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The Wisp in Buried (Mined Game Easter Egg Step): "Call of Duty, Black Ops 2, Zombies"

Outside of my day job as a project manager for a construction company, I am an avid gamer with a great passion for "Call of Duty."

How to Complete the Wisp Step in Buried

How to Complete the Wisp Step in Buried

In order to bring the Guillotine to full power, you will need to charge it using a wisp. The wisp can be formed by punching three signs in the tunnel with your Galvaknuckles. However, in order to determine which signs to punch, you will need to decode the cypher (or cipher).

What You Need:

  • The Guillotine
  • Galvaknuckles
  • A Crawler
  • Candy: Give some to the giant to get him to help you.
  • The Giant: Have the giant hold a crawler.

How to Power the Guillotine:

  1. Punch the signs
  2. Move the wisp to the guillotine
  3. Kill five charged zombies

Note: I called this creature a spire on Maxis' side of the 'Mined Games' Easter Egg. I am going to call it a wisp on Richtofen's side of Mined Games in order not to cause confusion when discussing these steps.

The Giant Eating Candy

The Giant Eating Candy

Preparing for the Wisp Step

It is important to set the stage properly before beginning this step. There is limited time to travel to each wisp location before it fades away.

Here are several tips and tricks that will make this step easier.

  • Everyone should buy Vulture-Aid. It will allow you to see the wisp through walls.
  • Make a crawler. Have the giant pick it up by feeding it candy near the crawler.
  • Have each player sit in a different location of the town. This will allow them to reach the wisp quickly.
  • Let the player that has the Paralyzer punch the signs. This gives him the ability to move quickly from the tunnels to the area below.
  • You may want to use the Time Bomb in the next step. It's best to get it while the giant is holding the crawler.

1. Punch the Signs

There are five signs located in the tunnels. You need to punch three of those five signs with the Galvaknuckles in order to activate the wisp. In the previous step, we decoded the Cypher on the gunsmith to determine the three signs that we need to punch.

A wisp will appear out of the third sign that you punch.

How to Activate a Wisp

  1. Approach a sign and stand within striking distance.
  2. Press your melee button in order to punch. A red fog should appear around the sign.
  3. Repeat the first two steps for all three signs.

Note: The order in which you punch the first two signs does not matter, but I suggest punching the last sign on the Cypher last. This will allow you to be closer to the areas where the wisp will appear.

2. Move the Wisp to the Guillotine

The wisp should first appear out of the final sign that you punched with the Galvaknuckles. It will move to a new location when you activate it. You will then need to find it at the next location and activate it again.

How to Move the Wisp to the Guillotine

  1. Locate the wisp
  2. Stand very close to the wisp and press your action button. This will move it to a new location.
  3. Repeat this until it appears at the Guillotine.

It will move to five or six places (see the photos above) before finally arriving at the Guillotine. You will have a limited amount of time to reach each new location of the wisp.

Hint: Use the Paralyzer to help you move quickly from one location to the next. You can also stage other players in areas where it is known to appear.

If you do not locate the wisp in time, it will disappear. You will then need to go back to the beginning and activate the signs in order to try again.

I created a list of possible locations where the wisp will appear—based on what I have seen. There should be more possible locations, and I will add them here as I find them.

Locations Where the Wisp Might Appear

  • By the last sign you punch
  • In the tunnel above the sheriff's office
  • The second floor of the barn
  • The second floor of the general store
  • The second floor of the candy store
  • In the passageway between the bank and the gunsmith
  • On the back section of the general store roof
  • The Guillotine

Note: You need to move the Spire through zombies on Maxis' side of the 'Mined Games' Easter Egg. However, this is not necessary on Richtofen's side. You will feed the Wisp charged zombies after it reaches its destination (see the next step).

3. Kill Five Charged Zombies

In order to fully power the Guillotine, you will need to feed the Wisp by killing five charged zombies.

How to Feed the Wisp

  1. Order the giant to kill the crawler. You will need a round to start in order to get zombies within the Guillotine's range.
  2. Wait until a zombie is hit with the wisp.
  3. Kill the zombie.
  4. Repeat steps two and three until five zombies have been 'fed' to the wisp.

The zombies are charged by the Wisp when they are in range of the Guillotine. The Wisp charges them by shooting itself out of the Guillotine and into the zombie. The zombies will then glow with the light of the wisp.

After killing a zombie, the wisp will return to the Guillotine with an extra small, white orb. The new orb will begin revolving around the Crystal.

You will be done powering the Guillotine when there are five orbs revolving around the Crystal.