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10 Games Like "The Last of Us"

Rahul is a video game addict. Some of his favorite games are "Red Dead Redemption 2" and "The Witcher 3."

"The Last of Us" follows Joel and Ellie as they fight to survive in a post-apocalyptic world.

"The Last of Us" follows Joel and Ellie as they fight to survive in a post-apocalyptic world.

Is life worth living when there is no hope and your only purpose is to survive? What would you do if you knew that things will only get worse?

The Last of Us tackles these questions heads on. People live in military-ruled societies, struggling for survival and identity. It’s the world where relationships feel more like a liability as food and other resources become scarce, descending the whole world further into chaos.

These things can destroy even the strongest of people, like Joel, the protagonist of The Last of Us. His desperation for purpose is conveyed in the way he sadistically stomps on zombies.

10 Games Similar to The Last of Us

  1. Uncharted 3
  2. Tomb Raider (Reboot)
  3. I Am Alive
  4. Beyond: Two Souls
  5. The Walking Dead
  6. Metro: Last Light
  7. State of Decay
  8. Dead Rising 3
  9. Alan Wake
  10. Dishonored

In this game, though you will have access to some badass weapons, your best bet is to save those precious bullets for more desperate times. It’s always wise to try to distract your foes or sneak up on them. Of course, nothing prevents you from going with guns blazing, but the end result is probably not going to be pleasant.

All in all, it's full of emotion, tension and action. It’s a masterpiece. So it’s only fitting that people would start looking for some other games like The Last of Us once they are done with it. Being a huge fan, I have compiled a list of a few alternatives. You are going to like most, if not all, of the games listed here.

1. Uncharted 3: Drake’s Deception

It's games like Uncharted 3: Drake’s Deception that keeps me playing video games. From the first loading screen to the moment you finally put the controller down, it is a masterpiece.

Drake is back to hop around the world once again on his quest to find more treasures! Only this time, though, things are going to get a bit personal and overwhelming.

The main beauty of this game lies in its expertly designed levels which gives you a lot of option to engage your foes. Grab a shotgun if you want to splatter his brains all over the floor. If you prefer a low profile, you can go for the sniper rifle and wait for the right moment to get the job done. How about choosing a cleaner, yet riskier way? Go the stealth route if you are a confident little sneaker who can get past dozens of patrolling dudes without being noticed.

Uncharted 3 doesn’t bring anything fresh to the table. It’s more of the same thing, but do I love it! Its versatility, beauty and cohesiveness certainly cement the Uncharted franchise as one of the best action-adventure series of all time. If you are looking for games like The Last of Us, you should definitely give this game a go.

2. Tomb Raider (2013)

Tomb Raider is one of the oldest action-adventure series that is still alive and kicking. It’s been 17 years since the original game was released. Countless other Tomb Raider games have been released since then, but none of them have captured the magic of the original one. Released in 2013, this Tomb Raider became a worthy addition to this iconic franchise.

An Origin Story

The reboot takes you back to when Lara was just a normal, fragile young girl. It’s a story about her transformation into a badass treasure hunter. The game starts with Lara traveling with her crew on the Sea of Japan to find out more about the Kingdom of Yamatai. Things soon go awry, as the ship is torn asunder. Luckily, she finds an island, but that’s when a local rebel group kidnaps her.

Everything and everyone on this island is hell-bent on keeping you there. Throughout your journey, you will encounter various traps, surreal cultists, maniacs and wild animals. Every shootout feels like a do-or-die scenario. Enemies are smart—they will fall back, hide and/or call for help. And when time is right, they will retaliate. It’s a tense, freighting, and intriguing game that you don’t want to miss out on.

3. I Am Alive

I Am Alive is a game that forces you to do terrible, terrible things to stay alive. What would you do if you were dying from thirst while someone nearby has a bottle of water? Would you steal it? Of course, you would, at least in I Am Alive.

One of the Best Action-Platformers

During my journey, I came across a woman who desperately needed help as she was being molested by someone. I could have helped her if I wanted to, but I chose to ignore it and continue on my way. No, I am not a horrible person; I just couldn’t afford to waste my precious bullets on someone who was not a threat to me.

I Am Alive is a grim, dark and selfish game where you’d only be thinking only about yourself. You definitely have an option to be the good guy who puts others’ safety before his own, but you’d be jeopardizing your own safety. How low are you willing to go to make it through the apocalypse?

