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“Dying Light” Essential Tips and Tricks

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"Dying Light"

"Dying Light"

Dying Light was developed by Techland and released in 2015 by Warner Brothers. It is a first person survival horror game about an American man named Kyle Crane who is sent to Harran, a quarantined city filled with victims of a dangerous virus, to secure an important file for the government.

After being bitten and then saved by locals, Crane has to keep his real identity a secret while he navigates the dangerous city filled with infected zombies, thugs, and a greedy warlord named Rais.

How to Play Dying Light

As well as the main story, there are many side quests, quarantine zones filled with loot, and hidden treasures in Harran, keeping players busy as they avoid and defeat the infected, help local survivors, and deal with various kinds of monsters. The game itself is huge with an extensive map filled with things to do.

Here are some essential tips and tricks for playing Dying Light that will help you get stronger, find more items, and avoid dying and losing precious survivor points.

1. Stay Off the Street

As Spike warns you during the prologue, stay off the street! Even roads that look clear can fill up with zombies in an instant. Virals can easily catch up with you on flat surfaces.

Make it a habit to constantly be looking for a building, vehicle, or platform to jump onto out of the zombies‘ way. Climbing and jumping also awards athletic points, so do it as often as possible.

Climbing a building in "Dying Light"

Climbing a building in "Dying Light"

2. Always Check Ceilings and Walls for a Gap or Hole

A lot of doors are locked in this game. A path may be barricaded, but it doesn’t necessarily mean it’s a dead end. Scan the ceiling and walls for spaces through which you can crawl. An elevator shaft, vent, or broken window might help you find your way.

This will save you a lot of running around trying to find an alternative route.

3. Get Non-Weapon Attacks in the Power Skill Tree

There will be a time or two when you’ll find yourself with no items when your entire inventory has been taken from you. This is a lot easier to deal with if you collect some of the following skills on the Power skill tree:

  • Stomp
  • Leg Breaker
  • Vault
  • Tackle
  • Takedown

With these skills, you’ll still have a way of defeating enemies even if you can’t use your favorite weapons. See the LevelSkip article on other must-have skills for more tips on the skill trees.

4. Always Have Medkits and Lockpicks

Always have at least a few medkits and lockpocks in your inventory. It’s annoying being stuck at a locked door or loot box with no way to prise them open, and a medkit can be the difference between survival and death.

If you run out of medkits or lockpicks, make some more! Gauze and alcohol can be found in medical boxes and refrigerators, respectively, and lockpicks can be found or made with metal parts. They can also be bought from vendors or picked up for free from the quartermaster.

A medkit in "Dying Light"

A medkit in "Dying Light"

5. Don’t Drop Old Weapons

Never drop an old weapon! Sell them at a vendor for cash or dismantle it for metal parts, which can then be used to craft lockpicks.

6. Secure Safe Zones

If you’re going to try a dangerous quest, particularly one that must take place at night, make sure you have secured the nearest possible safe zone by switching on the power and clearing it of infected.

Be sure that you know how to enter that safe zone quickly. That way, if you get chased or attacked, you can easily find your way to safety without being killed.

7. Stockpile Coffee

You need a lot of coffee for one of the Tower’s quests. Instead of selling it, put any coffee you find in your player’s stash so that when the time comes, you can complete the order right away.

8. Loot Vehicles

Cars and vans easily blend into the scenery and it‘s easy to miss a lot of loot if you just jump over these vehicles.

Car trunks hold valuable items, ambulances have medkits, and police vans have rare weapons. Don’t overlook them, just make sure the area is clear if hostiles before you go hunting for treasure.

Loot some cars!

Loot some cars!

9. After Exploring a Room, Use Your Survival Senses

After you’ve finished looting a room or area, give it a sweep with your survival skills. It’s easy to miss a box, trash can, or body, and you’ll more often than lot leave with extra loot after using your senses to spot what you may have missed.

10. Get a Bow and Arrows

The bow and arrows are worthy investments. Here are some reasons why you should get a bow as early as possible:

  • It’s a long-range weapon without the noise, unlike guns. You can use the bow as often as you like without attracting the attention of Virals.
  • It doesn’t break. Unlike melee weapons, the bow will not break after several uses.
  • Arrows are easy to make. All you need is nails and metal parts, which are very common items.
  • You can retrieve the arrows after you’ve killed an enemy. Bullets or even throwing knives and stars are gone once you use them, but you can pick up arrows from dead bodies and use them again.
  • You can also get elemental arrows such as electric and exploding (however, it’s important to note that the latter does make noise and attract zombies).
A bow in "Dying Light"

A bow in "Dying Light"

11. (Almost) Never Use Guns

Guns are the classic way to get rid of zombies, but the infected in Dying Light are attracted by noise. Shooting enemies only draws more in; even if you’re on a roof, Virals can show up if you use a gun.

The only time it’s okay to use a gun is when you’re indoors (with a finite amount if enemies) and when you’re fighting Rais’ thugs (most of whom also have guns).

12. Always Buy Up the Materials in a Shop

Shops and vendors usually only have one of each crafting material so be sure to buy whatever plastic, gauze, alcohol, metal parts, batteries, aerosol, and whatever other crafting materials are on offer.

It doesn’t take them long to restock and materials like these are easy to run out of.

Have Fun!

With these 12 great tips, it’ll make life easier for you and Crane while navigating Harran and completing quests!

Questions & Answers

Question: Why are we continually seeing suggestions to avoid attracting the infected? Some of us actually enjoy fighting a massive horde of infected, especially at night, when your points are double.

Answer: A wonderful point, but I find that being able to fight large hordes is only possible, without dying instantly, after you have a significantly powerful weapon. For beginners (to whom this article is aimed), it’s better to avoid fighting more than one or two at a time until you get stronger.

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Brilliant, big help thank you

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Cool, didn't know that!

Blade on November 14, 2019:

I also recommend not losing the anti-gadoid gun if you have the following look for a ufo in a lake for a bp to make it better also it can lead zoms to you if you like to fight (tho if you don't like to fight and don't have the following it's useless)

Poppy (author) from Enoshima, Japan on September 24, 2018:

Hey dude! Glad you liked this game too. Thanks for commenting as always :)

Jeremy Gill from Louisiana on September 22, 2018:


Great advice! I definitely second tip #3; non-weapon attacks let you fight weaker enemies without breaking your valuable weapons.

Poppy (author) from Enoshima, Japan on December 14, 2017:

It’s really good. I recommend it if you like open world/survival games

Eric Farmer from Rockford Illinois on December 14, 2017:

I had some friends that loved Dying Light. I have not played it myself, but it sounds very fun.

Poppy (author) from Enoshima, Japan on December 13, 2017:

Haha keep trying!!

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Wow, thank you Flourish. That’s so kind of you to say.

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