How to Easily Complete the “Do You Believe?” Quest in “Dying Light”

Updated on January 4, 2019
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Upon getting around halfway through the main story line in Techland's first person survival horror zombie game, Dying Light, Crane reaches an area that is separate from the previous map, the Slums. After avoiding an ambush and reaching Sector 0 (Old Town), you are introduced to a new map, the richer side of Harran city, with new safe zones, more difficult enemies, and new side quests.

One of these is "Do You Believe?" This quest is unlocked after you investigate the loud music coming from a building near the university. Although it seems like it could be quite difficult considering the quest takes place at night, it can be completed easily. Here are some tips on how to quickly complete this quest.


Unlocking the Quest

After you reach Sector 0, head to the university (which you'll reach by following the story quest.) Talk to everyone inside and you'll be told that loud music is coming from one of the houses. Head over to the building in question and you'll find another safe zone. Inside is a man named Ishaq. Speak to him to initiate the quest.


After speaking with this bizarre character, who may remind you of the Witch back in the Slums, your map will direct you to the area where you have to pick up five Night Herbs.

Before you begin:

  • Make sure that you have a bow and arrows. It will make the quest a lot easier. You can craft extra arrows with nails and metal parts and purchase a bow from most shops.
  • Get the safe zone on the top left side of the map. To do this, climb to the top and jump through the trapdoor. Take out the zombies and push the wardrobe to block the window. Right after you do this, a Viral will burst into the room, so be on your guard.


Wait until night time in the previously mentioned safe zone. Staying as high up as you can, find the medieval-looking bridge and stay on top of it. The dangerous Volatile zombies don't (usually) patrol this area, so you can remain unnoticed.

Follow the bridge until you're level with the quest waypoint. It's a long way down so don't jump! Crane can actually climb down the bridge to the grass below without making any noise. Use the climb button to hold onto the wall and climb down after you've checked that there aren't any Volatiles in the area.

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Go across the grass towards the waypoint where you'll see a fence. Don't climb down it yet. If there are any zombies around, avoid or kill them.

Stand behind the fence and equip your bow and arrows. Several Toads guard the area with the Night Herb, but you can kill them before you climb down.

Guns attract zombies and throwing weapons can't reach that far. However, with a bow and arrow, you can easily take out the Toads. Aim slightly above their heads, starting with the one farthest to the right, and with two or three hits depending on your Power skill level, the Toads will be out of the way and won't be able to bother you.

Toad from Dying Light
Toad from Dying Light | Source

Next, climb down the wall to the grassy area. You can easily see the Night Herb glowing in the ground. Pick up five (or more, if you wish) of these plants.

After that, head back the way you came and climb up the wall. If everything went smoothly, you still won't have been spotted. Check your map for Volatiles and keep an eye out for regular zombies. If you see some, just give them a wide berth and run back up to the medieval bridge as engaging them in combat can attract unwanted attention.

You can climb up the bridge the way you came as well and when you've done that, turn right back towards the safe zone. One part looks like you can't jump back up, but use the ledge on the right to reach the higher roof.

If you'd like, you can also go straight back to Ishaq's place without waiting for morning for extra survival points.


Mission complete! Completing "Do You Believe?" unlocks "The Shadow of the King" quest and you also get 10,000 survivor points and $1500 for your trouble. With this guide, you can easily avoid zombies, complete the quest in just a couple of minutes, and get nice bonuses on your night survivor points. Have fun!

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