It’s a well-crafted action-platformer that keeps you on your toes as you try to find your missing family. If you want to play some games like The Last of Us, but with more focus on survival, I Am Alive may be just what you're looking for.

4. Beyond: Two Souls

Beyond: Two Souls is a bit divisive. While most people loved the emotional yet subtle storyline, it didn’t sit as well with other more "active" players. If you loved David Cage’s masterpiece last masterpiece Heavy Rain, though, you are going to love this game.

A Narrative-Driven Game

You play as Jodie, a woman who has struggled throughout her life. The only good thing in her life is Aiden, a spirit who is always desperate to make his presence known to others. The only thing Aiden knows is destruction. Maybe he wants to help Jodie in sorting out her issues, but more than anything else, he wants to be acknowledged.

Throughout the game, you will be shifting your control between Jodie and Aiden, trying to understand their viewpoints. Jodie certainly doesn’t like the fact that an eternal presence is going to be around her for the rest of her life. Over time, though, she has gotten closer to Aiden. Their bond is mesmerizing and heart-touching!

The back and forth banter between them is really hilarious. You grow to care for both of them as you spend some considerable time with them and become invested in their personal issues.

5. The Walking Dead

Most people should be familiar with The Walking Dead by now. The comic book series, as well as the show based on it, have a pretty huge international following.

One of the Best Horror-Themed Adventure Games

Telltale has introduced gamers to the post-apocalyptic universe of The Walking Dead with its own version of the story. While the TV show more or less follows the comic book series, this episodic adventure game has its own share of gut-wrenching stories to tell.

Throughout your journey, you are going to meet a lot of interesting characters. You’d surprised to see how quickly you start caring for a character. They have done a brilliant job when it comes to creating believable characters and making them likable.

You are also going to make a lot of tough choices which will decide the direction of this game. No matter what you choose, one thing is pretty clear—things will go from bad to worse in any scenario. There is no happy ending. It’s the zombie apocalypse about after all—death is inevitable. The darkness would engulf everything pretty soon, but we must fight it for as long as possible. The characters you love would die sooner or later. And when they do, you actually feel hollow inside.

The Walking Dead is touching and dramatic. If you are looking for some adventure games like The Last of Us, it’s an experience you shouldn't miss out on.

6. Metro: Last Light

Metro: Last Light isn’t your usual post-apocalyptic game. It’s strange and sadistic, yet balanced by pockets of humor.

A Post-Apocalyptic Game Set in Moscow

Metro: Last Light expands on the post-apocalyptic settings introduced in Metro: 2033. Almost every species have been wiped out after the nuclear explosion. Those who survived have made these subway tunnels their homes as the surface is engulfed in radiation. It’s populated by mutated, vicious animals that lurk around in the darkness.

You play as Artyom, a man guilty of wiping out almost an entire race of "Dark Ones" by launching a missile attack on them. One of them has survived, though. His is sent on a mission to find the last remaining "Dark One" and get the job done. It’s only later that he realizes they were never a threat to the human race. How is a guilt-ridden man going to put things back on track? Will he do what he is told?

Throughout your journey, you are going to encounter various factions, meet new people, fall in love and fight vicious creatures. It’s an emotional and captivating journey that keeps you hooked until the credits roll.

7. State of Decay

State of Decay doesn’t waste any time introducing you to the zombie apocalypse. I was hoping that game would take some time to show its true colors. Merely 20 minutes into the game, though, I had already clobbered 20 or so crawlers with a tree branch to save my buddy.

A Tense Open-World Survival Game

Originally announced as Class 3, Undead Labs, the developer behind it, changed the name to State Of Decay. It remained exclusive to Xbox 360 until they ported it to PC later on.

Yes, it’s an open-world action survival game with loads of zombies to kill, but what people ignore is that it’s a glorious RPG as well. You will scrounge around for supplies, manage your inventory, make new friends and most importantly, kill tons of rotten crawlers. Traveling alone in this gruesome world can be dangerous. You need someone to watch your back. Thankfully, you can recruit people here. Some of them will come along with you and help you with your quests. It’s certainly more fun to explore the wasteland with a companion.

Granted, while State of Decay is not an AAA game, its ambition reaches far beyond any major title. I have spent about 13 hours in this post-apocalyptic world, and I still have a lot of unfinished business to take care of. There is a lot of content on offer for as little as $20. You don’t see it often these days.

