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7 Days to Die Player Guide: Cooking and Collecting Water

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Even the Dead Need to Eat

The zombie apocalypse is a hungry affair, unfortunately, for both living and dead. This guide will teach you how to turn your survival experience into a tasteful one. If you're tired of eating canned tuna and dog food, grab a grill, knife, and cooking utensils, and I'll teach you how to turn the undead apocalypse into a feast.

Canned Tuna. First meal in the zombie apocalypse. Delicious.

Canned Tuna. First meal in the zombie apocalypse. Delicious.

Shopping for Drinks

Time to grab some groceries. We're not going to be hunting animals just yet, since they're actually harder to kill than zombies (in my opinion). Zombies by far, are the best initial source of food. They can drop glass bottles, which is for purifying water and making a variety of drinks, and tinned meat, which is always helpful. Also, some zombies drop bandages or medicine for quick healing. Grab a weapon and go kill some zombies. Stop when you have a couple of empty bottles.

Getting a bottle.

Getting a bottle.

Other Supplies

Alright you've found your bottles. Now, collect rocks so you can make a campfire. You will also need some supply of wood. You don't have to use blocks, since any item with wood in its composition will fuel the fire. The last thing you'll need is a cooking pot. You can find these in the numerous abandoned campsites in the wilderness, or in abandoned houses. Check the kitchen.

Simple cooking pot. Usually found near tents, small camps, or kitchens in buildings.

Simple cooking pot. Usually found near tents, small camps, or kitchens in buildings.

If You Are in a Desert

Be on the lookout for Aloe bushes and Yucca bushes. Aloe provides a cream that, when crafted, heals life instantly, similar to medicine. Yucca makes a drink that restores hunger and thirst simultaneously. Simply harvest the plant, and combine either Yucca or Aloe with a glass bottle. These are both extremely bountiful food sources.

Filling Your Water Bottles

Other than crafting for Aloe and Yucca-based foods, empty bottles are useful for collecting water. Freshly collected water from a stream or lake does not quench as much thirst as purified water. It is highly recommended that you purify water before drinking it as it is relatively simple to do and a lot more efficient.

To fill your water bottle with water, approach the lake, river, or another water source with the bottle equipped in your hot bar and selected so your character holds it in your hand. Then, simply right-click. Your character should fill the bottle.

Making a Campfire

Alright, you now have your collected water. Head to your base camp and begin building. You should have collected enough rocks by now. Place your rocks on the crafting grid, and convert them into the staple building block, stone. A couple is more than enough but more is no problem because stones are widely used in crafting. Simply refine the stones again until they become small stones, then arrange them as shown on the grid below to make your campfire.

Purifying Your Water

Now that you have your campfire, place it down and you will be able to cook with it. To use, simply aim at it and press the "use" key, default "E."

You should see a new window open up. On the left are your three boxes for inputting fuel. Anything with wooden parts can be burned, but solid wood blocks are preferable as they burn efficiently and lengthily. In the middle are the boxes for raw ingredients. Place your bottles of collected water here. On the right, you should see a button that says "Cook" which initiates the process. The items you produce will be dispensed into the box above the button. You will also see a list of food you can make with the ingredients in your bag.

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Now, simply put the fuel in place and click "Cook." Your water will begin purifying.

Don't forget to click "Cook."

Don't forget to click "Cook."

Corn Meal

Corn meal is an important item for mid to late game food recipes. More importantly, it is used to make clay when mixed with water. You can either loot corn meal from zombies or houses, or make it with two pieces of corn as shown below. Corn is found growing on farms.

Making Bread

Making Bread

Making Bread

Corn bread is made from corn meal and bottled water. Just like in the previous process, drag the corn meal and bottled water, place them in the boxes for raw ingredients, add fuel, and press "Cook." Some cooked items heal significantly more health, reduce thirst, and some provide bonuses to health or stamina.

Boiling Rabbit and Venison

Boiling Rabbit and Venison

Boiled Rabbit and Venison

Two large meals you can cook are boiled rabbit and boiled venison. Both these items require that you hunt either a rabbit or a deer. This can be tricky as they are extremely fast moving animals. I would not recommend trying to cook these items without some sort of ranged weapon. You will need rabbit meat or venison meat. You will also need bottled water.

Next, combine the bottled water and raw meat together, and click "Cook." For being relatively simple dishes, both boiled rabbit and boiled venison heal huge portions of health, and provide bonuses to attributes which are extremely useful.

Boiled venison is cooked exactly the same but uses venison rather than rabbit.

Boiled venison is cooked exactly the same but uses venison rather than rabbit.

Cooking Stews

One of the highest qualities of food in the game is either venison or rabbit stew. You will need corn potatoes, raw venison or rabbit and bottled water. Simply combine the ingredients as such. You can find potatoes on farms as well as from general loot.


Blueberry Pie

Finally, you can craft Blueberry Pie, which can be made in large amounts because of the relative abundance of the ingredients. The ingredients are are bottled water, corn meal, eggs, and Blueberries. Eggs are found from birds nests, which are distributed evenly throughout the entire world. Blueberries are found off small bushes common to forest or wasteland areas. Refer to the screenshot below for crafting arrangement.


Author's Note

The game is going through early access alpha at the time of this publication and more craftable food items are anticipated to be made available in the future. I will attempt to keep this guide updated to the best of my ability as soon as this becomes a reality. Thank you for your patience, and kind attention. I hope my work has served your needs well.


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