5 Horror Games That Are Actually Going to Be Scary in 2017

Updated on April 28, 2017

1. The Hum: Abductions

Take on the role of lonely and confused Holly Sanders as she searches for the truth of why her husband went missing. When Holly's infant son is mysteriously taken from his crib in the middle of the night, Holly begins a journey through hell to find them both.

As she learns more about her family and the strange things that occur to and around them, she realizes it is much more than she could have imagined.

Can you survive the dark nights and terrifying creatures and find your family? Or is something much bigger than you could ever imagine about to take you to the limits of your sanity?

The game feels like it might go down a Dark Skies movie kind of route. In the movie, a family is plagued by strange events and eventually has one of them abducted. They have to come to terms with what has just happened to them and look for ways to fix it; if there are any.

The family learns that they were marked years before and that they have been watched ever since. They go to great lengths and strange places, with even stranger people, to figure out what is happening to them. In the game, it looks like your character may be alone in her fight to find her family and discover the truth about what happened to them.

The Hum is created by Totwise Studios who also created The Hum: Alien Invasion. They have an entire Universe created for The Hum games. You can check it out here if you want to delve deeper into the story.

Release and Platform

The Hum: Abductions

Platform: PS4, PC, Vive

Release: TBA

2. Allison Road

This game looks and plays a lot like P.T. which horror lovers know to have been the playable teaser trailer for the originally upcoming Silent Hills game. The development of Silent Hills was cut short however when Konami announced that they would be changing their gameplay mechanics from full-length games to slot machine games. They parted ways with Hideo Kojima, who was the mastermind behind the Metal Gear franchise and the lead creator for Silent Hills.

Since the fall of Silent Hills, several other gaming companies have tried to cash in on the very popular playable trailer, most haven't really gone anywhere. Allison Road, however, looks like it has promise.

You begin the game with your character just waking up. He doesn't seem to have any memory for some yet unknown reason. You do have a splitting headache however and your first order of business is to find some Aspirin and water.

From there you begin to explore the house you're in. It is presumably your home and this only seems more likely as you explore and gather memories and details about your family.It appears that your family has met a terrible and brutal demise and you have to put all the pieces of your life and their deaths back together.

What's worse is that the further you progress the more you begin to realize that you aren't as alone in the house as you originally thought..

Allison Road was developed from Far From Home. It is their first title.

Release and Platform

Allison Road

Platform: PC

Release: TBA

3. Visage

Welcome to the house of death. A place where countless people have already perished, but are not completely gone. Try to survive as random paranormal encounters occur when you least expect them.

You never know what is lying in wait just around the corner of this maze of a home. Try to solve the mystery: Why could some people live peacefully in the house while others died brutally? Can you leave the house? Is your family lost somewhere inside the house? Why are you even here? Can you survive?

The setting is the 1980s so be ready for flashback fever, big hair, and retro clothing. The house is a huge mansion just waiting to be explored by you, that is if the spirits and other beings will allow it. Maybe they don't want you to leave; ever...

There is a bit of a P.T. feeling to it, (everybody wants on that P.T. train!) since you are exploring, presumably, your own home only this time you are looking for clues as to why so many people have died in the house. As you grow closer to the truth you will be attacked and taunted from every direction. It will become worse the further you progress.

Visage is being developed by SadSquare Studio, a new gaming company.

Release and Platform


Platform: PS4, Xbox One, PC

Release: Spring

4. Outlast 2

Outlast 2 takes place in the Arizona desert where you play as cameraman Blake Langermann, looking into the mysterious murder of an unknown pregnant woman. You and your wife take risks to get the best stories, and you work well together.

As you find and follow clue after clue and end up far in the desert, you soon realize that the 2 of you have made a grave mistake.

Outlast 2 is the sequel to the incredibly popular, and likewise scary, Outlast which takes place in an asylum where the patients have escaped their rooms and are running around all over the place.

In the original Outlast, You play as Miles Upshur an investigative journalist. Wanting to get a great story, Miles manages to get into the asylum only to find it in a state of chaos and terror. Some of the patients have killed others and some had truly terrible things done to them.

The patients aren't the only thing Miles has to look out for though. There is a creature they call the Walrider and it is one of the most dangerous things to ever be released into the world.

Both games center around people trying to investigate something no-one else will. They both go for huge stories and soon find out the terrible mistake they have made, only by that time it is already too late.

Outlast 2 was developed by Red Barrels The company that also started with the survival horror game: Outlast

Release and Platform

Outlast 2

Platform: PS4, Xbox One, PC

Release: TBA

5. Ghost Theory

Here is yet another indie developer that has created a survival horror game and it looks like it's going to be a good one. If you're gonna go, go big right? It appears the developers had this quote in their heads when they made this game.

You are a paranormal investigator traveling to real haunted places across the world. They claim it isn't a jump-scare game, instead, it is a Psychological thriller running off of environment and atmosphere to pull players in and terrify them half to death.

All the sites explored are from real, allegedly true, haunted places. You take your ghost hunting equipment and take samples, explore and try to learn as much as possible about the locations. They added a bit of fun in too as you will be able to upgrade your equipment as you progress.

You are also a clairvoyant and can look into the past to see things that happened, to gather fine details no-one else could ever find, and learn the real truth behind all the stories.

Game Theory was developed by Dreadlocks, the makers of Rune Legend and Dex. It is currently still being created but they believe they can get it out in 2017.

Release and Platform

Ghost Theory

Platform: PS4, Xbox One, PC

Release: Winter

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