trolls (These are people with no lives who have nothing better to do than to screw up other players' games and stats because they can't seem to spend time getting better in the game.)
  2. Online Rumors (These are myths started by people who take the hints from developers and make their own thesis and insist that it's the truth when it's not.)
  3. Low Ranks (This is, by far, the most common source of myths. These are people who are very terrible players, claim rounds that you know for a fact they have never even come close to, who have convinced themselves that everything they do is right and the best.)
  4. Outdated Information (Let's face it. Treyarch doesn't list EVERY single thing that they patch. What was once fact has now turned to fiction, and we weren't told about it.)

Remember: These are called "myths" because they are not 100% true, and they were there because people want to believe there are shortcuts in life when there aren't.

Monkey Myth #1

It is said that you can get a Nuke (Kaboom!) bonus by throwing monkeys down elevator shafts in Die Rise that doesn't count towards your game's total Nukes. This is false.

Monkey Myth #2

This final rumor about monkeys is that if you throw a monkey while a Max Ammo is in play, and it disappears before you grab the Max Ammo, the game "glitches" and resets the counter for Max Ammo bonuses in the game. This, once again, has been proven false through testing.

Monkeying With Myths

This is one of the most common myths I've seen and heard out there (mostly heard in Die Rise), and that's if you throw a monkey into a window, next round will give you a Max Ammo that doesn't affect your bonus count. This is only half true. When you throw a monkey into the window, there will be a Max Ammo in the next round. However, this Max Ammo is forced out of your existing pool of bonuses, so it, in fact, still reduces the chance of a Max Ammo later. We've confirmed these by forcing a Max Ammo into every single round.

Our research spanned five games in Town, five in Die Rise, and five in Origins. For all of these maps, after forcing and getting 25 Max Ammo bonuses from regular zombies (without adding any additional through other means, i.e., leapers, templars, etc.), we no longer could receive Max Ammo bonus drops for over 10 additional rounds.

So don't believe those who say you can get more Max Ammo bonuses with monkeys, because that is completely false.


Crawler Myth

There's a myth that if you stay with a crawling zombie and let it hit you every so often, it can last forever. This myth is completely false. Letting a crawler hit you does NOT make it last any longer . . . How long it lasts total is completely dependent on the round and how much damage the zombie has taken.

Any injured zombie dies when you leave the immediate area, but by staying with the injured zombie(s), you merely allow it to bleed out. The time it takes for a zombie bleed out depends on how many limbs are missing, too. The later the round, the higher the zombie's health, and if it's taken minimal damage, the zombie takes longer to bleed out.

The next time you need to hold a zombie at the end of a round, just don't injure it at all. Zombies cannot run faster than you can walk. If you're unable to hold a single zombie that runs, you need to go and get some serious practice in as it does NOT require any higher level of skill to do, this is merely basics. Uninjured zombies can always be outrun, and they cannot bleed out. They merely "drop dead" to respawn elsewhere.

Those Annoying Ankle Biters


Impossible Excuses

One of the most annoying myths out there is "It's impossible to get past round 40 without glitching." This is a myth that is made up by ignorant players who have big heads, no ability to develop skill, and cannot play the game legitimately and have to rely on cheating and shortcuts to get on the leaderboard. If you've read my Black Ops 2 Best Tips and Tricks Guide, you'll easily figure it out.

If you take the time to be a better shot, learn better strategies and develop your skill, you can easily make it into the '60s with no problem. Use good wall weapons, aim for the head, run those trains, stay calm, and you can make it to even round 50 without ever having to pick up any bonuses (besides Double Points as it is the only bonus that doesn't have a limit, and helps with points and ammo).

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When you grab every bonus as soon as you see it, you'll only get 2-3 bonuses per round after round 26. However, if you get better skills and leave all the bonuses alone, you'll get 6-8 bonuses per round even in round 60. From that point on, it's all about proper usage of bonuses. When used properly, you can make them last a long time, and take down waves upon waves of zombies without too many problems.

Not Impossible


Die Rise Trample Myth

This one is simple. As you know, depending on how you make the Tramplesteam, it can be stronger. However, a lot of people lately are always saying that Marlton (The Geek) only has to put the engine on to make it the strongest. This is FALSE. If you refer to my Die Rise Guide, you'll see the proper stats on how to build the Tramplesteam. Having Marlton only put on the engine last is no different from someone else putting on the engine last. It only makes a larger difference when he does it all himself.

Unlimited Keys

Okay, so there's already still a lot of Key respawning myths running around Die Rise as of late. Unfortunately, the last patch that was released had done away with it. Every game of Die Rise you play now will only have four Elevator Keys and THAT'S IT. Prior to the last patch, one key would respawn every crawler round if it was used. Prior to that, the patch before Ghosts' release had changed it from 1 new key each round to replace ones that were used, except during crawler rounds.

