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"Call of Duty: Black Ops 2 – Zombies": Vulture-Aid in Buried

Outside of my day job as a project manager for a construction company, I am an avid gamer with a great passion for "Call of Duty."


Vulture-Aid is the newest addition to the Perk family, first introduced in Buried, COD: BO2 – Zombies. This new Perk gives the player multiple abilities that make it easier to find items, gain points, pick up ammo, and avoid annihilation.

Vulture-Aid is quickly becoming a fan favorite that is attracting much more attention than Tombstone, Who's Who, or Explosive Cherry. It is one of seven obtainable perks in the newest zombie map, Buried.

In This Guide

  • Location of Vulture-Aid
  • Finding items using the Symbols
  • Picking up Ammo and Points
  • Hiding in plain sight




Buried (Resolution 1295)

Vulture-Aid can be found in the church.

Vulture-Aid can be found in the church.


In Buried, Vulture-Aid can be found in the Church. The Church is located between the Courthouse and the Haunted Mansion. It is inside a gate with a cemetery surrounding it. You will need to have the Giant smash through the door in order to access this area.

When you enter through the main entrance you will head straight, towards the altar. As you approach the altar, Vulture-Aid will be on your left against a wall. This bright red Perk machine is easy to see in this dark background. Which is convenient because it is the only Perk that you cannot find using Vulture-Aid.

Finding Items Using the Symbols

The first thing you will notice after drinking this Perk is likely going to be the symbols appearing on your screen. These symbols are indicators of different items on the map.

  • An item will only appear on your screen if you are facing it, and within a certain range.
  • The symbol will increase in size as you get closer and decrease as you move further away.
  • Parts and other special items will not appear on your screen.
  • This perk allows you to see the item regardless of how many walls are separating you and the item.

Symbols That Will Appear

  • A White Skull: Indicates the location of a wall weapon. This includes guns, melee weapons, and explosives.
  • Two Crossed White Rifles: Indicates the location of a blank wall weapon. Once a weapon is drawn on this spot the indicator will change to a skull.
  • Two Yellow Question Marks: Indicates the location of the Mystery Box.
  • A letter "P" inside a green diamond with a red and yellow diamond on each side: Indicates the location of the Pack-a-Punch Machine.
  • Other Colorful Symbols: Mark the location of different Perks. This is the same symbol that would show up on your heads up display when you have this Perk.
One zombies stink, is another persons security blanket.

One zombies stink, is another persons security blanket.

Picking Up Ammo and Points

The second benefit to Vulture is the ability to pick up extra points and ammo from zombies you have killed. This is similar to the Scavenger Perk in the Multiplayer game.

When you kill a zombie it will randomly drop nothing, ammo, or points. When it drops ammo or points you will see a yellow glowing object hovering above the zombie. To pick it up you need to make contact with it. These drops go away quickly, but flash for a short amount of time before doing so.


  • Running a small train is effective with this Vulture-Aid because you will be able to pick up the drops as you come back around. A large train or a loop will not give you the ability to do so.
  • The ammo that is added will be for the gun you are currently holding. If you want to add ammo to your other gun you will need to switch weapons before running over this drop.
  • Point drops give between 5 and 20 points.
  • Ammo drops give between 1 and 5 bullets.
Green stink will appear on your Perk indicator if you are currently hidden.

Green stink will appear on your Perk indicator if you are currently hidden.

Hiding in Plain Sight

The final, and in my opinion the best, benefit you will receive will not be as obvious as the first two. Some of the zombies on the map have a green fog of stink surrounding them. When you kill one of those zombies the stink will stay in that area for about 30 seconds. If you stand in that stink zombies will act as if you are not there, and will even start moving away from you as if someone else just walked by.


  • Being invisible buys you time to reload, switch weapons, allow your red screen to go away, and revive other players.
  • When you are being over-run look for a zombie with the green fog and take him out. Standing in his stink should allow you to regroup and survive.
  • During high rounds you can jump from one green stink to the next, staying out only long enough to attract zombies towards you.


McPie on April 11, 2016:

Hey, in this article, you named the perk 'Electric Cherry' as 'Explosive Cherry' (it's in the second paragraph). I know this is a relatively old article, but just thought I'd let you know. Thanks.