How to Complete the “Gassed Up” Quest in “Dying Light”

Updated on January 4, 2019
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Poppy lives near Tokyo and likes to read novels and play video games, especially fantasy RPGs.

Dying Light is a first-person horror open world zombie game by Techland. Its many side quests, engaging storyline, and challenging gameplay make it a great choice for horror, open-world, and first-person video game lovers.


One important side quest you come across is from Alfie, who will radio you while you're exploring. You can start it after you've completed "Voltage."

Alfie will explain that Jeff, the city's main gas worker, has gone AWOL and holed himself up in a house. Head to the spot on your map and you'll find Jeff, who fancies himself some kind of army general. Of course, just talking to Jeff isn't all you have to do. The crazy deserter orders you to turn on valves in three different places in the city. Here's how to complete the quest without being killed.

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Before You Begin

Before you begin, make sure you have plenty of firecrackers (at least 20 or more). You can make them by combining one "plastic" and one "household supplies" which generates 8 of them. You can buy the materials from various shops around the city or find them in houses and the like.

Also, stock up on throwing stars, and if you have the Elemental Throwing Stars skill (Survivor), creating some burning and freezing throwing stars isn't a bad idea either. Stars can be made with one "blade" and one "string" to make eight.

It's also a good idea to make some molotovs. You can create two of them with one "alcohol" and one "string."


Open the Valve Near the Train Bridge

When you leave Jeff behind and reach the spot on the map, you'll see a Goon (otherwise known as a Sledgehammer Guy or Miner) surrounded by a fence wall. The valve is inside, but ignore it for now as the area is surrounded by zombies and a Toad (spitting zombie) is waiting above to attack you from a distance. You'll see a bridge above you; follow it until you reach the dark wall that you can climb up.


Use a firecracker to distract the zombies waiting at the top and run to your right, where you'll encounter the Toad. Quickly dispose of it with a melee attack.

The Goon is waiting for you at the bottom, but throw throwing stars and molotovs at him until he's down. It isn't a good idea to jump down and try to beat him in a melee fight as the area is so small and just one or two hits can end you.

After the Goon is dead, jump down onto the blue trash bags and turn the valve. Then climb onto the yellow pipe to escape. Leave the area quickly as zombies are all around the fence.

Open the Valve in the Tunnel

Head over to the next spot on the map which leads to a tunnel. There are a bunch of zombies here, so throw a couple of firecrackers to distract them. Don't try to kill them, because you'll be overwhelmed.

To buy yourself extra time, throw a last firecracker for good measure and run inside to turn the valve, which you'll find on the left when you run in. On your way out, you'll see a door on your right; run inside and grab the loot from the yellow box (in front of you as you go in) and the locker (on the right against the wall.)


By now, the zombies will be following you in again, so throw another firecracker to escape. You may also have to face a few of them inside the tunnel, so it's useful to have the Slide skill (Agility) or Leg Breaker (Agility) to cut through. After that, head for the last valve.

Open the Valve Under the Overpass

When you reach this last place, keep an eye out for a Bomber, which can sneak up and kill you with an explosion. I made the mistake of being distracted by the Toad near the valve, which cost me precious Survivor points.

Dispose of the bomber and jump the fence to kill the Toad, or he'll become an annoyance. Use firecrackers to get the zombies out of the area and then quickly turn the valve.

Bomber | Source

Open the Primary Distribution Gate

Head to the next area in your map where you'll see an area with a lot of pipes. First, get rid of the Toad that is standing on top of the small cabin, as it spits at you and damages your health. Use the gap between the house and the fence to avoid its spits, then quickly climb on top and dispose of it.

Now get rid of the remaining zombies by throwing firecrackers just outside the area. The zombies will wander over there; without being seen, crouch and head to the opposite end from the exit where you'll see a Goon waiting under the fenced area. It's a good idea to dispose of him before going into the area. Freezing and burning stars are best here as you can use the small gap to throw the deadly weapons at him without him being able to reach you.

If you have time, head to the house where the Toad was and get inside. The lockpicking skill is hard, so be sure that the zombies aren't returning before picking the lock. Close the door behind you once you get inside and loot the items you find in there.


After that, head slightly southeast of the area where you'll see a body of water. A giant pipe is inside just under the water. Swim in there to find the valve; if you killed the Goon already, you can easily turn the valve without any distraction.

Hopefully, you still have some firecrackers and maybe a molotov left in your inventory, because you're not done yet! Jeff will radio you to tell you that you need to switch off the three valves inside the area. A lot of zombies will show up, so avoid them, throw firecrackers and weapons to keep them at bay and find the valves by following the blue pipes.


This part of the quest is a pain, but if you throw some firecrackers you can quickly reach the valves before they catch you. Jump onto the surrounding fences or the house if you find yourself being cornered. After you've turned all three valves, leave the area as fast as you can.

Before you go back to Jeff, make sure you've secured the safe zone just south of his house. Right after Jeff says "you've got ten seconds," dash to the safe zone and watch what happens from the top of the fence.

Congratulations! You've now finished this rather long-winded quest and restored gas supply to the city. You can head back to Jeff's to pick up a shotgun and you get 5000 experience points for your trouble. With this guide, hopefully it'll be a breeze for you. Have fun!

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