(We are pretty positive that it was patched due to an exploit that if you go down near the inverted elevator in the Buddha Room and leave the key there, the game counts it as used and respawns more keys, causing room full of keys that are easy to grab, and the game crashing from it some of the time)

So be careful how you use these little wonders. Because if you use them at the right time(s), it could just end up saving your behind, and landing you new records on this crazy map.

Rank Up Stat

Okay, this has been exceptionally annoying, and it must be put to rest. Your Kill/Down ratio is NOT the only stat you need to work on to rank up. K/D is only 1 of several stats you need to rank up. Each rank has a minimum amount of Online Zombie game time, Headshots, K/D, Leaderboard stat (applicable only to knife and shotguns) and hit ratio. Get it through your thick skulls, guys. Like Multiplayer Mode, having only a good K/D and nothing else doesn't mean SQUAT.

Another Sucker Is Born

There are always more myths out there and there are always more people who are going to try to screw you over. This blog will be continually updated as more myths continue to surface.

If there is something you're unsure about or suspicious of, and you can't find it in any of my guides, feel free to ask in the comment section, and if it is indeed a myth, you will either get a response, or it will make it into the blog if it is commonplace enough.

Test Your Zombie Knowledge

For each question, choose the best answer. The answer key is below.

  1. How many rounds can any DECENT player go without a Max Ammo?
    • 5 Rounds
    • 10 Rounds
    • 20 Rounds
    • 30 Rounds
  2. How long is the Mnesia (M14 Pack-A-Punched) an effective weapon and does not make a point deficit?
    • 10 Rounds
    • 25 Rounds
    • 37 Rounds
    • 40 Rounds
  3. In Die Rise, why is the first drop after a Leaper Round always a Max Ammo?
    • Treyarch is trolling!
    • To separate the good players from the bad.
    • Because we need the ammo!
    • It's a glitch!
  4. Which is the best (non-wonder weapon) shotgun in the game? (Overall usage, not just 1 stat)
    • Remington R870 MCS (Refitted-870 Mechanical Cranium Sequencer)
    • Saiga S12 (Synthetic Dozen)
    • SRM M1216 (Mesmerizer)
    • Olympia (Hades)
  5. For the best laughs, who are the best 2 characters to have in a story mode game in Black Ops 2?
    • Marlton and Russman
    • Russman and Stulanger
    • Marlton and Misty
    • Misty and Stulanger
  6. Which is the best Wonder Weapon in the Black Ops 2? (Overall use, not just 1 stat)
    • Blundergat (The Sweeper)
    • Paralyzer (Petrifier)
    • Squiliquifier
    • Thrustodyne Aeronautics Model 23

Answer Key

  1. 20 Rounds
  2. 25 Rounds
  3. To separate the good players from the bad.
  4. Olympia (Hades)
  5. Marlton and Russman
  6. Thrustodyne Aeronautics Model 23


Slamer on May 26, 2016:

Thx these are really good!

Shinzuu Katame (author) from Maine, USA on July 30, 2015:

I would normally say all 6.

Samer on July 30, 2015:

what perks are the best in bo2 zombies in town if two people are playing?

Shinzuu Katame (author) from Maine, USA on April 13, 2015:

Basically, Sed. Most people who have no skills rely on this exploit of the game's patches to get a false rank, and when you play with them, it's obvious they don't really know how to play.

Sed on April 13, 2015:

Solo with no downs can I leave game and it still count?

Shinzuu Katame (author) from Maine, USA on March 22, 2015:

You obviously failed at reading, then, Dontie. That quiz is just for average players.

Dontie on March 21, 2015:

I can go 53 rounds no max ammo that's b.s. I have played this game sciense it came out and have 3 world records fix that damn quiz

Shinzuu Katame (author) from Maine, USA on June 15, 2014:

Terdy, the quiz is based off of average players, not experienced players. You must not have been on Black Ops 2 lately. 9/10 players who consider themselves "decent" run along those stats, especially since more than 90% of players don't know how to aim for the head. I personally can go 43-44 rounds without using a Max Ammo with the SVU and AN-94 and Mnesia, but that's players on our level, which is less than 5% of the total Black Ops 2 zombies populace.

Terdy on June 15, 2014:

sorry but your quiz is way off at the end, Im very experienced zombie player and I was just searching for stuff about zombies myths, when I saw the little quiz i was like what the hell might as well, you say players ned max ammos by round 20? round 40 or higher if that is when you need them. Then you said the mnesia wasn't effevtive past round 25? Ive used that gun by itslef, no other weapong to almost round 40 without losing points

Shinzuu Katame (author) from Maine, USA on May 13, 2014:

Dude, you chose the wrong blog to ask that question, but here, my cousin uses this one.

Chris Can on May 13, 2014:

Hey it's smokescreen just curious do you know any cookie dough recipes that are gluten, casein, and dye free?

My brother and I want to do a project for extra credit at school.

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