"Friday the 13th: The Game" – How to Call the Cops and Escape From Jason

Updated on July 27, 2020
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Friday the 13th: The Game – Escaping via Cops

One of the ways to escape from Jason Voorhees in Friday the 13th: The Game is by calling the cops & leaving via the exit on the map. Calling the cops allows all players to potentially escape. The boat only allows two passengers. The cars only hold up to a maximum of four people. In many aspects, calling the cops is the best means to escape in Friday the 13th.

How to Call the Cops

  • Find a fuse that is located in one of the cabins in a drawer on the map
  • Repair the fuse box that spawns randomly outside of one of the cabins
  • Call the cops using the phone
  • Wait 5 minutes for the police to arrive
  • Escape by running to the exit on the main road where the cops arrive

Find the Fuse and Fuse Box

The fuse and the fuse box will always spawn in different locations on the map. Sometimes you'll get lucky and spawn in a cabin that has the fuse. Usually, but not always, the fuse box is located outside of the cabin where you find the fuse or in a nearby cabin. Occasionally, the fuse box is located farther away in a different area of the map. It's possible for the fuse box to spawn at the main cabin (yellow building map).

Repair the Fuse Box

You need to repair the fuse box with the fuse. Any counselor can repair the fuse box, but it's best to use a counselor that has a high repair stat like A.J. Mason or Deborah Kim. Check in front of the repair box before traps. Sometimes the player who plays as Jason Voorhees will place a bear trap near the fuse box. Additionally, Jason can teleport near the fuse box. Don't repair the fuse box if Jason is nearby because he can damage it; requiring a repair again.

Call the Cops and Wait for Them

Once the fuse box is repaired, head inside the cabin and locate the phone. Call the police. It will take five minutes until the cops arrive. However, you can equip perks that make it so the police arrive faster.

In many of the matches you play online, other player will often call the cops instead of you. Sometimes it's better to escape with the cops instead of using a boat or a car, for you might not have all the required items to repair. Or it's simply not as safe to use the car or boat because Jason is guarding those areas.

Note that the police will spawn on one of the exits on the main road. The map will not indicate which exit the police will be on until the time reaches 0. Your primary objective should be to run towards the main road and hide in a cabin until the police arrive. Avoid standing in front of one of the exists long before the police arrive, as Jason can teleport near the exits on the map and attack. Wait until the time reaches 0 or is very close to the end.

Escape (Strength in Numbers)

A counselor is weak against Jason Voorhees alone. Run with other teammates (if they are still alive) to make the escape easier. Other players can stun Jason if he grabs you (or you can help players in distress). Players can also use a shotgun or a flare gun to stun him and fireworks to distract him and slow him down.

If Jason is standing on the main road and blocking the exit where the cops are, shoot him with a flare gun or a shotgun. This will buy you and other counselors valuable time to escape to the police exit. It's best to use firecrackers when Jason is following you from behind to slow him down.

Check to make sure Jason did not plant any bear traps near the exit. They will be covered up by grass and leaves. Sometimes you think you're about to escape, but step on trap; leaving you at risk of being killed by Jason.

Counselors with high speed and high stamina will generally have an easier time to escape to the exit where the police spawn. They can create more distance from Jason and they don't tire as easily. Unfortunately, counselors with high speed and stamina stats are not good at repairing.

Once you reach the exit, you have successfully escaped from Jason in Friday the 13th: The Game. Extra points are rewarded to players who escape.

Useful Items to Help Escape

  • Firecrackers to distract Jason
  • A pocket knife that allows you to escape from Jason and stun him if he grabs you
  • A flare gun or shotgun that can stun Jason
  • A powerful melee weapon like a baseball bat
  • Med Spray to heal wounds
  • A map that will show the location of the police when they arrive


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