If you are looking for an amazing post-apocalyptic game like The Last of Us, State of Decay isn’t going to disappoint you.

8. Dead Rising 3

The Dead Rising series has always been famous for offering a variety of objects to hit zombies with, and Dead Rising 3 expands upon that with more than 300 different weapons to do your job which takes this game to new extremes. The zombie-killing has never been more fun!

The Third Installment of a Great Zombie Survival Series

Los Angeles is having a serious problem—shuffling, fumbling zombies are lurking around every street and corner. Thankfully, the virus hasn’t spread in other cities. The only way to ensure it doesn’t spread is bombing the whole city, at least according to government. You are Nick Ramos, a mechanic who has to find a way out of this city with your group before they bomb it out.

Don’t worry, though. The bomb will drop after five days. It’s a lot of time to wreak havoc. Throughout your journey, you will enter a large number of buildings, craft weird-looking weapons and slaughter the undead. It never gets boring!

Dead Rising 3 is a game that never takes itself seriously. I remember Nick lamenting for accidentally killing a human being. It was supposed to be serious, but by that time, I had him dressed up like a goon with big, funky glasses.

9. Alan Wake

lan, the protagonist of Alan Wake, isn't a hero figure by any means. He is a renowned fiction writer who is on a vacation in Bright Falls. A pleasant vacation suddenly turns weird when his wife goes missing. Alan decides to find out more about Bright Falls, and that’s how his journey begins. It only gets creepier from there.

One of the Best Psychological Horror Games

There are six chapters in this game, with each one having a distinct theme and gameplay style. While you are going to spend most of your time in the spooky woods, each chapter still manages to be fresh and original. The ultimate objective loosely ties all of these chapters together.

Apart from cutscenes, there are manuscripts spread across 6 chapters that flesh out a haunting tale. You can ignore them, but I would suggest you peruse them as they reveal more about the strange events that are taking place in this town. I came across a note that had a prediction about a horrific encounter taking place soon. Moments later, I realized that I was standing in the same place where it was going to take place. These notes really add to already mounting tension.

Situational awareness and watching your back is key to victory. You should at least have one flare with you at all times to keep spirits at bay. Light is your only way to fight the darkness in Bright Falls, as guns are no use.

Alan Wake takes some time to pick up the pace, but when it does, it becomes nightmarish. If you want to play some survival games that make your skin crawl like The Last of Us, you should definitely give this game a go.

10. Dishonored

I am on the edge of a roof planning to go inside a nearby mansion. But there are two guards blocking my way. How do I eliminate them? I could use my magical powers or go one-on-one with them. I could also just sneak past them if I wanted to. The options are almost overwhelming! Dishonored is all about the freedom to complete missions in whatever manner you’d like.

A High-Stakes Stealth Games

You play Corvo Attano who is on a mission to avenge his Empress’ assassination. You find yourself in Dunwell, a dark port city which is slowly decimating due to the plague. The crimes are on the uprise with no hope of things getting better anytime soon.

If you don't feel like killing anyone, Dishonored provides you an option to do so. The whole game can be completed without killing a single human being. Missions that require you to assassinate someone, have alternative ways of completing them. Again, you are free to take any route you want which would determine the ending you'd get.

There are Bone Charms, money and Runes to collect throughout the game. You can use them to make Arno more powerful by augmenting him. His magical powers continue to increase as you find more runes and bone charms. By the end of the game, you’d almost be too hot to handle for anyone.

I’d recommend you to play Dishonored on extra hard if you want a real challenge.

The Last of Us is both action-packed and narrative-driven. It is a survival horror game that utilizes stealth missions to enhance the feeling of helplessness in a world of zombies. If you are looking for a well-rounded game similar to The Last of Us, check out any one of these great titles. Be sure to let me know which one you choose in the comments below!


Amanda Bowles from Arizona on October 07, 2018:

The last of us and tomb raider are both games up there on my list of favorites! They are still both great to play even up to this date! Probably why you can also purchase a remastered version on the playstation store.

Draco from United Kingdom on June 22, 2018:

Last of Us is one of the best games I have ever played. At the moment I'm going through State of Decay. Great article sir

Steve Fox from Texas on July 10, 2017:

nice one

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