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"Call of Duty: Black Ops 2 – Zombies": The Floor Symbols in Die Rise (High Maintenance Step)

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The symbols light up if stepped on in the right order.

The symbols light up if stepped on in the right order.

There are several types of floor symbols in Die Rise. Each symbol plays a part in one or both versions of the High Maintenance Easter Egg. Now that we have linked the elevators we must find similar symbols on the ground. For this step you can ignore the Dragon and Zombie symbols.

There are four symbols that must be activated in a specific order to complete this step. When a player walks over one of these symbols they activate it. If it is the correct order the symbol will light up. If it is the incorrect order the symbol will not light up, and any symbols that were lit up will reset.

The order of these seals changes every game. In order to find the order you will need to use trial and error.

In This Guide:

  • Location of The Four Symbols
  • How to Find The Order of The Symbols
Quick Revive Symbol

Quick Revive Symbol

AK-4U Symbol

AK-4U Symbol

Restaurant Symbol

Restaurant Symbol

Roof Symbol

Roof Symbol

Location of the Four Symbols

I suggest giving each seal a short name in order to make it easier to communicate during this step. In the location descriptions below I am going to use the short name that we gave each of these locations.


  • Quick Revive
  • AK-4U
  • Restaurant
  • Roof

Quick Revive

This symbol is on the top floor of the Spawn Building. It is outside of the Quick Revive Elevator.

This symbol is normally operated by the player that was responsible for the Quick Revive Elevator during the previous step.


We call this the AK-4U Symbol, but it is actually on the floor above the AK4U. They are both in the same area of the Power building.

This symbol should be operated by the player that was in the double elevator during the last step. They can ride the elevator down to the Power Room quickly.


This seal is located on the bottom floor of the Spawn Building. It is often called the Chinese Restaurant. This seal is also near the slide that will bring you to the original Mystery Box Location.

The player that was in the other Spawn Room elevator can easily get down to this symbol.


Since there is only one seal on the Roof, it is quickest to just say Roof. The Symbol on the Roof is near the Semtex Grenade and the Tower.

It makes sense for the player that was on the elevator at the bottom of the ramp to come up and operate this symbol.


How to Find the Order of the Symbols

There is only one way to find the order of the Symbols, trial and error. However, doing this in an organized fashion will reduce the time that it takes to complete this step.

It is nice to have the participation of the other players, but one player can do this by themselves if necessary.

The Steps:

  1. Find The First Symbol
  2. Find The Second Symbol
  3. Find The Third Symbol
  4. Step on the last Symbol

Find The First Symbol

Finding the first symbol is easy, just step on each symbol until one of them lights up. That symbol will be the first symbol of the entire game.

Find The Second Symbol

With the first symbol lit, step on one of the other symbols. If that symbol lights up, then it is the second symbol. If it is incorrect the original symbol will reset and no longer be lit. You will need to step on it again to make it light up. Then step on one of the two remaining symbols. If it lights up, then it is the second symbol. If it does not light up, then the remaining symbol is the second symbol.

Find The Third Symbol

Step on the first and second symbol to light them up, if not already lit. There are only two symbols remaining. Step on one of those two symbols. If it lights up, then it is the third symbol. If it does not, then the remaining symbol is the fourth symbol.

Step on the Forth Symbol

Step on the first, second, and third symbol to light them up, if not already lit. Then step on the last remaining symbol. It should light up and you will hear Maxis talking.

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