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Bloodhound Personality Analysis: The True ISFJ of "Apex Legends"

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Credit: Electronic Arts

Credit: Electronic Arts

Not much is known about Technological Tracker, Bloodhound, from Apex Legends. But this analysis uses the hunter's backstory to reveal their true personality.

What Kind of Person Is Bloodhound in Apex Legends?

Personality-wise, Bloodhound is practical, observant, and introverted. Their MBTI type is ISFJ, also known as the Protector or the Defender, meaning they are a warmhearted, responsible, and reserved character.


3 Reasons Why Bloodhound Is an ISFJ

To be an ISFJ, you have to be introverted, sensing, feeling, and judging. And Bloodhound's personality matches all these criteria.

Here's why

1. They Are Protective of Their Loved Ones

As a natural protector or defender, Bloodhound doesn't hesitate to risk their life for their family.

In their cinematic origin story, we see that Bloodhound sacrifices their life to protect Arthur. When the beast is approaching their house, Bloodhound yells their uncle's name to distract the creature, knowing that it would endanger them.

2. They Are Observant and Practical

ISFJs are good at remembering details about other people. That explains Bloodhound's Passive, Tactical, and Ultimate Ability. They find hidden enemies and discover their traps by observing the details they've left behind.

Bloodhound is also reasonably practical. Their uncle taught them the Old Way, a divine hunting method. And that has made them an agile warrior who's good with traditional and modern fighting techniques.

In the cinematic backstory reveal, Bloodhound manages to kill the beast despite obvious physical disadvantages. Instead of directly engaging with it, they tend to use their intuition to their advantage and destroy the creature with an intelligent trap.

3. They Are Introverted

Bloodhound lost all members of their family. And the trauma turned them into a reserved and introverted person. The fact that they hide their face under a mask is also another sign of being an ISFJ.

Other Aspects of Bloodhound's Personality

Since not much is known about this mysterious hunter, fans have many questions about them. But the most frequently asked questions are about Bloodhound's gender, age, relationship, and name.

Real Name

Bloodhound's real name is unknown. But they are also known as Technological Tracker and Hunter.


No one knows how old Bloodhound is, but it's estimated that they are in their 30s.


Apex Legends' Bloodhound is a non-binary character and uses they/them pronouns.

Love Life

Bloodhound had a short-lived romantic relationship with Boone, another famous hunter. But nothing has been revealed about their love interest after the Boone’s death, and they are currently not dating any other Apex characters.

How old is Bloodhound?

They're probably in their 30s.

What is Bloodhound's gender?

They are non-binary.

What is Bloodhound's real name?

Their real name is unknown.

Who is Bloodhound dating in Apex?

They used to date Boone.


What Turned Bloodhound Into Who They Are

The short answer is trauma. As an innocent child living in the New Dawn industrial plant on Talos, Bloodhound watches their parents die in a meltdown. Later, they are taken in by Artur, a tough guy living a hunter's life in the mountains, and learn how to use the Old Way to survive the world's cruelty.

Artur dies in a battle with a beast and leaves Bloodhound with another painful loss. But this time, they feel guilty for their uncle's death.

These events turn Bloodhound into the reserved, lonely, and cold person we know today.

Comparing Bloodhound's Personality to Other Recons in the Game

Valkyrie is the opposite personality of Bloodhound. As an ESTP, she is extroverted and bold. However, they have one thing in common: they are observant individuals.

Pathfinder's personality is quite different as well. He is outgoing and friendly, whereas Bloodhound is a total loner. However, their common trait is loyalty. (You can count on both Legends as true friends).

Other Recons, Seer, and Crypto are different in that they live in the moment. Crypto is an INTJ who's pretty confident and ambitious. And Seer is an ISFP with a tendency to be a gentle caretaker and enjoy what life offers. That's while Bloodhound is haunted by their past and can't get rid of the guilt and shame of their memories.


What to Expect from the Upcoming Seasons and Story

Bloodhound's story concludes with the last chapter of their Apex Chronicles event: Old Ways, New Dawn. But their personality has undeniably developed.

Their final dialogue with Artur indicates that they are ready to forgive themselves. And they even acknowledge loss as a natural part of life, saying, "forgive me, but it's a part of life," to the dying Prowler.

So, even though the storyline is over, we can expect Bloodhound's personality to develop even further. They have shown signs of opening up and letting people enter their life. And the denial of guilt in their final dialogue with their past traumas is a sign of moving forward and leaving the past behind.

As an ISFJ, we cannot expect a major change in their introversion. Bloodhound would still remain a somewhat mysterious Legend in the Titanfall universe. But this time, they won't suffer from feelings of guilt or shame. This time, they'll be open to appreciating life and accepting loss as an inevitable part of it

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