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Wraith Personality Analysis: The INFP Interdimensional Skirmisher

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Also known as Subject 61137, Wraith is one of the most popular Apex Legends characters with an average 11.1% pick rate. But not much is known about her personality due to her complicated and mysterious path.

Regardless, this analysis uses her background revealed during the Voidwalker Event to describe the Interdimensional Skirmisher’s persona.

Wraith’s Backstory Explained

Renee Hope Blasey, also known as Wraith, is a former IMC pilot who has been a subject of interdimensional experiments at Singh Lab, where they wiped out her memory. But one day, she is saved by her alternate universe self, the Voidwalker Wraith, who gives her a device to travel between dimensions.

She uses the inter-dimensional portal device to escape the lab and join Apex Legends. But her past haunts her to the point where she decides to return to where they kept her hostage to find her true identity.


What Type of Legend Is Wraith?

Renee Hope Blasey, known as Wraith in Apex Legends, is an INFP fighter. She is introverted, creative, and intuitive. She is driven by high values, and as an idealist, she’s eager to do the right thing. But her traumatic past and the voices in her head have affected her personality.

What Mental Illness Does Wraith Have?

Although she hears voices in her head, Wraith is not schizophrenic. The voices belong to other versions of herself in alternative universes and timelines. So, she is not mentally ill, though she suffers from memory loss.

Is She Dating Wattson?

Despite fans shipping Wraith with Wattson and Mirage, creating ships like Miraith and Darksparks, she is not dating any Apex Legends.


3 Reasons Wraith Is a True INFP

Stories from the Outlands exposed her backstory and relations to IMC (Interstellar Manufacturing Company). But it also shed light on Blasey’s INFP nature.

Three details in the cinematic animation prove she is a Mediator.

#1. She Is in Search of a Calling

According to, “People with [INFP] personality type tend to feel directionless or stuck until they connect with a sense of purpose for their lives.”

Renee finds herself in the Sigh Lab with no memory of her past. Although the Voidwalker Wraith saves her, she still has no idea who she is or how she ended up in the lab. So, from the very beginning of the story, she feels lost.

#2. She Is Righteous and Empathetic

Her virtuous and vicarious nature is another reason to back her INFP personality type.

While escaping from the Singh Lab, Renee gets a chance to kill her abuser (Amer Singh). But she refuses to do so despite the Voidwalker Wraith’s demand.

Her empathy is seen in her interactions with Bangalore. Wraith is always considerate and understanding about her loss, offering consolation despite her aggressive behaviors.

#3. She Is Helpful

As mentioned on, “[INFPs] feel called to help others.” And that’s exactly how Wraith is. She agrees to help Bangalore find her brother, Jackson, despite her mistreatment. She also finds a new location for Rampart’s workshop, saving her from possible attacks.


Wraith Relationships as a Mediator

INFP personalities are rare. They are driven by high values and want to make the world a better place. But they struggle with setting boundaries, which often complicates their relationships. And Wraith’s relationships are no exception to that.


Despite his airheaded and somewhat disrespectful attitude, Wraith agrees to help Mirage buy flowers to make up for Rampage. However, she gets upset with him for calling her a “brainwreck,” and she ends her friendship with him right away. But she’s also quick to forgive him after Mirage hands her some information about her past.


Renee has a thorny relationship with Bangalore. The two don’t seem to get along at first because Bangalore blames Wraith for her brother’s disappearance. And she’s often aggressive towards her. But surprisingly, Blasey doesn’t confront her and, instead, is willing to help her find Jackson, her lost brother.

What Made Renee Who She Is

Similar to Bloodhound’s personality, Wraith’s behavior is heavily influenced by her traumatic past. She’s been used as a lab rat, and her memory has been wiped out. So, feeling lost and betrayed is what makes her who she is.

Her backstory is somewhat similar to Pathfinder, which is in search of its creator. But with Wraith, the more she remembers about her past, the deeper her voids get. (Pun intended).

You could say four incidents shaped her personality:

  1. Learning that she’s been betrayed by Dr. Amer Singh.
  2. Meeting the Voidwalker Wraith, befriending her, and losing her quickly.
  3. Realizing that she’s not Natalie Paquette, her identity is unknown.
  4. Becoming an Apex Legend in order to decipher her past.

Her Passive Ability Matches Her INFP Personality

Her passive ability, Voices From the Void, which warns her about possible threats, is like her instincts talking to her. And since INFPs are described as highly intuitive individuals, you could say that her abilities match her MBTI type.

What to Expect from Blasey’s Lore

Wraith’s story is a trip from denial to acceptance. Each season, she’s one step closer to meeting her true self. But oblivion is not her biggest issue anymore; it’s forgiving herself for who she is. So, we should expect to see a character who is less focused on blame and more willing to let off.

Blasey has consciously decided to stand up for herself—and the weak or helpless. She has been there for her friends when they need her. And it seems like she’s seeking peace of mind rather than revenge.

The new Renee is motivated by fighting for the greater good as opposed to personal gains. She is likely to follow in Voidwalker Wraith’s footsteps and be the savior of the suffering.

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