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"Borderlands 2" Rescue Bloodwing From the Observatory Guide

Dodge the shock skag electric bolts, and defeat it to open the gates of the observatory.

Dodge the shock skag electric bolts, and defeat it to open the gates of the observatory.

How to Rescue Bloodwing in Borderlands 2

In Borderlands 2, you must rescue Bloodwing from the Observatory. The vault hunter has so far come up empty in his attempts to rescue Bloodwing, including finding an empty nest in the holding cells. Handsome Jack has removed Bloodwing to the Observatory and released lots of slag-infested monsters on you in the holding cells.

This will guide you on how to get to the Observatory using the most challenging or efficient techniques and then how to defeat the mobs within the observatory and finally get to Bloodwing.

Run to the Observatory

It is possible to take on every single living and robotic enemy in the holding cells. This is a most challenging and daunting task. The easiest and probably most efficient way will be to make a run for the observatory. Flick on the map, and note the observatory is the only structure left on the map of the Wildlife Preserve not yet explored. So head in a general direction towards the observatory. Run past the skags and stalkers en route to the observatory.

You will know that he is near the entrance to the observatory when he finds a staircase that leads upwards. At this point, the stalkers will stop pursuing you, and he can emerge at the top of the staircase peacefully. Bring up a fire elemental sniper weapon and look around at the surrounding landscape from the top. There are lots of skags in this area. Use the sniper weapon to defeat those that you can see. This will bring out a badass skag from far away.

The badass skag is a shock skag with the ability to throw electric bolts from afar. In addition, alpha and barf skags will pester you and make it difficult to concentrate on the shock skag. Finish off these skags first, and then use appropriate cover to prevent the electric bolts from the shock skag from hitting you. Use the fire sniper weapon to set the shock skag on fire. Watch as the combination of fire and sniper shots cripple and defeat the shock skag.

Opening the Entrace

When the badass skag is defeated, the doors leading to the Observatory will open. Enter the Observatory.

Defeat the Hyperion Troops and the Midget

Once within the observatory, the route to the main chamber of the observatory is simple enough to follow. However, lots of Hyperion troops stand in the way. Defeat them and eventually come to an area with a series of chests and a button on the wall which can be pushed. Undoubtedly, this is the entrance to the main wing of the observatory.

For this particular vault hunter who is out of ammunition, he elects to open the chests in this area and release a Hyperion midget. Do not underestimate this Hyperion midget. He has great armor and lots of health and is awfully difficult to defeat. For the assassin hero, go into deception mode and use shotgun very close to the midget (and very close to the deception mode endpoint). This will take away huge chunks of health from the midget. Dodge the midget's attacks well, for they can also take away huge chunks of your health and shields. Then run around the storage area in the observatory and eventually pin the midget into a corner behind some crates. Bring up a corrosive sniper weapon and finish off this Hyperion foe.

Now Save Him!

It's time to enter the main chamber and rescue Bloodwing.

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