Zombie Blood in Origins - Call of Duty: Black Ops 2, Zombies

Updated on April 18, 2017
Zombie Blood is a gold IV bag with a blood drop logo.
Zombie Blood is a gold IV bag with a blood drop logo. | Source

Zombie Blood is the newest Power-Up in Call of Duty, Zombies. As the first Power-Up to be introduced in Black Ops 2, it does not disappoint. It is available on Origins, and can be obtained in several ways. However, it works a little different in solo and Multi-player games.

In This Guide:

  • Description of Zombie Blood
  • How to Obtain Zombie Blood
  • How to Use Zombie Blood
  • Other Useful Information

You will appear different to the other players in the game.
You will appear different to the other players in the game. | Source

Description of Zombie Blood

Like the other Power-Ups, Zombie Blood is gold, slowly rotates, and appears with a green aura. It is shaped like an IV bag and has a dark gold blood drop logo.

When you pick up this Power-Up your screen gains a green tint and the picture becomes slightly blurry, similar to a dream sequence. You will be able to hear your heart beat, and it will increase as the power-up nears completion.

You will appear and smell like a zombie. The other players in your game will notice a visual change and you will have red 'stink' trailing behind you. The zombies will also think that you look and smell like a zombie. They will not attack you, but will instead go after other players in the game.

This Power-Up also works on the Templar Zombies that guard the Generator Stations.

When playing an non-solo game the Zombie Blood Power-Up will be your reward for activating Generator 1.
When playing an non-solo game the Zombie Blood Power-Up will be your reward for activating Generator 1. | Source

How to Obtain Zombie Blood

There are various ways to get this new Power-Up.

  • It can be randomly dropped by zombies that you have killed.
  • It can be given as a reward from the 'Rituals of the Ancients' box.
  • It can be dug up out of the ground with the shovel.

How to Use Zombie Blood

Technically, Zombie Blood effects the player in the same way in both Solo and multi-player games. However, since only one player has the effects, the zombie reaction is completely different. This can cause another player to be surrounded or trapped.

When playing a solo game Zombie Blood will cause the zombies to walk past you, but linger in your area. This can cause the zombies to group up and be in the position to surround you as soon as the new Power-Up wears off. I always ensure I have a clear exit as soon as I see the icon blinking.

In a Multi-Player game the zombies will not linger in the area. Instead they will head for the closest player that does not have Zombie Blood. The other player will not be expecting a large horde of zombies, so this can result in them being trapped. However, the other players will hear 'zombie blood' when it is picked up. This warning should tip them off that they should be ready for some extra zombies.

The benefits to Zombie Blood far exceed the risks. The Templar Zombies that guard the Generator Stations will also not 'see' you. This is a great opportunity to power up a generator. It is also a good time to upgrade a weapon, grab a part, get a weapon, and many other tasks that can be difficult in higher rounds.

Other Information About Zombie Blood

  • Samantha will often talk to you when you have Zombie Blood activated.
  • Zombie Blood is the only the second Power-Up that only affects one player, the other being the Bonus Points Power-Up. The Blood Money Power-Up would also be in this category.
  • Maxis created this Power-Up.
  • Zombie Blood has a similar effect as standing in the green stink with Vulture-Aid.


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