Zombie Chronicles: Cryogenic Slumber Party Solo Easter Egg Guide

Updated on January 6, 2018
The remastered loading screen for Zombies Chronicles "Moon".
The remastered loading screen for Zombies Chronicles "Moon". | Source

Table of Contents

1. The New Solo Version of the "Cryogenic Slumber Party" for Zombie Chronicles' "Moon."

2. What is the Cryogenic Slumber Party?

3. Completing the Cryogenic Slumber Party: Steps 1-6.

4. The Big Bang Theory Easter Egg (Secret Mission)

The New Solo Version of the"Cryogenic Slumber Party" for Zombie Chronicles' "Moon"

Call of Duty: Black Ops III Zombie fans are getting a real treat with the new Zombie Chronicles downloadable content pack! The newly remastered version of the Black Ops Zombies original map, Moon, not only has a variety of new weapons from the Black Ops III game, but it has also been updated with a new solo version of the Mega Easter Egg, Cryogenic Slumber Party!

The original version of Moon required four players to complete the massive side mission of "Cryogenic Slumber Party" and with so many rage quitters, people without microphones, and very bad internet connections, it seemed nearly impossible to ever finish the main Easter Egg.

When Zombie Chronicles was first released, the four player requirement was still in effect, but with so many requests from fans, the game developers at Treyarch, decided to finally allow for a solo version of the Easter Egg.

In this guide, we will go over some of the back story behind the Cryogenic Slumber Party quest and also detail the steps required to complete the solo version of this Mega Easter Egg of Insanity!

Samantha Maxis awaits inside the M.P.D. in Zombies Chronicles remastered map "Moon".
Samantha Maxis awaits inside the M.P.D. in Zombies Chronicles remastered map "Moon". | Source

What Is the "Cryogenic Slumber Party?" It Sounds Like Fun!

Who wants to attend a really "cool" party? Come join the Black Ops Zombie: Origins characters in deep space for a Cryogenic Slumber Party on the moon! This time around, you can do it solo, instead of with a team. Sounds like my kind of party!

All jokes aside, what is the Cryogenic Slumber Party and what is the story behind this Mega Easter Egg? It all starts in the Ascension map, which was originally for the first Call of Duty: Black Ops, but it was remastered for Call of Duty: Black Ops III.

In the Ascension map, the Origins characters launched a nuclear missile that actually destroyed the moon in a parallel universe. However, the Moon map actually takes place in the year 2025 and the characters traveled through time to prevent Edward Richtofen from switching bodies with Dr. Maxis' daughter, Samantha, who is trapped in the black pyramid (M.P.D.) of the 935 facility on the Moon.

Samantha wants to play game. Let's play Samantha Says!
Samantha wants to play game. Let's play Samantha Says! | Source

Step 1: Let's Play "Samantha Says"

In order to start the first step in the Cryogenic Slumber Party Easter Egg, you must activate the power switch which is located in the M.P.D. room (Pyramid Room). This will allow you to return to the spawn area on the moon and start playing the "Samantha Says" game. It works exactly like the retro game "Simon Says," where you match the sequence of flashing colors.

There are four terminals colored red, green, blue, and yellow (from left to right). The terminals will flash a sequence of colors which the player will have to repeat back to Samantha. If the player fails to do this correctly, all screens will flash red. If done correctly, the screens will flash green and the next step can be started.

This is the hacking device needed for this step of the Moon Easter Egg.
This is the hacking device needed for this step of the Moon Easter Egg. | Source

Step 2: Hack the Terminals

The Black Ops Zombie map, Moon, is the only map that features the Hacking Device and this device is required for the second step of the Easter Egg. There are five spawn locations, which can all be found in the three computer labs. You can find the spawn locations by looking for the yellow blueprints in those areas. Try checking on the desks, tables, and barrels.

Once you pick up the Hacking Device, you will lose your P.E.S. (Space Suit) and will not be able to breathe outside in any areas that have been breached by the excavator, or in any rooms where grenades/explosives have busted out the windows. That's why you always hear other players in a multiplayer match yelling and screaming not to throw grenades or use explosives in the computer labs.

Now you need to go to the second floor lab and locate the four panels. They should have flashing red buttons. You need to hack these panels (which are 500 points each) to start the timer. This needs to be done especially fast when you're attempting this solo.

Once the timer starts, you will need to hack the four terminals in the computer labs. They have lights on them that glow bright green. Again, remember that if you're playing solo, you will have to accomplish this quickly. Keep in mind that before you do this step, you will need a crawler and you will need to put enough distance between yourself and the crawler so you have enough time to hack the terminal without getting killed.

