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Vantage Personality Analysis: Is Xiomara Contreras an ENFP?

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Stories from the Outlands reveals Xiomara “Mara” Contreras’ backstory in an episode called “Survivor.”

We now know that she’s been raised by a single mom, Xenia, on an icy deserted planet, Págos. And like her mom, Mara is a true survivalist, capable of enduring extreme environments.

But the story also sheds light on her persona.

The following is an in-depth analysis of Vantage’s personality based on her origin story, actions, relationships, and abilities.

Xiomara "Mara" Contreras is an ENFP-T Legend.

Xiomara "Mara" Contreras is an ENFP-T Legend.

What Kind of Person Is Vantage in Apex Legends?

Vantage is an ENFP-T. Personality-wise, she is independent, energetic, and curious. Her MBTI type is also called the Champion or Campaigner, reflecting her enthusiasm for helping others.

Why Xiomara Contreras Is an ENFP-T?

She has two primary characteristics of a Turbulent Campaigner (aka ENFP-T): Lack of confidence and emotional spontaneity.

The following traits also back her personality type.

1. Xiomara Is Independent

ENFP characters dislike dependency—and Vantage is no exception to that. She has grown up in an extreme environment, relying only on herself.

Her in-game role in Apex Legends as a Recon also reflects her autonomy. She is a sniper savant, taking out enemies with the least reliability on teammates.

Vantage’s self-regulating nature is comparable to Bloodhound’s personality, another Recon who also grew up in an extreme environment.

2. She Is Energetic, Charming, and Charismatic

Despite lacking confidence as an ENFP-T, Vantage easily charms other Apex Legends. As seen in Stories from the Outlands, she is quick to impress Fuse and Horizon during their first match.

But Vantage’s charm and charisma, like her energy, are spontaneous, meaning she has no control over them. And it fires back in social situations, especially when she tries to make new friends.

Her lack of control over her emotions resembles Octane’s personality, an energetic, action-oriented, and spontaneous Offense.

Vantage struggles with emotional control. [Credit: Electronic Arts]

Vantage struggles with emotional control. [Credit: Electronic Arts]

3. She’s Prone to Losing Emotional Control

Spontaneity is a significant aspect of Vantage’s personality.

She overreacts to the rush of emotions on at least two separate occasions: Once when she enters the spaceship wreckage and gets herself into trouble, and again when she brings a knife to the prison to free her captive mom.

Her decision to join Apex Legends games is also based on emotions. She puts her life on the line to save her mother without considering the consequences.

What Makes Vantage Who She Is?

Mara grows up struggling with a paradox: the desire to explore the world against her mom’s effort to dissuade her. She finds it challenging to decide what’s right and wrong, feeling confused about most aspects of life.

But three incidents—or life experiences—make her who she is today.

Deprivation From the Outside World

“Never mind the outside world. I searched it and found nothing,” says Vantage’s mom. She tries to keep her daughter safe by hiding her from the cruel world outside. But the deprivation affects Mara negatively. She is now socially awkward, insecure, and anxious.

Living in fear pushed Vantage into anxiety. [Credit: Electronic Arts]

Living in fear pushed Vantage into anxiety. [Credit: Electronic Arts]

The Constant Illusion of Threat

Xenia, Vantage’s mom, creates a deception of an apocalyptic world to put off Vantage from exploring it. She insists, “Everyone wants to kill you,” and wants her daughter to live by that rule. But living in constant fear turns Vantage into a turbulent person.

Feeling Guilty for Her Mom’s Captivity

Vantage thinks that her foolishness is why her mom is imprisoned. The feeling of guilt is so unbearable that she decides to overcome her fears and enter the Apex games—a game where everyone actually wants to kill her.

This incident is a turning point in Mara’s personality, making her the Apex Legend we know: An enthusiastic, quick-thinking, and independent sniper savant.

How Does Mara’s Personality Affect the Gameplay?

As an ENFP-T, Vantage is not the best Legend for close-range combat. She prefers distance. In other words, her reserved personality pushes her to snipe the enemies from long range, zeroing the interactions.

Vantage’s tactical, passive, and ultimate abilities match her personality, too. She uses Echo for relocations, showcasing her independence. She needs the Spotter’s Lens to track where her shots land because she’s distractable. And she marks the enemy with the Sniper’s Mark because, like any other ENFP-T, she sees things others cannot.

Vantage's mom has influenced her abilities and skills. [Credit: Electronic Arts]

Vantage's mom has influenced her abilities and skills. [Credit: Electronic Arts]

How Does Her Personality Compare to Other Legends?

Vantage’s personality contrasts Mad Maggie’s. While Vantage is modest, enthusiastic, and helpful, Mad Maggie is overbearing, aggressive, and hard-hearted. But they have two things in common: Charm and self-reliance.

What to Expect From Her Character Development?

Being the youngest Apex Legend at the age of 18, Vantage’s personality is going to develop much further. You should expect momentous, maturing events in her story that will mold her into a reliable, flexible, and extroverted leader, scooping out her true potential as an ENFP.

While Vantage is currently struggling with finding friends, her good intentions will lead to some of the iconic friendships of the saga.

But she will always remain a survivalist, one who’s alert, tenacious, and independent.

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