"Dead Frontier 2" Beginner's Guide: How to Survive the Zombie Apocalypse

Updated on November 11, 2019
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"Dead Frontier 2" Guide
"Dead Frontier 2" Guide

Dead Frontier 2: Tips for New Players

Dead Frontier 2 is, of course, the sequel to the popular free MMO survival horror game; Dead Frontier. The new game offers a new lugubrious atmosphere in third person perspective. Developed by one man only, Dead Frontier 2 was released in September 5th, 2018 in early access version through the gaming platform Steam, this means the game is not complete yet and it will be updated and patched frequently through the next months/years, since at its current state the game contains some bugs and requires balance and improvements, despite this, in current version, the game is very fun and you can play it for free.

Dead Frontier 2 received a lot of attention a couple of weeks after its release in Steam, reaching more than 10000 people playing at once, but the population has been declining because of the lack of content, even so, the game still has a very decent population and it's very likely the population will grow again once new content and updates are added, but in order to see this, we will have to be very patient, since, as I mentioned before, the game is developed by one man only.

Dead Frontier 2 is a survival horror game about scavenging scarce resources in a post-apocalyptic world, such as food, water, ammo, and fuel, achieving this is usually hard, particularly for new players as there is no guidance or tutorials in the game, but bellow, you will find some basic tips to help you out in your journey in this awesome MMO.

If you want to try Dead Frontier 2, you can download it from Steam, remember, it's free to play with no "pay to win" aspects so far.

You will need to scavenge for the basic resources necessary to survive.
You will need to scavenge for the basic resources necessary to survive.

1. Save Your Resources

As I mentioned earlier, you will need to find scarce resources such as food, water, medicine, ammunition or clothes in order to survive and progress in the game.

Aside from your personal inventory, you also count with an account stash (shared between your characters), in any safe house, for instance, the police station in Dallbow city, and the trunk of your car, that is usually parked at one of the ends of the main street of the city where you are. Filling these containers with resources is always a good idea.

Remember, your personal inventory is minimal, so I recommend you to leave safe houses with only the necessary to survive the trip (usually one or two food and water, one or two medicines and some ammo), this way you will have space in your bag to save the resources you will find in your journey.

Another good idea is to save all the fuel you find in the trunk of your car, so you can quickly fill the tank whenever you need to.

Save your resources in the trunk of your car and account stash.
Save your resources in the trunk of your car and account stash.

2. Use Your Resources With Precaution

This might sound trivial but is usually a common beginner's mistake, don't waste your ammunition because it's very expensive, especially when you are a new player, forget about going on a Rambo rush and try to save your valuable ammo for bosses or small hordes, use melee for regular infected.

The same case for food and water, don't use them if you don't need them, check your energy (Kcal) and hydration (ml) indicators before you waste your resources. In other words, don't eat peanut butter that gives 2140 kcal if you only need 500 kcal.

Another important resources you need to use carefully are meds, bosses and some common infected can harm you and also cause you negative effects, such as burn or bleeding, there are special meds for each negative effect, you can check it below:

  • Lodine Tablets: cures radiation poisoning and causes radiation resistance
  • Burns Kit: cures severe burning and causes burning resistance
  • Bandages: cures bleeding and causes bleeding resistance
  • Antibiotics: cures bacterial infection and causes bacterial resistance

Using the appropriate medication before fighting a boss is a good strategy to avoid the negative effect in battle. You can easily identify the bosses by its color or effect, for instance, green bosses cause radiation, and burning bosses cause burn.

Use your food, water, ammo and meds with precaution.
Use your food, water, ammo and meds with precaution.
Tip: Use the right medication before fighting a boss.
Tip: Use the right medication before fighting a boss.

3. Don't Play Alone

Forget about being the lone wolf if you want to survive and progress in the game. Teaming up with a friend or two can significantly reduce the difficulty of the game, if you don't have any friends who play Dead Frontier 2, don't worry and ask for a partner to quest in the chat, people are always willing to help and looking for a party either to do some quests or to killing bosses.

Coop with friends for easier gameplay.
Coop with friends for easier gameplay.

4. Plan Your Trips

You should always ask for all the quests at the police department (usually 6-7). Initially, I will recommend you to do only the quests in Dallbow city, since is the easiest location to be for newbies, after you reach level 5, you can start traveling to other cities such as Coopertown, but you have to be sure you got all the quests available for the city you are traveling to, so you don't waste fuel. Plan your trips wisely.

Plan your trips to avoid wasting fuel.
Plan your trips to avoid wasting fuel.

5. Go Back to the Safe Houses Often

When you die in Dead Frontier 2, you will lose 50% of the amount of experience you earned since the last time you visited a safe house. In other words, every time you return to the police station in Dallbow city or any other safe house, you are saving the experience you earned. So, don't spend time leveling for hours to suddenly die and lose a big amount of time and experience. I recommend you to visit the police department in Dallbow City every 20-30 minutes or so.

Save the experience you earned visiting the police department.
Save the experience you earned visiting the police department.

6. Watch the Floor

Taking down a zombie does not mean its dead, sometimes they will crawl to you or even rise again, make sure zombies are dead before lower your guard, including the corpses you find, moreover, some special zombies, like bosses, will drop worms when you kill them, this creatures can hurt you a lot if you are distracted.

Tip: Be careful with crawlers and worms
Tip: Be careful with crawlers and worms

7. Use the Quest Guide

The community of Dead Frontier 2 is very active and some of them have designed a website where you can find all the locations to solve almost every quest in the game thus saving you a lot of time solving these quests, considering the buildings are usually huge and you can easily get lost in them, this website is updated every day and it is very easy to use, just write the name of the location in the quest bar and scroll down until you find your quest and follow the instructions.

Dead Frontier 2 Mission Guides

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