After you complete the terminal hacks you will need to go back to the wall with the panels and press the action button to complete the step. If done correctly all four red lights will stay lit.

Four panels Security panels on the wall. They will all flash red when this step is complete.
Four panels Security panels on the wall. They will all flash red when this step is complete. | Source
After activating the panels on the wall, the timer will count down. These terminals will need to be hacked before time runs out.
After activating the panels on the wall, the timer will count down. These terminals will need to be hacked before time runs out. | Source

Step 3: Excavator Breach of Tunnel 6

The next step is to wait for the giant excavators to breach Tunnel 6. The tunnels are labeled with numbers outside of the door you open to access them. Tunnel 6 is the door directly across from the Samantha Says terminals. Keep in mind, once the excavator breaches a tunnel, you will need a space suit to be able to breath there and you will not be able to use the door from that point forward. If you touch the excavator, you will die. So, heads up!

This step can be particularly frustrating, as you have to wait several rounds for the excavator to breach the tunnels. There are multiple excavators and they breach randomly. So you can only hope that the Excavator Pi is the first one to breach when you start up a game.

Once Excavator Pi has breached Tunnel 6, head back up to the control room, where you originally got your space suit. There is a control panel that you must use the Hacking Device on. Hack it and stop Excavator Pi from breaching Tunnel 6!

Step 4: Move the Focusing Stone

After you stop the excavator from breaching the tunnel, you can move onto this step and you must have the Wave Gun when you do. You can obtain the Wave Gun from the Mystery box. Keep in mind, you will need to save your money up for this because it can take several spins to get this Wonder Weapon. The new Gobble gums will come in handy for sure, like Extra Credit and Shopping Free. These will allow for free purchases or spawn 1250 point drops. I recommend setting a Gobble gum pack specifically for this reason, as it comes in handy on many maps!

Once you have the Wave Gun, head to Tunnel Six. Next to one of the doors you will find the Focusing Stone. This first appeared in the Shangri-la map in the Time Travel Will Tell Mega Easter Egg. Once you find the Focusing Stone, knife it and follow it through the map. It eventually will land on a satellite dish above the tunnel adjacent from Tunnel 6. Shoot it down with the Wave Gun and follow it through that tunnel. Keep knifing it whenever it stops. There is a part of the tunnel where the Focusing Stone tends to get stuck on the ceiling. Just use the Wave Gun to randomly Shoot the ceiling until it dislodges. Follow it to the Pyramid Room, where it will finally settle into the base of the M.P.D.

The Focusing Stone will settle in the middle of this glyph on the base of the M.P.D.
The Focusing Stone will settle in the middle of this glyph on the base of the M.P.D. | Source

Step 5: Fill the Soul Chambers

Once the Focusing Stone is in place in the M.P.D. there will be four empty canisters (Soul Chambers) that rise from the ground and need to be filled with the souls of zombies. Each Soul Chamber will hold around twenty five souls. Once they are all filled, your character will spout off some dialogue about another power switch. This is on the wall to the right of the pyramid if you are looking at it from the front. Make sure you kill the zombies in close proximity to the soul chambers or they will not count!

Step 6: Release Samantha from the M.P.D

This is the final step to completing Cryogenic Slumber Party! Get ready to flip that power switch on the wall by the M.P.D. Once completed, the pyramid will open and Samantha Maxis will rise up from inside. She's a very ghostly Samantha, indeed.

With the Cryogenic Slumber Party complete, Samantha will spawn in a Death Machine Drop that lasts ninety seconds (instead of thirty). If you happen to be playing as Edward Richtofen, you will also be given all eight Perk-a-colas as a reward as well!

Keep in mind that if you want to work on and complete the Big Bang Theory secret achievement and Easter Egg, you will need to start all over with a full multiplayer crew of four players. In the Black Ops III version of Moon, the player that is Richtofen will automatically start with the golden rod and focusing stone. You no longer need to have a player that completed the Call of the Dead and Shangri-la Easter Eggs, which was required in the original Call of Duty: Black Ops Moon map.

The Secret Mission: Big Bang Theory Easter Egg

Alright, you finally completed the Cryogenic Slumber Party achievement, but the accompanying secret achievement is still incomplete. Make sure you take time to complete the Big Bang Theory Easter Egg and destroy the moon! You can find the complete guide to those missions in the video down below!

Complete Moon Easter Egg Video Guide


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