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Mad Maggie Personality Analysis: Apex Legends' Twisted Warlord

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Like most Apex Legends, Mad Maggie has a quirky personality. She is bold, independent, spontaneous, and even fierce.

But her actions raise an essential question: Is she truly the most feared villain in the Outland as advertised, or is there a lesser-known softer side to her character?

Watch Mad Maggie's Backstory Reveal

Margaret Kōhere's Backstory Explained

Growing up in Salvo's slums, Mad Maggie's backstory starts with her friendship with Fuse. The two used to search abandoned parts of the city in hopes of finding valuable items. But their relationship soon evolved into a partnership, with the pair becoming mercenaries.

With the help of Fuse and her gang, Cracked Talons, she spent most of her adulthood fighting the Salvonian government and encouraging people to rebel against the system. But despite her efforts, Salvo gave up on its independence and became a part of Syndicate Space.

A total patriot, Mad Maggie couldn't handle the news and did everything in her power to free her homeland. However, blinded by vengefulness, she turned into a vicious warlord who cared about nothing but destroying Syndicate.

Soon, her fixation on freeing the country got out of control and affected her relationship with Fuse, her only true friend. And the two separated their ways after Mad Maggie blew off Fuse's hand during a heated argument.

But she didn't stop there. Now an infamous warlord, Maggie declared an all-out war against the government and its allies, committing dozens of crimes before getting caught by the Syndicate.

She was then sentenced to death by a firing squad. However, Eduardo "Duardo" Silva, Octane's dad, stopped the execution and urged the Syndicate to turn her into an Apex Legend instead.


What Kind of Legend Is Mad Maggie?

Personality-wise, Mad Maggie in Apex Legends is spontaneous, free-spirited, and talkative. As an ENFP, she is also quite resourceful and outgoing. But patriotism and short temper has turned her into an impulsive, aggressive, and vengeful warlord.

The Softer Side of Maggie's Personality

In Stories from the Outland, Maggie is an outlaw who's committed several crimes against the government, the Syndicate Space. However, in Maggie's case, the ends can justify the means. She committed crimes to provide Salvonians with water, food, and medicine.

Mad Maggie hangs onto her warlord, tough-lady persona. But she can't hold back the softer side of her personality when it comes to her friends, family, people, and country. She's a true patriot, one who'd decisively sacrifice her life for her loved ones.


3 Reasons She's a True ENFP Character

An ENFP is also a "Champion," a heroic character who finds true joy in helping others. And considering her actions, Mad Maggie definitely fits the description.

Here's proof.

#1. She's Overly Impulsive.

Impulsiveness is a shared trait among all ENFPs. And Mad Maggie is no exception to that. During her trial, she literally bit an iron bar, broke a tooth, and spit it in The Magistrate's face, blinding one of his eyes. (If that's not impulsivity, I don't know what is).

#2. Her Sarcasm and Talkativeness Has No End.

Being a talkative class clown is another badge of ENFPs. And as seen with Mad Maggie, their favorite type of humor is sarcasm.

Maggie is so sarcastic that she doesn't let go of her dark humor even when a firing squad is about to shoot her down.

People, especially her enemies, have a hard time muting her because once she starts talking, she just won't stop.

#3. She's a Visionary.

Like any other resourceful ENFP character, Mad Maggie is a visionary with high hopes. She believes in her people and sacrifices her life to set them free.

But being a visionary has also turned Mad Maggie into an idealist nationalist who doesn't care about anything but her perfectionistic image of Salvo's future.


What Turned Kōhere Into Who She Is?

You could say three events in Mad Maggie's life have been crucial in shaping her personality:

  1. Growing up in Salvo streets and facing the hardships of living in slums from a very young age.
  2. Hearing the traumatizing news of Salvo joining the Syndicate.
  3. Blowing up her best friend's arm after an argument.

Together, these three incidents make the Rebel Warlord who she is today. She is vengeful because of her tragic childhood but at the same time feels guilty for letting her people—and her best friend—down.

What to Expect from Mad Maggie's Lore?

Considering Mad Maggie's age, it's unlikely that she'll go through any sort of character development. She is a 50 years old Apex Legend who has made up her mind about her life's purpose: Bringing freedom back to Salvo and destroying everyone who tries to stop her.

However, we should expect to see more of her softer sides now that she's around Fuse again. Although Fuse has already refused Maggie's offer to join her gang and help her free Salvo, their friendship might reignite, and we might see the two fighting alongside each other.

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