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How to Build a Backpack in "DayZ"

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You can build a backpack from the pelt of a hunted animal

You can build a backpack from the pelt of a hunted animal

Storage space quickly becomes a concern when battling zombies from one town to the next. Backpacks have the most spots for storage and also provide protection for your items. The majority of the backpacks found in DayZ have bright colors, which could garner you unwanted attention by bandits. Leather backpacks are not as bright, allowing you to have storage space that does not add a target on your back.

Items Needed:

  • Animal Pelt or a Burlap Bag
  • Rope
  • Wooden Stick


  1. Gather the needed materials
  2. Build the courier bag
  3. Turn the courier bag into a backpack

Note: The article pertains to DayZ Alpha Version 45.124299. We will update this material if changes are made in future versions.

Deer Pelt

Deer Pelt

Step 1: Gathering Materials for the Backpack

In order to build a full backpack, you will need rope, a stick, and a base material. Various base materials can be used, but most are obtained by hunting. There are currently four materials that can currently be used as a base material.

  • Boar Pelt
  • Deer Pelt
  • Cow Pelt
  • Burlap Bag
Sometimes cows make it easy to get a pelt.

Sometimes cows make it easy to get a pelt.


Pelts are obtained by hunting, skinning, and quartering animals. You will get at least one pelt from each animal, and often several pelts from the cow. Each pelt takes up a different number of spots. The boar pelt takes up the least amount of space.

  • Boar Pelt: 6 spots, 3 across, and 2 down
  • Deer Pelt: 8 spots, 4 across, and 2 down
  • Cow Pelt: 15 spots, 5 across, and 3 down

Cows and Boars can be found in farming areas, which can be quickly identified by open fields with round bales of hay. However, they have been known to wander off the beaten path, and sometimes even end up walking the street inside of a town.

Deer are often seen at one of the many deer stands scattered throughout the map. Making noise will easily scare deer away, and they are much faster than the cows and boars. Unless you just happen to have good timing, some patience is needed when hunting this animal.

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Chickens drop feathers instead of a pelt.

Chickens drop feathers instead of a pelt.

Instead of dropping pelts, chickens drop chicken feathers. They are not useful for crafting a backpack, but can be used to craft the Improvised Arrows for the Improvised Ashwood Short Bow.

Burlap Bag

The burlap bag is commonly found in barns, sheds, and garages. It could easily be mistaken for an article of clothing at first glance, but look for a tan color. The burlap sack will only take up two inventory spots, which makes it easier to carry. However, it is not as durable as the animal pelts or backpacks that can be found in the game. I normally only build this backpack as a temporary storage space until I find a better backpack and will often prefer to use the bag to build a Burlap and Grass Wrap.


Rope can take a little time to locate, but is likely to be found in sheds, barns, and garages. I have had more luck finding rope on the east and south coast, which could be due to the rope being used heavily on ships. It could also just be a coincidence.

Wooden Stick

Since version .49, wooden sticks have been much easier to obtain. They are rarely found while looting, but you can search in the forest, chop a bundle of three from a small tree or bush, and craft many from firewood. The ashwood stick can also be reduced to the smaller stick that you need.

A Lather Courier Bag made from wild boar pelt.

A Lather Courier Bag made from wild boar pelt.

Step 2: Creating the Courier Bag

The hardest part of creating a backpack is gathering the supplies. Once gathered, it takes only seconds to create the backpack. However, before you can create a backpack, you must first create a Courier Bag. This is a smaller bag that goes on a player's back similar to a backpack, but has only 12 storage spots.

Materials For This Step:

  • Burlap Bag or Pelt (Base Material)
  • Rope


  1. Open your Inventory
  2. Select the rope and slide it over the base material
  3. Select the option "Craft Leather Bag with Rope"

This will create a bag that looks like a triangle. You can place it on your back if you have not yet gathered the wooden stick.

You will be asked if you want to put the Wooden Stick inside the courier bag, or craft an Improvised Leather Backpack.

You will be asked if you want to put the Wooden Stick inside the courier bag, or craft an Improvised Leather Backpack.

Step 3: Build the Backpack

In order to complete step three, you will need to have built the courier bag and have it empty. If you used the courier bag while finding a stick, then you can take everything out of the bag until you completed this quick step.

Materials Needed:

  • Courier Bag
  • Wooden Stick


  • Open your inventory
  • Drag the Wooden Stick over the Courier Bag
  • Select the option "Create Improvised Leather Backpack from Leather Courier Bag"

Tips and Suggestions

  • Due to the amount of space occupied by the pelts, it is often a good idea to find the rope and wooden stick first and then go hunting. You can build the backpack right after you skin a quarter of the animal.
  • If you are having trouble finding a deer, go into a Deer Stand and change servers. A deer will often be in the field when you first come in the game.
  • Finding the Hunting Backpack is a good alternative to making your own backpack, but it found in areas that normally included an increased chance of bandits.
  • Rope has a funny way of being everywhere you don't need it, and nowhere when you do. If you might want to make a backpack later, pick up the first rope you see.

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