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How to Unlock Infinite Handgun Ammo in "Resident Evil 2" (Remake)

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"Resident Evil 2" Cover Art

"Resident Evil 2" Cover Art

Survival horror video games generally limit the amount of ammo and health items you get to make the game more challenging. Resident Evil 2 will prove to be a challenging game for players who do not conserve their ammo and health. Fortunately, it is possible to unlock some "cheats" by completing certain challenges.

The faster you complete Resident Evil 2, the better your rank will be. You can play as a male or female character: Leon S. Kennedy, a rookie cop, or Claire Redfield, sister of Chris Redfield. Additionally, each character has a 1st or 2nd scenario (also called A or B). The game will be slightly different depending on what scenario you are playing. Some enemies will be in different spots and the story is altered a bit.

This article will not only explain how to unlock infinite ammo, but will provide tips & tricks for completing the game in a fast time on Standard difficulty.

How to Obtain Samurai Edge Infinite Ammo

  • Get S rank by completing the game under 3 hours and 30 minutes as either Leon S. Kennedy or Claire Redfield in a new game (1st scenario A).
  • Get S rank by finishing the game under 3 hours in the 2nd run B scenario as either Leno S. Kennedy or Claire Redfield.
  • Must be completed on Standard difficulty.
  • Take the weapon out of the inventory box after finishing the challenge on a subsequent playthrough of Resident Evil 2.
Claire Redfield

Claire Redfield


Zombies are bullet sponges in Resident Evil 2. In films and other video games, zombies often die after being shot in the head. The undead are slow, but extremely resilient, as they usually absorb a massive amount of damage. It will take many shots with a pistol to take them down, but having an infinite ammo Samurai Edge will remove the need for obtaining pistol ammo and using additional inventory slots.

Ideally, you should play this game a couple of times before trying to do a speed run to unlock infinite handgun ammo. Once you're familiar with the combat, puzzles, bosses, and key items needed to progress, then speed will be more manageable.

How the Timer Works

  • Cutscenes do not add time, so they don't need to be skipped for a speed run.
  • Pausing the game stops the timer.
  • Time continues when solving puzzles, but enemies cannot attack you.
  • The map does not freeze the timer, so look at it quickly if you get lost.
  • The inventory and item box does not stop the timer, so manage resources with haste.
  • Loading the game reverts the timer to an older time, but clicking continue does not revert it.
A speedrun Result

A speedrun Result

Tips and Tricks for S Ranking

Playing Claire Redfield's 1st scenario (or A) may be a bit easier because you need to complete the game in under 3 hours and 30 minutes, not just 3 hours. Additionally, Claire acquires a grenade launcher (Leon has a shotgun with limited range) that is proficient at eliminating the monstrous licker enemies. The invincible Mr. X enemy does not appear until later in the 1st scenario, but it is possible to avoid spawning him in the 2nd scenario if you avoid the second-floor hallway in the west police station.

You're going to need to run and avoid or eliminate zombies as quickly as possible. Don't waste time walking or trying to sneak by every enemy. Either dodge the zombies or eliminate them, but only if it's absolutely necessary. Sometimes leaving an enemy zombie alive is a liability, as they can follow you into another room and attack. However, if you memorize the police station, sewers, and laboratory levels, then you can minimize dangerous encounters with zombies or other creatures.

Only carry the key items you need in your inventory and a little ammo for protection. Prepare additional ammo and maybe at least one health item for boss battles. Because the timer does not pause when using the item box or inventory menu, you'll need to combine items and take out what you need fast.

You can save the game as many times as you want if you're trying to get an S rank to unlock infinite ammo. Unfortunately, using the typewriter too much is only wasting precious time, so keep your safe room trips minimal!

Enemies usually can't attack you while you are completing a puzzle.

Enemies usually can't attack you while you are completing a puzzle.

Puzzles, Safes, and Locks

You'll never get an S rank in Resident Evil 2 by taking 10 or 20 minutes to solve puzzles. Remember the solutions or pause the game and look up the solutions. The puzzles are a bit different depending on what character and scenario you play. Thankfully, zombies and Mr. X cannot interfere with you when you're doing a puzzle. The only exception is when you have the move the bookshelves in the library room. Clear zombies out of the library and avoid Mr. X before moving the shelves.

Write the codes and safe combinations on a piece of paper. While it's optional to unlock them all, you'll be provided with ammo and additional resources. It will be monumentally difficult to complete the game in record time without enough ammo. You don't actually need to find the number combinations in the game. You simply need to type in the correct combination for a lock or safe.

In Standard difficulty, you can find hip pouches that increase your inventory space for Leon Kennedy or Claire Redfield. Make sure to find them all so you have enough space to carry key items, ammo, health, and secondary weapons like grenades or knives.

Lastly, if a boss or zombie kills you, load the game instead of clicking continue. Otherwise, you will add wasted time. Check the timer by pausing the game. The right corner indicates your current time.

Completing Resident Evil 2 under 3 hours and 30 minutes is challenging, but not impossible. If you unlock infinite ammo for the Samurai Edge, it can be used on the Hardcore difficulty! Yes, you can use infinite ammo on the hardest difficulty! Good luck!


Poppy from Enoshima, Japan on February 04, 2019:

There's no way I'd be able to finish the game so quickly; I am terrified and sweating the entire time I'm playing. I've been crawling through the corridors, convinced there's an enemy waiting to jump out me. I'm probably not even halfway through and already clocked several hours. Maybe when I've played it a couple of times!

This is a great guide. I'd love that handgun ammo. Even though it's not strong, it'd be a great go-to when you've run out of everything else.