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Updated on September 29, 2016
Pack-A-Punch is in the large pool of lava.
Pack-A-Punch is in the large pool of lava. | Source

We were first introduced to Grief Mode with Town and Farm. Town Grief is the only Grief map that has the Galvaknuckles. This adds an interesting twist as players are able to use the knuckles in order to move their enemies further.

Town is one of the only two maps that offers EMP Grenades. They have quickly become a large part of many of the strategies on this map. EMP Grenades are not available in Cell Blocks or Borough.

Finally, lava and flaming zombies add a little extra danger to the game. You can explode zombies close to an enemy in order to cause them damage, or just stab them into the lava.

In This Guide:

  • Map Layout
  • Perks
  • Weapons
  • Game Play
  • What You Need To Know

Map Layout of Town Grief

Town Grief is almost identical to Town Survival. The only difference is the perk tombstone. It is available in survival mode, but not in grief mode. In both Grief and Survival the map is taken from Green Run, Tranzit. It is the town section with both exits out of town blocked. However, the bank in Town is not functional, so you can not make points transfers.

Town is one of the smaller grief maps. The large lava pit in the center makes it feel even smaller. There are a handful of perks and a very limited amount of Wall Weapons.

Perks in Town, Grief

There are a total of five perks in Town, Grief. Since you can have only four perks, you must choose which perk you will not buy. Most players pick up Jugger-Nog, Speed Cola, and Double Tap at the minimum. Then they will decided if they want Quick Revive or Stamina Up. This could depend on the quality of the players you are teamed up with. If you feel you will be reviving often, Quick Revive might be worth your points.


Jugger-Nog is on the top floor of the building across from the Bank. Zombies drop down from the hole in the roof and can land behind you. So it is advised to ask for cover when purchasing this perk, you don't want go down as you are drinking it.

Jugger-Nog | Source

Speed Cola

Speed Cola is the only item located inside the bank. It is often the last door opened in the game. I will normally wait until the other team opens the door, unless I have the RPD.

The door for Speed Cola is often the last bought.
The door for Speed Cola is often the last bought. | Source

Double Tap

Double-Tap is across from the Rare Book Store. It is next to one of the possible Mystery Box locations. Players are fighting for kills on this small map, so double your bullet strength could be a solid investment.

Double Tap is right next to one of the possible Mystery Box locations.
Double Tap is right next to one of the possible Mystery Box locations. | Source

Stamina Up

Stamina Up is in front of the Bar, hidden by a partial wall. This perk is often skipped due to the small size of the map. However, it can be very useful in a high round when everyone else goes down.

Stamina Up
Stamina Up | Source

Quick Revive

Quick Revive is on the second floor of the Bar. Some players will go for this perk first. Quickly reviving players can be very important. But, the rounds get high, this perk is often the victim of an EMP attack.

Quick Revive
Quick Revive | Source

Weapons in Town Grief

There are only a limited amount of Wall Weapons available in Town. Because of this the Mystery Box gets moved very often. There are only two weapons that I would consider Special Weapons, due to them being useful and only on a limited number of maps.

Special Weapons

  • Galvaknuckles
  • EMP Grenades

There are a total of five Wall Weapons in Town Grief. One of those weapons is a Melee weapon and another is a grenade. This leaves only three guns that can be bought from the wall.


The Galvaknuckles are at the bottom of the steps on the first floor of the Bar. They have a high cost, 6000 points, but are worth saving the points. They will allow you to block revives, punch players into the lava, knock players from buildings, and melee a zombie without having it blow up in your face.

Galvaknuckles | Source


The MP5 is located in the top floor of the building across from the Bank. It is in the same building as Jugger-Nog. This weapon loses effectiveness quickly, but is the best gun offered on the wall in Town.

MP5 | Source


The M14 is on the outside wall of the Bank, across from Stamina Up. This gun is not ideal in mid to late rounds, but can help you gain an edge on the early rounds. Stealing kills not only gives you points, but it takes points that the enemy would have had.

M14 | Source


The Olympia is located in front of the Rare Book Store. This weapon only holds two rounds and it reloads slowly. But, at least it also is only effective up close, which might not be ideal when zombies are exploding. When I see a player pick up this gun it lets me know that it will be a short game.

Olympia | Source

Semtex Grenade

The Semtex Grenade can be found on the wall inside the Rare Book Store. It is worth the low cost of 250 points. Sticky Grenades are less likely to roll into the fire, which voids them.

Semtex Grenades
Semtex Grenades | Source

Mystery Box in Town Grief

There are two locations for the Mystery Box in Town Grief. Due to the lack of wall weapons the Mystery Box is utilized often, which causes it to move frequently.

Mystery Box Location 1: The Bar

The Mystery Box could appear in the top floor of the Bar. It is close to Quick Revive.

Mystery Box Location 1: The Bar
Mystery Box Location 1: The Bar | Source

Mystery Box Location 2: Double Tap Corner

The second possible location for the Mystery Box is in the same corner as Double Tap. It is across from the Rare Book Store.

Game Play

Town Grief is unique due to the lava, EMP Grenades, lack of Wall Weapons, and Galvaknuckles. Players tend to concentrate more on the Mystery Box. This results in players being more aggressive when the other team is using the Mystery Box. When using the Mystery Box you should expect the other team to stab you, throw grenades at the Mystery Box, attempt to block the Mystery Box, and EMP the Mystery Box. When EMPs are thrown at the Mystery Box they will also affect either Double Tap or Quick Revive, making these perks unavailable for 1.5 minutes.

EMP Grenades are also often used to EMP the Pack-A-Punch machine. This normally takes place when a player attempts to upgrade their weapon. Shutting down the machine after a weapon has been added will result in the loss of that weapon and the 5000 points spent to upgrade it.

A common strategy on this map is to EMP Jugger-Nog. The team that shuts down Jugger-Nog will normally run to an area they think they can control, such as the Double-Tap Area. This is often combined with shutting down Quick Revive, which will make it difficult for the other team to pick up downed players. This strategy works best when the other team is not expecting it.

Galvaknuckles and lava also play a large part in this map. Players with the Galvaknuckles can push other players by punching them with the knuckles. This will force the player off of structures, into trains, and sometime into the lava. Unlike the knife, the Galvaknuckles have the ability to push a player even when they are crouched. This allows the team to interrupt your revive even when crouched. You can avoid this by going prone, but are then vulnerable to an enemy jumping on you, which could cause both you and them to go down.

What You Need To Know

  • In later rounds watch your perks carefully; the icon will become transparent when offline due to a EMP attack.
  • Use caution when jumping into a crowd to hit a bomb. The fire zombies will still explode.

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