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How to Win as Rake in “In Silence”

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Poppy is the author of "A Bard's Lament" and the Black Diamond series. She lives in Enoshima, Japan, with her husband and young son.

Rake is a ghastly and terrifying creature

Rake is a ghastly and terrifying creature

In Silence is a multiplayer horror video game for PC that came out in October 2020. It involves a group of Survivors trying to escape or hunt the Rake, a terrifying monster that relies on sound to rip apart its victims.

The horror genre has been huge ever since the first Resident Evil game, and In Silence provides the opportunity to not only be the 'good guy' (e.g. the human) but the 'bad guy' (the monster) as well! If you're chosen to be Rake in this Slender: The Eight Pages-like game, read on for tips on how to tear apart your friends and emerge victorious.

How to Play as Rake

In the lobby, be sure that the skull above your character's head is red. This means you'd like to play as Rake in the next round. Keep in mind that those participating can be randomly chosen, so if many people have a red skull, it's worth asking in chat if they can let you be Rake next round.

A gray skull means you'd like to play a survivor. Switch it to red for a chance to play Rake

A gray skull means you'd like to play a survivor. Switch it to red for a chance to play Rake

When you play as Rake, your eyesight isn't as sharp as a Survivor's. You must rely on sound to track your victims down.

  • Pay attention to the red exclamation marks at the bottom of the screen. These alert you to sounds. The bigger the symbol, the closer the sound is.
  • Destroy any sound-producing devices. TVs, radios, and other items can be used as distractions. Hold F to destroy them.
  • Check bushes carefully. They can sometimes be Survivors in camouflage!
  • Mash F if you're unsure. F is catch, and sometimes you can be lucky and grab someone nearby.

How to Kill a Survivor

Once you're close enough to a Survivor, press F to catch them. It's highly likely they'll use a flashbang to temporarily blind you and run away. You can wait to recover from this or, if you're lucky, you can run in a random direction and catch up with them. This is easier when they're indoors as there's less space to run.

Survivors have a couple of flashbangs available but when these run out, your Rake is unstoppable. Catch someone several times to eliminate them from the round.

Once the flashbangs are gone, the Survivors stand no chance against Rake

Once the flashbangs are gone, the Survivors stand no chance against Rake


A thunderstorm is both a help and a hindrance. The noise of rain and thunder makes your surroundings totally visible for its duration, but it also means you can't hear any noise the Survivors make. Take this opportunity to take a good look around and see if you can spot anyone hiding.

More Tips

  • Spend time near the car. If the tires haven't been replaced yet, hang out by the campsites or the barn (the place where tires usually spawn). Fuel is often in the barn, the keys are almost always in houses.
  • Destroy the TVs and radios even if they aren't on. There's often TVs on the ground floors of houses and radios are often near the campsites. This can stop survivors using them as distractions later.
  • Don't waste energy on sprinting (Q). The growls and other noise are great for scaring Survivors, but it doesn't do much unless you want to get to the other side of the map very quickly.
  • Use your senses when you need to. You can press E to sharpen your eyesight temporarily, useful for when there's a Survivor nearby but you can't quite track him down.

If the Armory Opens

There isn't much you can do to stop Survivors from reparing the car, but if the Armory if opened, they will have access to traps and guns which can kill you. Sprint to the armory to find Survivors there and kill them as quickly as you can! You can also destroy weapons in here with F. If you manage to destroy all the guns before Survivors can grab them, you've eliminated their ability to kill you.

Killing all the Survivors (as opposed to the timer running out) also lands you the Unstoppable achievement.

Playing as Rake is a completely different experience to playing as a Survivor. In some ways, it's more lonely as the Survivors can chat in-game together, but it is certainly not as terrifying as when you're the one being hunted. Hopefully with this guide you'll become an even deadlier Rake and instil fear into those who play with you. Have fun!

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