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“GTFO” Horror Game Essential Tips and Tricks

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Poppy is the author of "A Bard's Lament" and the Black Diamond series. She lives in Enoshima, Japan, with her husband and young son.

GTFO is a hardcore and immensely fun co-op FPS horror game by Swedish indie studio 10 Chambers Collective. Available on Steam and released in December 2019, this scary adventure has proven a popular choice for thrill-seekers. It's more social than most horror games, focusing on playing with friends and working together to beat the hellish underground monsters and completing your assigned task.

One thing that makes GTFO really tough is that the map, mission, and location of the monsters change through each playthrough, making it impossible for veteran players to memorize maps like in most games. This constantly changing maze keeps the game fresh and challenging.

So how can you beat such a tough game? These tips and tricks will help you beat level 1 and beyond!

1. Play as a Team

GTFO is a million times harder if you attempt to clear it on your own! You can play with up to three other people in one playthrough, but the game (as of March 2020) only has the ability to connect you with friends. Even playing with just one other person vastly improves your chances of success, so send your friends an invite on Steam and invite them to venture into the darkness together.

Don't have any friends with the game? Join the GTFO Discord server and find new mates to play with.

"GTFO" Striker

"GTFO" Striker

2. Sneak Attack With Your Melee Weapon

Every player gets a melee weapon of their choice (all do the same amount of damage, so pick your favorite!) When you come across a "Sleeper" (the weakest monster in the game, though there are two types) you can easily disable them by hitting them with a melee attack.

  • Get as close as possible to the monster without touching it.
  • Charge your melee attack fully (so the circle is completely glowing).
  • Hit the monster with the fully charged attack. If it's a Shooter (with white, boil-like growths on its face) you must hit it in the head to kill it immediately. If it's a Striker (a vertical mouth full of fangs on its face) you can hit it anywhere (but aim for the head or body anyway).

If there are other monsters nearby, make sure they are not glowing when you hit your monster. The one you're hitting can be glowing at the time of hitting it.

3. If They Glow or Pulse, Stop!

When any kind of monster glows and looks around, it's listening for you. Do not move or shine your flashlight at these monsters! Wait for them to "sleep" again so you can get closer.

If a monster pulses and glows, that means it's seconds away from spotting you. Keep still until it goes back to sleep.

"GTFO" glowing Shooter

"GTFO" glowing Shooter

4. How to Find Mission Items

GTFO isn't only about killing monsters; to complete the level, you must track down an item or items. To do this, find a computer and type in "QUERY (space) item name" on your keyboard

For example, if you have to find KEY_456, type "QUERY KEY_456" and then the Enter key. The location of the item will then be revealed.

5. Turn Off Your Flashlight Before Opening a New Door

This might seem obvious, but it's very easy to forget! Whenever you're exploring a new area, use your ears, not your eyes, to detect new monsters. Sleepers, Giants, and Scouts all have their own noises. The flashlight is useful for seeing where you're going, but be sure to leave it off when you open a new door to avoid alerting any lying in wait.

6. Use Guns as a Last Resort

Your melee weapon is your best friend when you're exploring the maze of GTFO. Only use guns when the monsters have been alerted and are chasing you which, ideally, won't happen.

7. Save Your Med Packs for Under 50% Health

It can be tempting to top up your health before heading to a new area but save your medical packs for when you're very low on health. Every playthrough has at least one showdown with monsters, and a med pack can be the difference between failure and success.

8. How to Open Alarmed Doors

Many new players perish when opening an alarmed security door. With the alarm blaring, a fresh spawn of monsters attacks, and you can be quickly overwhelmed. Here are some tips on getting through this tough area.

  • Set down a sentry turret (you can choose to bring this in your loadout in the lobby) beside the nearest door (not the security door you're trying to open; the door to that room).
  • Two is even better. Set one on each side of the door.
  • Close that door.
  • Now it's time to equip your guns! The shotgun works well for this level. Make sure it's reloaded.
  • Activate the security door and stand in the glowing circles to unlock it. Cooperate with your teammates to do this as quickly as possible.
  • Don't open the new door until all the monsters are dead. Otherwise, the monsters in the new area will be alerted as well.
"GTFO" shotgun sentry turret

"GTFO" shotgun sentry turret

9. Scouts are Scary . . . But Can Be Killed

Scouts are a higher-level monster that can be a royal pain the behind. Their disgusting, feeler-like tentacles can sense when players are nearby, but avoiding these monstrosities can mean you're missing out on your objective item or useful gear.

The good news is that Scouts can be killed with a sneaky melee attack, but you have to be careful. Their tentacles can't touch you if you're too close. One player (ideally the most experienced) can approach the Scout and get it without alerting the other monsters . . . but it might be best to have other players on standby with their guns drawn, just in case it all goes south.

"GTFO" Scout

"GTFO" Scout

10. C-Foam Is Your Savior

Later in the level, you'll come to a second security door. This one takes longer to open, and you might need extra help alongside the shotgun sentries.

If you come across some C-Foam on your adventures, cake the closed door with it to buy valuable time. This will keep the monsters within firing range of your sentry and give you time to unlock the security door.

11. How to Kill Giants

Giants are those tall, ugly boys that are bigger than Sleepers but slower than Scouts. You can sneak past these or kill them to clear the area. There are two types of Giant—Striker Giants and Shooter Giants.

Strikers can be killed with shotguns (though this will alert the rest of the room) and a different body part has to be shot off each time. Another way to kill a Giant in a team is with simultaneous melee attacks. A Striker giant needs three, whereas a Shooter Giant needs four.

This is a great way to quickly get rid of these fearsome beasts, but it needs a lot of planning and teamwork.

"GTFO" Giant

"GTFO" Giant

12. Ping Items You Can’t Find

A computer will tell you which zone an item is in, but not the exact location. You can ping items you're having trouble tracking down. This is easier with more than one player.

Find a computer and type in "PING item_number." If you're looking for KEY_456, type in "PING key_456."

The item will then make a noise, making it easier to track down. Have one player constantly pinging the item and the others go looking for it. A great thing about the ping function is that it won't alert the monsters, meaning you can track down your item without having to clear the area.

You'll Soon Be Beating Level 1 and Beyond!

GTFO is an awesome and challenging experience, and with new updates, promises to provide great distraction and fun that people can enjoy with friends! With these tips, you'll soon be beating Level 1 and beyond.