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Octane’s Personality Analysis: What Kind of Legend Is the Apex Legends’ Daredevil?

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With a 10.8% pick rate, Octavio Silva, known as Octane, is one of the most popular Offensive Legends. However, his personality has been unknown for the most part.

This article uses his backstory and traits to identify the kind of person he is as well as his MBTI type.

Is he the careless High-Speed Daredevil you see on the battlefield, or is it only a mask to hide his vulnerable personality?

Backstory: Who Is Octavio Silva?

Born and raised in Psamathe, Silva is the son of Eduardo, a rich—but relatively cold and distant—businessman who’s the head of Silva Pharmaceuticals. Despite his extravagant lifestyle, Octavio has been consistently bored to the point where he decided to do stunts for the sake of fun.

However, one of his stunts, an ambitious speed-running attempt to break the world record, cost him his legs, pushing him to quit his reckless adventures.

Though his best friend, Ajay Che, replaced his legs with bionic prosthetics, Octavio never felt the same. He realized that adrenaline is his true passion, and he couldn’t stand a boring, ordinary life. That’s when he decided to benefit from his cyborg body and join Apex Legends for even more intense experiences.


What Type of Character Is Octane?

Personality-wise, Octane in Apex Legends is extroverted, energetic, action-oriented, and spontaneous. His MBTI type is ESTP, also known as Entrepreneur, which means he is a risk-taking, attention-loving, and adventure-seeking type of person.

3 Reasons Silva Is a True ESTP or Entrepreneur

From what we know about his backstory, Octane is an impulsive guy whose motto is “Harder, faster, stronger.” But there are other reasons why he matches the extraverted, observant, thinking, and prospecting personality traits.

1. He Lives For the Adrenaline Rush

Octavio sees life as an adventure where the excitement is the only valuable currency. When recalling his near-death experiences, he said, “I’m thinking how cool it is that thousands of people are cheering for me, and they’re still not as loud as the heartbeat in my ears. Tha-THUM. Tha-THUM. Tha-THUM. That was the moment I realized: life isn’t worth living if you don’t know this feeling.”

Throughout his life, Octane has always been looking for something adrenaline-driven to fill the void, whether it’s incredibly dangerous stunts or fighting with other Legends.

Interestingly, other ESTPs share the same trait with him. They need a stream of excitement, a constant source of energy to pull them through everyday life. To them, “Life is either a daring adventure or nothing at all.”

2. He Can’t Stand Boring Topics

As mentioned on, “Theory, abstract concepts, and plodding discussions about global issues and their implications don’t keep Entrepreneurs interested for long.” The same thing can be said about Silva, too.

Considering his voice lines, Octane prefers humor over serious talks. He doesn’t want to engage in what he believes to be “a boring convo,” no matter the importance.

During an argument with Lifeline, he stopped her from theorizing what happened to his actual dad and even went on to end their friendship. It was as if he couldn’t take in the possibilities, so he found it easier to deny them altogether.

3. He Loves Being in the Center of Attention

ESTPs love to be the eye of the storm. And Octane is no exception to that. He streams his stunts, constantly gives shout-outs to his fans, and even goes on to perform a risky stunt at his dad’s wedding, all for attention.


Other Undeniable Signs Octane Is an ESTP

Entrepreneurs are rare personality types—only 4% of them are out there. But Octavio checks every box to fit this type. He acts before thinking, enjoys breaking rules, is daring, and lives in the moment.

Octane’s Relationship With His Father Turned Him into a Daredevil

What made Silva who he is? It definitely comes down to his father, Eduardo. As an emotionally unavailable parent, Eduardo turned Octane into an attention-seeking and approval-hungry boy. The joy he feels from thousands of people watching him fills the gap in his heart, the void created by his father’s neglect.


FAQs About Octane in Apex Legends

We have yet to see Silva’s full story reveal in the Stories from the Outland series. So, understandably, fans have lots of unanswered questions. Here’s a list of most asked questions about the High-Speed Daredevil.

Who Is He Dating?

Despite many shipping Octane with Lifeline, he is not dating any Apex Legends.

What Mental Disorder Does Octane Have?

It’s likely that Octavio Silva has ADHD since he has trouble paying attention or controlling his impulsive behaviors. But it’s unconfirmed.

Is Octane a Drug Addict?

Although he injects Stim to refill his health, Octane is not a drug addict. His life depends on the substance he uses, and it’s more of a medicine than a recreational drug to him.

Octavio Silva and Ajay Che (aka Lifeline) are childhood friends. Their homeland is Psamathe, where they meet for the first time and grow together as offspring of high-profile families.

What Race Is He?

Respawn is yet to confirm Octane’s actual ethnicity and race. But fans speculate he might be Mexican. Though, his name, Silva, signals that he could be of Brazilian or Portuguese race, too.

What to Expect from Octane’s Personality Growth in the Upcoming Seasons

You can’t expect the same level of growth as in Bloodhound’s personality because Octane likes who he is. Unlike many Legends, he is not driven by a need for change, nor is he unsatisfied with his reckless identity. So, we will likely encounter the same Octane in the upcoming seasons.

His personality type and traits are unlikely to change. But his relationship with Lifeline might guilt him into becoming less impulsive in time. So, he could be a bit more attentive in the future, but it won’t be a drastic change.

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